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Cosmeceutical skin tone helpers

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Everyone loves a clear, ‘glowing’ and even complexion. Some people require advanced medical treatments to solve hyperpigmentation or erythema (redness). But, almost anyone wanting to improve skin tone will need to start with a good skin care regimen to target this issue.

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We’ve seen a lot of patients in our over 20 years of treating skin tone conditions. Our skin care kits are our ‘tried and loved’ product combos designed to target specific skin concerns. Our patients love them, and keep coming back for more!

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Some general rules when treating skin tone issues with cosmeceuticals:

  • If you’re noticing blotchiness and large areas of your skin turning brown, red or any other colour, it’s best to see a doctor before trying to self-prescribe with skin care products.
  • Skin tone problems are exacerbated by UV exposure. Always wear a high-SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Reapply every two hours. A brush-on powder sunscreen can be reapplied over makeup. But, it shouldn’t be your base layer for sun protection.
  • Skin with discolouration also needs to defend against the damaging effects of free radical damage (from UV rays, pollution or other sources). Antioxidant ingredients in skin care can help to do this.
  • Those with redness or rosacea usually have dry, sensitive skin. While exfoliation is important, be sure not to overdo it. Instead, focus on maintaining your skin’s barrier to reduce inflammation. Stick to fragrance-free cleansers, moisturizers and hydrators (such as hyaluronic acid). These can help your skin heal faster.
  • Hyperpigmentation usually needs regular exfoliation. Opt for a gentle, scrubbing cleanser to use once or twice a week. If needed, you can also use chemical exfoliants, such as AHAs and BHA, to remove old, dead skin while cleansing. Some products containing AHA and BHA acids can be left on, for continual exfoliation. Many people don’t need to exfoliate that much, however.

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