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picosure laser tattoo removal in surrey with technician

PicoSure™ laser for tattoo removal and skin revitalization in Surrey (near Vancouver)

Procedure Time


Risks & Complications

Redness, blistering, if any


Numbing cream

​Treatment Plan

4+ sessions

Treatment Recovery

+/- 1 week
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The PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal system is a major breakthrough in laser tattoo removal technology. Picosecond laser technology provides for finer light, less skin damage and more distributed, comprehensive results. The industry hasn’t seen anything like it in the last 20 years.

Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic in Surrey is the first in the Lower Mainland to bring this revolutionary technology to tattoo removal clients. We attract a large clientele from from all over the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, including from Vancouver, Richmond, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), Langley, Aldergrove, South Surrey, Cloverdale, White Rock, New Westminster, Burnaby, and even as far as Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Whistler and Washington.

We are currently the only clinic in Canada carrying two picosecond lasers, the other one being the enlighten® laser for tattoo removal. Having two of these types of lasers means we can treat more colours in a variety of tattoos. This makes our treatment process much faster, and more complete, than if we only had one type of laser.

Tattoo removal in Vancouver has been our specialty since 2003. We’ve treated thousands of patients with this service, using a variety of the latest technologies, as they are released in the industry. In fact, we were the first in B.C. to carry a tattoo removal machine at our laser clinic in Surrey.

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

What is there to love about the PicoSure™ laser for tattoo removal?

laser tattoo removal session in surrey showing patient and laser hand piece

Our clients love the PicoSure™ laser for their tattoo removal needs because:

  • It provides much faster tattoo removal than ever before – even up to half the number of treatments than with traditional Q Switched lasers.
  • It creates less heat damage in the cells. This results in virtually no downtime and no scarring or visible after-effects.
  • It does a better job at destroying ink particles in skin cells.
  • It can target and remove blue and green tattoo colours. These have traditionally been hard to treat.
  • It can clear up areas previously only faded with tattoo removal from older lasers. This way, the skin looks more like the tattoo was never there to begin with.
  • It can be used on all skin types.

The added PicoSure™ Focus lens is loved for wrinkle reduction, scarring and pigment removal because:

  • It uses pressure, not heat, to treat affected areas. This results in less pain, and no downtime (only a few hours of redness may occur after treatment).
  • It works faster than other lasers treating these same conditions. Some see significant results in as little as 2 treatments!

What can the PicoSure™ laser be used for?

The PicoSure™ laser is our primary laser for tattoo removal in Vancouver. Since the machine is so new, and so advanced, clients come to our Surrey clinic from all over the Lower Mainland for this treatment.

However, the technology itself, along with the Focus lens attachment, can also be used for:

  • Discoloured skin
  • Sun spots
  • Freckles
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles

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How does the PicoSure™ laser work to remove tattoos or skin imperfections?

close up of Picosure laser tattoo removal in surrey with technician

Laser tattoo removal works by causing the ink that has been embedded into the skin to break apart. After coming apart, these smaller ink particles are then removed by the body’s immune system.

Tattoos fade gradually with multiple laser treatments. It is not currently possible to remove all tattoo ink in the skin with one treatment. But, PicoSure™ works faster than traditional tattoo removal with lasers.

The PicoSure™ laser does a much more thorough job at breaking apart tattoo ink particles. This is because of the way the laser light is delivered into the skin. It uses very, very short pulses (these last for just trillionths of a second). The pulses create pressure from energy, causing the ink to break into smaller particles than with traditional lasers. That then makes it easier for the body to remove those particles through absorption by the lymphatic system. The result is permanent tattoo removal, almost as if the skin never had one to begin with.

Laser tattoo removal diagram showing hand tattoo and ink particle destruction

In the past, the ‘breaking apart’ of ink in the skin had to be done in increments, and by using heat. You can visualize this by imagining the ink of a tattoo as a giant rock boulder. The first treatment was like creating one ‘blast’ to break apart the so-called ‘boulder.’ Then each smaller piece from the initial ‘blast’ had to be broken down in subsequent treatments. This process would repeat until the ‘boulder’ would turn into very small ‘rocks’ – like ‘sand’ even. The skin could then absorb the ink in that state. But we couldn’t do too many ‘blasts’ at once. We also couldn’t create very high-heat ‘blasts,’ because that would damage skin, which we want to preserve.

With picosecond technology for laser tattoo removal, it is like the ‘blasts’ to break apart these imaginary ‘boulders’ go much, much faster. They also happen without heating up the skin. Instead of breaking tattoo ‘boulders’ into large ‘rocks’ as a first step, these new lasers start by shattering them into tiny particles, right at the outset. This causes the disappearance of tattoos with fewer treatments. Each treatment is doing a more effective job at ‘shrinking’ ink particles, so they are small enough for the body to absorb, and then remove them.

traditional vs picosure laser diagram for vancouver tattoo removal in surrey

You can read more about how PicoSure™ works for tattoo removal, and watch a video demonstration, on this web page:

For wrinkles, sunspots, freckles and acne scars, the PicoSure™ system works with a Focus Lens Array, which delivers 20x more energy per pulse than without. The PressureWave™ technology in the machine then uses slight pressure from a laser light to squeeze individual skin cells. This is opposed to using heat to burn cells, or remove skin layers, like other skin rejuvenation techniques. The squeezing, in essence, creates intentional, ‘micro injuries’ to the cells. These ‘micro injuries’ then activate your body’s natural immune response, to produce more collagen and elastin in the area. The stimulation of collagen and elastin production is what heals the skin of its impurities, by removing the previous damage.

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How many treatments does PicoSure™ take to achieve total tattoo removal or skin healing?

Surrey laser tattoo removal on finger with picosecond technology

Since every tattoo is made differently, there won’t be one answer to how many treatments it will take to fade a tattoo with lasers. We can say that newer, and professionally inked tattoos, are much more resistant to laser removal technologies. Not only that, the location of the tattoo on your body can also affect how well it reacts to the laser pulses.

That said, most tattoos can be removed within 4 to 10 sessions, with some experiencing removal in 2 to 5 sessions. A consultation at our cosmetic clinic in Surrey will give you a better estimate of how many treatments we think it will take to remove your unwanted tattoo.

For those wishing to remove acne scarring, wrinkles or pigmented areas on the skin, each case will also be dependent on the existing condition. Some cases report results within as little as 2 treatments. Treatment plans will require an in-person consultation.

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What is the cost of PicoSure™ laser treatments at your skin clinic?

We offer personalized consultations for assessing your tattoo or skin, to give you a general estimate of what we think your treatment plan will cost. Consultations do come with fees. However, these costs can be credited towards treatments at our clinic later.

Our prices start at $250 CAD per treatment, depending on the tattoo or skin pigmentation issue you’d like to have removed.

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What can I expect during a PicoSure™ laser treatment? Is it painful?

Picosure laser handpiece at a Surrey skin clinic
Picosure laser by Cynosure in a Surrey laser clinic

This laser treatment works by placing a handpiece over your skin where the tattoo or affected area is. We then release a pulse of energy from the machine onto your skin in small bursts. Each pulse covers an area of 6-10 millimetres (the size of the pulses depend on the skin type and the condition being treated. They must also be measured against the joules of energy being administered). So, it goes without saying that the larger your tattoo, or surface area of the pigmentation, the more pulses will be needed. An entire face can be about 5500 pulses, though this is just to give a general reference, and won’t ever be an exact prescription for every person.

You will also need to return for treatment every 4 to 8 weeks, until your tattoo is completely faded. Skin revitalization treatments should be scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks.

During the later stages of tattoo removal, sessions may need to be booked further apart. The time between treatments is for allowing your immune system to rid your body of the ink particles.

There can be some discomfort during tattoo removal, but not a lot. The same goes with the Focus lens treatments for pigmentation or scarring. The experience can feel like small pinches on your skin with each pulse. For those that need it, we can apply a numbing cream (free of charge), before the treatment, to reduce pain.

It should be noted that because of the ultra short pulse lengths with picosecond lasers, less heat is produced. This results in less pain than with other laser tattoo or skin revitalization treatments.

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Is there any downtime with a PicoSure™ laser treatment?

No, not really! We will ask you to avoid sun exposure for a period of time after the treatment. This is because your skin will be sensitive to light, and more susceptible to sunburn as a result.

For skin revitalization patients, you will be able to use non-comedogenic mineral makeup shortly after treatment. You may experience redness and swelling for a few hours after the session.

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Are there any side effects to PicoSure™ tattoo removal treatments?

Side effects with the PicoSure™ laser are rare. It is generally a safe procedure, when done with precision and training. Each person’s tattoo and skin type needs to be assessed for treatment with this machine. This is important for avoiding complications, while still getting the best results possible with each session.

With that said, scarring and skin lightening or darkening where the tattoo once was is common. If you have a tendency to form scars or keloids easily, you should let us know before starting treatment.

Shortly after treatment, your skin will appear lighter for a period. You may also experience redness and swelling after a treatment.

Being a doctor-led skincare clinic, we exercise great safety in our practice to avoid burns and scarring. This can occur with any laser that is misused. We have also been doing tattoo removal for over 15 years, on thousands of patients, and are thus very experienced in what to expect, and what to avoid, for each case scenario we are dealing with.

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Before and after results of tattoo removal with PicoSure™

Picosure laser tattoo removal before and after 1

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

Picosure laser tattoo removal before and after 2

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

Picosure laser tattoo removal before and after 3

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

Picosure laser tattoo removal before and after 4

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

Picosure laser tattoo removal before and after 5

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Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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