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MD Codes non-surgical facelift with Botox and Juvederm before and after - available in Vancouver - Surrey Clinic

Get a Surrey, non-surgical facelift using Botox® & fillers, with the MD Codes™ method (near Vancouver)

Procedure Time

60 min

Risks & Complications

Bruising, swelling, bumps



​Treatment Plan

Every 12 - 18 months (approx.)

Treatment Recovery

1 - 2 +/- weeks
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Our reputable clinic has been offering non-surgical facelifts (softlift procedures) in Surrey (outside Vancouver) using Botox® and fillers for years. Whether you want a partial fix for something like dark eyes, lip filler, cheek fat or a full face contouring, we can help.

We regularly receive clients for beauty procedures from all over the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, South Surrey, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), White Rock, Langley, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, New Westminster, Richmond, Burnaby, the Tri-Cities, and even as far as Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Whistler and Washington, USA.

That is to say: we’re very experienced at what we do.

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Non-surgical facelift before and after gallery

*Note: photos courtesy of Allergan.

Juvederm wrinkle filler on face before and after female patient - available in Surrey Vancouver
Before and after Juvederm dermal filler in cheeks and nasolabial folds and eye hollows - available in Vancouver

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The modern face lift has been totally transformed in the last couple decades, and especially in the last few years. It used to be that surgery, with risks of scarring and months of healing time, was the only way to achieve a younger look.

Then came Botox® and fillers. When they were new, they were desired for their ability to get rid of ‘target areas.’ For example, they could make glabellar lines between the eyebrows disappear temporarily (you know, those ‘angry’ vertical wrinkles in the center of the forehead). They could add volume to cheeks and lips instantly. They were so promising.

But, people started realizing that mishaps could happen with incorrectly injected dermal fillers. Not permanent ones, thankfully!

Something was just ‘off’ when people had things ‘done’ (as they say). But it was hard to pinpoint why. Or…how anyone thought these injections were an improvement. Or worth the money!

Today, the surreal, so-called, ‘celebrity face,’ with overdone cheekbones and unnatural lips is so ‘passé.’ The current trend in beauty is to go for the natural look; the one that enhances your existing features, instead of exaggerating them.

We used to call this a “soft lift” in Surrey, at our clinic (outside Vancouver). But then, in 2015, something new came along (though Dr. Shah had been using this technique beforehand).

Enter: MD Codes™. Let’s talk about that.

The MD Codes™ method: the most modern way to get a natural-looking, liquid facelift in Surrey (Vancouver)

MD Codes non-surgical facelift with Botox and Juvederm before and after - available in Vancouver - Surrey Clinic
Example of an MD Codes non-surgical facelift with Botox® and Juvederm®. Images courtesy of Allergan.

MD Codes™ is a new methodology for using facial fillers, volumizers and wrinkle relaxers to achieve the look of a mild facelift. It was developed by a genius doctor in Italy. His name is Dr. Mauricio de Maio. He did for medical aesthetics what Coco Chanel did for fashion; made it more comfortable, pragmatic and realistic.

The thing that made Dr. Maio such a skilled injector was that he saw his patients’ facial features as a whole. This is key.

For example, if you want to get rid of chin sagginess, that issue can’t be isolated from the rest of the face. The anatomy of this problem starts up at the cheekbones and near the temple area. If a dermal injector doesn’t realize this, the patient ends up with that weird, unnatural look.

The ‘neighbouring areas’ of facial features are crucial to the success of treating a core problem area.

Thankfully, Dr. Maio is all about caring and sharing with the rest of us. Today, he travels the world with Allergan (the makers of Botox® and Juvederm®), educating doctors and nurses on the best techniques for the modern, liquid facelift.

Dr. Shah from Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic in Vancouver (Surrey) was one of the first invited doctors to attend Dr. Maio’s MD Codes™ training events. This was a rare opportunity. It showed Allergan’s trust in spring-boarding this new method through high-end clinics, like ours.

Our other clinic doctors also receive MD Codes™ training from Dr. Maio himself, as do our staff. While our aestheticians don’t do any injecting on our patients, for safety reasons, they are well-versed in the methodology, to be able to explain, and give demonstrations during consults.

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‘Breaking’ the anatomical ‘code’ of the emotional-attribute facelift

MD Codes chart of goals for non-surgical facelift in surrey

So, how do you get cosmetic injectors to see the human face in the same way, for the best non-surgical facelift possible? Standardization, simplification and re-education.

Dr. Maio identified key facial features and injection points as ‘coded’ areas. In 2010, this was coined the “8-point lift.” It focused on creating structure on the face as a whole, without invasive surgery.

By 2015, the MD Codes™ system we use today was more fully developed. It uses 13 points (with around 75 sub-points), and provides mapped combinations of facelift procedures, for different outcomes.

This new approach takes out the idea of, “fix my X” for patients. That kind of thinking never achieves the result that we truly want. Injecting one thing won’t make you look younger, more awake or more attractive, for instance.

Instead, MD Codes™ asks the patient a very simple question (to which they can have more than one answer). That is, do you want to look:

  • Less tired
  • Less saggy
  • More attractive
  • Slimmer
  • Less sad
  • Less Angry
  • Younger
  • More feminine or masculine?

Notice that many of the above, results-based answers, focus on the problem of our ‘resting face.’ Our ‘resting face’ looks the way it does because of a combination of factors – not just one.

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When it comes to a liquid facelift, we do ‘first steps first’

surrey non surgical face lift procedure with juvederm dermal filler on cheek bone area
Actual MD Codes non-surgical facelift at our Surrey clinic, here being injected to lift the cheek bones

Achieving desirable emotional attributes requires medical aestheticians to work on the face in the following order:

  • Foundation
  • Contour
  • Refinement

The comparison metaphor that Dr. Maio often uses in his talks, is that of a house. If you wanted to uplift the look of your home, you wouldn’t just buy a new sofa and hope that your work is done. No. You need to focus on the structure, first. What is the shape and size of the house? What are we starting with? What is the most important upgrade that needs attention? The last step is the painting that goes on the wall; it’s not useful to hone in on that first.

MD codes diagram of sample injection points for a non-surgical facelift - available in Vancouver - Surrey clinic
Above: sample injection points and a ‘whole face’ consideration when performing a non-surgical facelift. Image courtesy of Allergan and MD Codes.

With that in mind, Dr. Maio formulated coded ‘steps’ for non-surgical facelifts. Essentially, these are groups of injection points and techniques to use for certain outcomes. Doctors can now follow his procedures for the following types of facial improvements:

  • The 3-point tear trough reshape
  • The 3-point eyebrow reshape
  • The 2-point glabellar reshape
  • The 2-point temple reshape
  • The 5-point cheek reshape
  • The 5-point jawline reshape
  • The 6-point chin reshape
  • The 8-point lip reshape

And so on…

Some of these procedures are harder than others. Some require fanning shapes upon delivery, and some require linear applications. Some are best done with cannulas (for fewer insertions), and some with needles. The direction of the injection (going up, down, or on an angle) is also considered. The measurements of solutions to be used is crucial, too.

Very importantly, some MD Codes™ procedures contain more of what are called, “alert areas.” These are more complicated areas to inject than others. A very experienced injector will be able to identify these areas on your face, and apply the right delivery of product, to achieve your desired face shape.

See also: Vancouver facial slimming: how the face accumulates fat and what you can do with facial fat removal

That brings us to our next, very important point: not all facial structures are the same. This completely changes the game plan for dermal injection treatments.

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Our Surrey, non-surgical facelifts focus on your facial structure, not someone else’s!

Surrey jawline contour with dermal filler using md codes method for soft lift procedure
Actual dermal filler injection at our Surrey clinic, to shape the jawline contour

The most ‘wrong’ thing you could do, if you wanted a natural-looking facelift, is to bring your Surrey dermal injector a photo of a celebrity and say, “I want to look like that.”

While we get your point (and you can still do that if you want), we also have to be honest and say, that probably won’t work.

The good news, however, is that we can still make you look amazing, based on the assets you have.

In addition to removing the “fix my one wrinkle” way of thinking, Dr. Maio also eliminates the following thought when it comes to injectables: that beauty is invariable.

If we thought we all needed perfect facial symmetry, or the exact same dimensions on our faces, to look just like our favourite celebrity, we’d be wrong (to be frank).

Very beautiful people can have so-called, ‘imperfect’ features (which is totally the wrong word, but we hope you get what we mean). Beauty is cultural, let’s not forget that, either.

More importantly, our DNA determines that we’re all different. That’s just the way it is. As doctors, even if we could plump you up, to give you Angelina’s lips, it probably won’t look as good on you as it does on her (depending on your anatomy).

A good, medical aesthetic clinic will have staff who get to know you, and your desires, before they open up those syringes. They also examine your skin and bone structure carefully, before treatment.

Because, honestly, the way to achieve your enhanced face shape is not going to be the same as it was on the last patient, or the next patient. Each of us is different – and there sure is beauty in that!

Our Surrey non-surgical facelifts consider all of this, and more, before giving you false hope in a ‘cookie-cutter’ beauty treatment.

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Will dermal injections for a non-invasive facelift hurt?

Dermal injectors get this a lot – it’s the golden question!

To be truthful, there will be some pain. However, if you go online, you’ll be able to watch several videos of patients undergoing demal injection procedures (including the former Soft Lift method) without even flinching. So, it’s tolerable.

Many dermal filler brands now come with lidocaine built into their formulas. This is an almost-instant numbing agent, to help ease pain. Plus, we have other, complimentary pain relievers we can offer you, if need be.

The ‘poking’ part of the procedure is really quick. Needles are in-and-out, in-and-out, and it’s done within maybe 20 minutes. The whole appointment takes longer because of prep and after-care, however.

Plus, the rewards are totally worth it, in our opinion!

Below are photographs to show you the size of typical needles or cannulas we would use during this procedure. We will often switch needles multiple times, to ensure sharpness, which helps to reduce pain. Other pain-reduction techniques are also used.

dermal filler syringe for md codes non surgical face lift in surrey
doctor holding blunt needle tip for dermal filler injection in Surrey

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Will there be downtime or side effects from your Vancouver liquid facelift procedure?

Downtime is minimal, if not totally non-occurrent. There can be bruising and a few days of swelling is also normal, since these products naturally attract water. Most bodies heal from these after-effects relatively quickly, however. Resuming work and daily activities after our Vancouver facelift procedure is totally possible, if you’re up for it.

It is important, however, to avoid taking over-the-counter medications to avoid pain during injections. These can increase bleeding and bruising, as can alcohol consumption, and other factors. We’ll let you know about all of these precautions during your initial consultation with us.

Now, compared to a traditional, surgical facelift, pain and downtime are practically nothing with dermal fillers, volumizers and wrinkle relaxers. No scars, and no waiting 6 months before your face heals, either!

That said, if you have a big event coming up, where you want to look spiffed up, plan in advance! Don’t leave this till the last minute.

Side effects can be dependent on various factors, but are generally rare. We will ask you about your health history, including any allergies, before treatments, to avoid unnecessary risks with known conditions that can interfere with this type of treatment.

Keep note, however, that many times, it’s not so much the ingredients in dermal fillers that cause side effects. It’s more about complications that arise because of how they have been injected. That is why good training and lots of experience is highly recommended when seeking a Vancouver-area doctor to perform your non-surgical facelift.

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What products and ingredients are used in non-surgical facelift?

non-surgical facelift products with botox and juvederm laying flat

Non-surgical facelifts are usually a combination of common, brand-name fillers and wrinkle-relaxers. They are used in combination, for a “soft lift” effect.

Each person’s lift can require the use of different, and multiple products. There is no single solution that is used in all cases.

If you’d like to know more about the products we carry, and their ingredients, we encourage you to read about them individually, on our website. We have conveniently listed links to their pages here.

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How many appointments will I need to achieve my liquid facelift?

Despite the hope of a ‘magic’ overnight face reshape, it doesn’t quite work that way.

Remember, the MD Codes™ method works in the following order:

  • Foundation
  • Contour
  • Refinement

While yes, a surgical facelift could give you dramatic results, it may also take 6 months to heal from it, completely.

Instead of using that time on healing, we use it to give you gradual improvements over time, in multiple treatment sessions.

These products can build upon each other, to improve your overall ‘look’ as your body begins reacting to them. They can help produce collagen and tighten skin, using your biological responses to their ingredients. They act as more than mere volume additions that just ‘sit’ in your skin.

Depending on your goals, it may take several appointments to achieve your initial lift.

Thereafter, touch-ups and re-treatments are needed to maintain effects. These should be scheduled every 12 – 18 months.

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How much does a non-surgical facelift cost?

Since each person’s goals and facial structure are going to be different, so will the costs involved. We will require an in-person consultation with you before being able to give you an accurate estimate. However, to get a very generic, ball-park figure, please fill out the form above.

Depending on your case, you may need to come in for maintenance treatments every 12 – 18 months.

Asking about price is a fair question. However, it’s not the only question to ask here. And we’re not dodging bullets when we say that.

Keep reading to learn more about why you’d only want the best dermal injectors in Vancouver to handle your liquid facelift procedures.

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Why Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic when it comes to a non-surgical facelift? What makes us better than the rest?

Dr. Shah non surgical face lift doctor in surrey

As noted above, Allergan (the makers of Botox® and Juvederm®) asked our clinic director, Dr. Shah, to join one of the first training sessions held by Dr. Maio himself.

Considering that there are several clinics in B.C., let alone Vancouver, that use Allergan products, this showed a lot of regard for our high-quality, and skilled practices. In fact, by that time, Dr. Shah had already been using many of the methodologies which are now ‘pre-coded,’ and easier to use, thanks to Dr. Maio.

Dr. Shah and our staff are also continually trained, to keep practices up-to-date. For example, Dr. Shah is also trained in MD DYNA Codes™, which ‘calculates’ dynamic muscle activity into the factors that determine how fillers are injected. In essence, this makes animated facial expressions look better, by taking into account how we age.

Dr. Shah, our director, has also spoken at industry conferences. He is known as a leader in his field. Doctors often come to him, asking for advice on medical aesthetic procedures, or for training in their offices.

But there is even more that makes us your top choice for a non-surgical facelift in Vancouver, of any kind…

When seeking a dermal filler or Botox® injector in Vancouver, know that some of these products can be diluted, which reduces their effect. Sometimes, ‘cheap’ pricing is a ‘red flag.’ It’s meant to get you in the door, but not to give you the best facelift you can achieve.

Practitioners can also use knock-off brands that aren’t the ‘real thing.’ These can be less-effectual, or worse, dangerous to your body.

If injectors are not well-trained, real damage can happen to your face. This goes especially for the solutions that are not made of hyaluronic acid (which, thankfully in those cases, can be reversed).

Plus, it’s amazing how easily infections can happen as a result of poor sanitization standards.

We never pull stunts like that.

We operate like a top beauty clinic in Vancouver. We only carry the best-of-the-best when it comes to dermal injection brands. These include high-end names like Botox®, Juvederm®, Sculptura® and others. We never dilute, just to increase our margin, at the expense of risking your satisfaction. Our doctors are the only ones doing injections at our clinics. They are highly trained in this field, and come with years of experience.

To learn about our qualifications, and our years of experience, we encourage you to read more about us here.

You can also read customer reviews of our excelling service, and rewarding results, here.

It may also help to know that nearly all our staff, by their own volition, have undergone some form of dermal injection procedure for aesthetic purposes. If you want to learn what the experience is like from real patients, we love explaining – so ask away! We’re not shy about it, and it’s no ‘taboo’ subject for us, either.

If you’re ready to take your first step towards a non-surgical facelift in Vancouver, we’d be thrilled to meet you!

It all starts by booking an in-person consultation with us. This consultation does have a fee. However, that fee can be used as a credit towards future treatments with us.

The consultation process is crucial to any medical beauty treatment procedure. We will learn about you, your medical history, and your desired outcomes. We’ll also get a chance to explain our strategy for improving your condition, and our recommended treatment paths.

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