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Get anti-aging laser treatments in Surrey (Vancouver), plus other advanced solutions for mature skin

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We offer anti-aging solutions in Surrey, at our skin and laser clinic near Vancouver. This can include light or laser-based treatments, radio frequency treatments, injections, high quality skin care and more.

Be it wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin or sun damage, there’s hardly any cosmetic condition we can’t treat, especially if it’s related to the natural aging process. We can even do laser hair removal if you’re developing hormonal hairs. Or, we can help with hair regrowth, fat loss or gain, cellulite and a host of other issues.

The extent of the possibilities at our clinic is vast; we offer over 50 customizable solutions. That’s more than most clinics in our industry, let alone our size and calibre.

We’re well known for our high quality, professional and successful anti-aging treatments. Clients come to us from all around the Lower Mainland, including Delta (Ladner & Tsawwassen), South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Langley, Aldergrove, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Richmond, the Fraser Valley and even as far as Whistler and Washington State, USA.

If you’re looking to solve aging skin concerns, we encourage you to book a consultation at our clinic. We’ll take a closer look, get to know you, and offer our best advice on treatments we think will work on you.

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What solutions does your Surrey clinic offer for aging skin?

Wrinkles and brown spots and fine lines as aging skin conditions highlighted

Our Surrey skin clinic offers a wide array of anti-aging services and solutions. This allows us to provide a ‘mixed mode’ approach for our clients. As a result, our treatment plans can sometimes achieve more, in less time. It also means we have options for any skin type or cosmetic condition.

Some of our most popular anti-aging laser and skin solutions include:

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Neuromodulators and dermal fillers

Sometimes referred to generically as ‘injectables,’ these solutions go under the skin to smooth wrinkles and give a more youthful look. They can do this by relaxing facial muscles, or by adding volume to ‘lift’ wrinkles and facial features. As a result, they achieve non-surgical skin tightening.

We carry a wide selection of neuromodulators and dermal fillers at our clinic. Many of these are top brands with proven track records. Some require special training to administer. Our selection and training gives us the flexibility to offer case-specific solutions to our clientele.

Note: only trained doctors and nurses perform injections at our clinic. This is for your safety.

Read more about our anti-aging, injectable solutions here.

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Photofacials and laser skin treatments

Depending on your case, we may recommend using light-based treatments to remove dark spots, redness and the like, which often come with age. We may also use this method to stimulate collagen and elastin in your skin.

Different types of lasers perform differently on the skin. Some are attracted to certain pigments (colours), while others help to speed up cell turnover, or tighten skin. Our clinic hosts a variety of lasers, in order to address multiple skin conditions. This also gives you consistent care, from one provider.

Our line of cosmetic laser treatments include:

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Radio frequency and heat-based skin tightening

Lasers are very popular, and very effective for aging skin. However, they are not the only technological advances that can be used for medical cosmetic purposes.

Radio frequency and heat generating devices can also induce anti-aging effects. We have a line of these offerings at our clinic, including:

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Chemical peels and routine exfoliation facials

We’re not limited to fancy lasers and high-tech machines at our clinic. We aim to offer a comprehensive, holistic skin service. When it comes to aging skin, that means battling fine lines, just as much as deep folds and wrinkles. It also means scheduling you for regular skin maintenance, using low-intensity options. These are important to keep you ‘ahead of the game’ when it comes to anti-aging skin care routines. They go alongside our deeper skin procedures.

To that end, we help our clients with spa-grade, ‘upkeep’ treatments such as:

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High quality cosmeceuticals and prescriptions

While we can help with procedural skin care to fight signs of aging, nothing can replace your at-home skin regimen. Keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay will always involve daily diligence.

Think of anti-aging like brushing your teeth – you can’t expect the dentist’s office to solve all your oral health problems. But small, regular steps performed daily will make your dentist’s job much more effective. Skin care follows the same principle.

Whether with high quality formulations, like the SkinMedica® line, or prescriptions, our doctor can recommend at-home solutions specific to your needs.

We also sell broad-spectrum, high SPF makeup at our clinic. This provides for an all-in-one product; we have options that give daytime skin care, tinted coverage and sun protection in a single bottle. Remember: when it comes to aging prevention, you can’t over-protect your skin from the sun! Nothing will help your youthful glow like SPF, and staying away from UV exposure.

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Note: you can trust that we always have the latest technologies available at our clinic. We constantly upgrade and renew our devices and products. The list you see above may change from time-to-time, to give you better selections as they become available on the market. More will be explained during your initial consultation with us.

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What types of aging skin issues can you treat?

Aging sagging skin on elderly woman examining face

Aging skin can come in many forms. Almost anything we offer at our clinic can address signs of aging, in one way or another. These include:

Plus more. If you have formed a cosmetic skin condition over time, and would like it treated, we can help.

It all starts with a consultation at our clinic, to determine the severity of your case, and possible solutions. We’ll also get to know more about your health history, and your goals. This way, we can provide the best treatment path for your specific needs.

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What causes skin to age?

Young skin vs old skin diagram showing skin biology and wrinkle factors

Aging skin comes in two forms (expand a title below to read more):

Internal, intrinsic aging

This type of aging is from your genetics. It’s also called the ‘natural aging process.’ It starts in your mid-20s, when collagen production slows down, elastin is less elastic, dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly. As a result, cell turnover is not as quick. Your skin starts to look ‘old’ because your skin cells are actually ‘older’ than the ones hiding beneath your epidermis (i.e. top skin layer).

Intrinsic aging is a slow process. It can occur on your skin, and in your body, for years before you notice it.

However, the rate at which you start seeing gray hairs or wrinkles will depend on your genetics. Some people start seeing these signs around age 20, while others won’t see them until age 40. There is no way to prevent or predict the genetic signs of aging.

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External aging

This type of aging is from environmental factors. Namely, it is from exposure to free radical damage, especially from UV rays (i.e. the sun and tanning beds, which accelerate aging). UV rays cause what is known as ‘photoaging.’ Most premature aging is related to this type of sun damage. We explain more about how this happens at a cellular level, here.

You may think you don’t have sun damage yet, but this may not be the case. With UV photographs, such as with a VISIA® skin analysis, we can see age spots forming under your visible skin. It can be years before they come up to the surface.

People with fair skin and a long history of sun exposure can develop more signs of photoaging than those with darker skin. Signs of photoaging include wrinkles, brown spots, sagging skin and uneven complexion, like melasma.

Without sun protection, it will be hard to tackle any type of aging skin issue. We will always recommend a broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen, with reapplication every two hours (even on cloudy days, or indoors, if you’re near windows).

Other external aging factors include repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions, smoking, stress, gravity, lack of exercise, alcohol use and sleep deprivation.

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What is the cost of anti-aging treatments at your skin clinic?

Mature aging skin with wrinkles for clinical beauty treatments

All maturing skin will be different, since it is based on genetics and previous health history or sun exposure. For that reason, solutions can not be standardized, nor priced as such. We believe one size does not fit all; each person we treat is given a customized approach to skin recovery and maintenance. Literally: we take the time to get to know you, personally, before treating your skin or body. We believe this is the ‘right’ way to treat aging skin.

The best way to find out the price of your anti-aging solution(s), is to come in for a consultation at our clinic. We’ll be able to take a closer look, learn about your goals, and make recommendations from there.

You can also fill out the form above to get a very general idea of pricing for our anti-aging services.

Before major procedures, we will also recommend skin preparation with quality, at-home product routines.

After we give you our best opinion of what we think will work on you, final pricing will depend on your choice of treatment modality, plus the number of sessions required to see results.

If you’re new to the world of beauty solutions please keep in mind that, for best outcomes, treating mature skin will need to become part of your routine lifestyle.

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