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Achieve your best look, using advanced cosmetic technologies, in a physician-controlled environment

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Achieve your best look, using advanced cosmetic technologies, in a physician-controlled environment

At our Surrey skincare centre, we’re qualified to administer over 50 medically-researched cosmetic treatments. Using up-to-date lasers and devices, safe injectables and science-backed aesthetic products, we’re also able to customize your treatment plan with a combination of solutions, giving you optimal results you want. All without invasive surgery!

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20 different medical aesthetic devices.
Over 50 customizable treatments. Any skin type.

With more than 20 different medical aesthetic devices, we are equipped to offer over 50 customizable treatments for your skin and body. Our treatments can help remove acne, loose excessive body fat, reduce the look of wrinkles and much more. Check out the many skin and body conditions we can treat - even on darker skin tones.

Some of the popular, skin and body solutions we offer:

Why our Surrey skin care clinic, when there are other medical aesthetic providers out there?

If you live in the Vancouver or Fraser Valley area, we’re worth driving to for specialized laser and injection treatments. Here’s why:

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Up-to-date, well-studied cosmetic technologies

Our technology advances with the industry. We spend thousands upgrading our equipment every year. We’re often the first in our region to acquire the latest machines and products on the medical aesthetic market. We also follow the science closely, and are on the lookout for what’s new, as well as viable. This ensures you’re getting the best treatments possible.

Effective treatment techniques

We’re far from a ‘cookie cutter’ provider of laser and cosmetic services. Our director - also a practicing physician - has been on the cutting edge of energy-based cosmetic treatments since the industry was in its infancy. He’s developed his own methodologies for achieving what his patients want, in a more complete, and sometimes faster way. All our staff are trained by him, too.

Ongoing staff training and qualifications

Our doctor, along with our staff, receive constant upgrades to their certifications - especially in relation to new laser treatments we provide. Plus, they’ve all attended laser schools before working with us. Some even have aesthetic training from beauty schools, too. Our on-staff doctors attend medical cosmetic conferences throughout the year, across North America. Our director regularly trains others on safe, effective industry practices.

Comprehensive patient consults

Before beginning any procedure on our patients, we analyze their skin, and perform unbiased imaging scans, to assess their condition. We take down health history, and get to know them, and their concerns. We also educate, to keep them informed. We don’t think we can treat anyone effectively without this crucial step.

Read about our consultation process here.

Customized treatment plans

No two people are alike, so it’s often the case that no two treatments are alike either. We don’t take a formulaic approach to solving beauty concerns with just one or two options. With dozens of lasers and cosmetic solutions at our disposal, we can customize treatment plans for optimal results. Using the best combination of tools for the case on our hands is what we’re known for.

Safety and reliability

Cosmetic medicine can do wonders for a person’s self-confidence and quality of life. But using lasers and chemicals incorrectly, or without caution, can also do damage. That’s why we’re so careful before beginning any treatments. It’s also why we take the time to train our team, repeatedly. If any complication does occur, we have an on-staff doctor who will see the case through. We’ll never leave our patients ‘high and dry.’ We also follow up with them, individually and personally, through phone calls and emails, to make sure treatments went as planned.

And more…

Plus, we’ve got everything else you’d expect of a high-end laser and skin care clinic in Vancouver and Surrey!

That includes: financing options, package rates on some treatments, flexible hours, complementary anaesthetic when needed, a convenient but semi-unnoticeable location, comfortable treatment rooms, patient privacy, ample free parking and more!

(Pssst...there's a longer version of this list here, which explains more, in case you're interested.)

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Our doctor's training, association memberships and media appearances have included:

Our awards have included:

Oh, and did we mention? Our skin clinic also provides effective treatments tailored to:

Dark skin types

Some call it 'ethnic' skin. If you have it, you may already know that pigments make your body type hard to treat with lasers. But we can still do it (safely, of course).

Men's treatments

Whether it's for removing chest and back hair, excess fat reduction, 'Brotox' or the 'down there' problems, we can help, from the 'masculine' point of view.