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Clear skin imperfections with birthmark removal services in Surrey (near Vancouver)

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Picosure birthmark before and after treatment photos - available in Surrey near Vancouver

We offer birthmark removal services in Surrey, near Vancouver. We do this with laser hyperpigmentation treatments, as well as other methods (like surgery), should your case require it.

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Most of the time, birthmark discolourations on the skin are harmless. However, they can be an annoyance to some people. For that reason, we can use medical aesthetic tools to remove them.

There are some birthmarks that can turn into cancer, or be indicative of a larger problem. So, as a first step, you should see your doctor about any suspicious marks on your body, or on your child’s body. If your birthmarks change colour, bleed, become inflamed or change in size, we would also encourage you to have them examined by a doctor as soon as possible.

If you have purely cosmetic motivations to get rid of birthmarks, we can help!

To find out more about our birthmark removal treatments in Surrey, we encourage you to book a consultation at our clinic. We’ll be able to carefully assess your birthmark, and let you know if it can be removed (usually, it is). We’ll also be able to ask you more questions, and answer questions you may have. Then, we can give you an estimate for your birthmark removal. We encourage you to book an appointment today!

Our clinic is well-known and established. We’ve been treating aesthetic skin concerns for over 20 years. We’re locally owned, and headed up by a family physician. He has several credentials to his name when it comes to cosmetic medical treatments, especially using lasers. Plus, our highly-trained staff, and our effective treatment outcomes draw patients from all over the Lower Mainland including Vancouver, Surrey, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam (and the Tri-Cities), Aldergrove, Langley and even as far as Whistler, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Bellingham in the U.S.A.

You can trust you’ll be in good hands with us – especially when it comes to getting rid of birthmarks.

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What treatment options do you offer for birthmark removal?

Excel V vascular laser for redness treatment on face and body - skin care clinic session

Removing a birthmark is a lot like removing a mole or red spot. We explain treatments for those conditions on the following pages:

The options for removing a birthmark can vary depending on what type of birthmark it is. E.g. a mole can be removed with surgical or non-surgical methods. A red, vascular lesion in the skin usually does better with a special laser that targets pigments found in your blood.

However, to summarize, your birthmark might be removable with any of the following methods:

  • Laser treatments
  • Excision or shave excision (surgical cutting)
  • Electrosurgery or electrocauterization
  • Prescription medication and cosmeceuticals

We will determine which one is right for you after we assess you in person.

We do not do cryosurgery for birthmarks at our cosmetic clinic.

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Can birthmarks be removed on children at your clinic?

Sometimes, yes. However, we would not want to have a child undergo unnecessary procedures for cosmetic reasons if they are not that serious. Plus, if children flinch or move, surgical or laser treatments may not be ideal at their age.

That said, we understand that very, very large stains on a child (especially on the face) can be reason for concern. Parents may want these removed as soon as possible, to improve quality of life for a child.

When it comes to getting rid of birthmarks on children, we would recommend you see your family doctor or pediatrician first. If it can’t be dealt with through an MSP-covered service (or you are not comfortable with the options), we may be able to help. Please reach out to us for more information. Our phone number is 604-580-2464.

Please keep in mind that our birthmark removal services are not covered by MSP, even for children.

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What are birthmarks? Can they occur suddenly?

Birthmarks are discolourations on the skin that appear at birth, or near birth. They happen because of abnormal formations under the skin that cause certain colours to show through.

For example, a cluster of too many blood vessels may form in a single area, causing a red birthmark. Or, melanocytes may have formed too much melanin in an area, causing a brown or tan spot.

Birthmarks can be black, blue, brown, tan, purple or red. They can grow, fade, or stay the same over the course of your life.

Birthmarks are not the same as moles that develop later in life, nor hyperpigmentation spots as a result of sun exposure. However, they can look similar to these conditions, and be formed similarly too. One of the key differentiators between birthmarks and these other skin marks, is the time of life that they occurred.

While birthmarks can be caused by genetic mutations, they are not usually an inherited genetic condition.

There are many, many types of birthmarks. The most common ones are:

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Moles (a.k.a congenital melanocytic naevi)

Doctor inspecting moles on male back for mole removal treatment

Moles (a.k.a congenital melanocytic naevi) – these can come in many, many varieties, whether raised or flat, red or brown, and so on. Learn more here.

Café-au-lait birthmarks

Cafe au lait birthmark flat oval brown birthmark skin pigmentation issue

Café-au-lait birthmarks – these are flat and usually brown or tan in colour.

Haemangiomas (a.k.a strawberry marks, strawberry naevus)

Red birthmark on cheek of male with magnifying glass

Haemangiomas (a.k.a strawberry marks, strawberry naevus) – these can be raised or flat, and can disappear on their own. If not, they can be treated with medications or lasers.

Port wine stains (a.k.a nevus flammeus, capillary malformations, ‘firemarks’)

Port wine stain on female face - a red birth mark that is removable with treatments

Port wine stains (a.k.a nevus flammeus, capillary malformations, ‘firemarks’) – these are similar to haemangiomas, except they are more ‘patchy’ and don’t go away on their own.

Salmon patches (ak.a. stork bites, angel kisses)

Salmon patches (ak.a. stork bites) – these are flat, red patches that typically appear above the neck area on a child. They usually disappear by early childhood. If not, they can be treated.

Mongolian blue spots

Mongolian blue spots – these are a type of mole, and usually fade on their own. If not, they can be treated.

You can rest assured that any superstitious beliefs about birthmarks are not true: they have nothing to do with what a mother does before or during birth, and they don’t predict anything about your personality, past life or future successes.

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Will I have a scar after birthmark removal?

The answer to this question depends largely on the procedure taken to remove your birthmark, the type of birthmark it is, and the experience of the practitioner performing the removal.

With lasers, there is little to be worried about when it comes to birthmark or pigmentation removal (whether with vascular red marks or brown spots). The laser doesn’t actually cut open your skin. It works in the deeper layers of skin and heats them up, to perform very specific actions there. So, at most, you may experience burning, bruising or tenderness in the treatment area. This type of reaction will heal in due time.

A good laser technician, in a medically-run clinic like ours, will be very cautious when using a laser on the skin. We have the training, education and experience to know how to avoid these situations as much as possible.

If your birthmark is removed with a more invasive method, like surgery, there can be a slight scar leftover. We will recommend aftercare steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of scarring. This can include scar gel, and other topical solutions we sell at our clinic.

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What is the cost of removing birthmarks at your Surrey clinic?

At our Surrey clinic, near Vancouver, we can say that the price for removing birthmarks can vary greatly. We typically use our first consultation with a client to be able to estimate a price.

We look at factors including the size, number and intensity of pigments in the birthmark. From there, we can make recommendations on which laser or treatment to use. We can also estimate the number of sessions we think it will take to completely clear the skin of abnormalities (though this can’t be guaranteed, since it depends on your own body’s response to treatment).

To give a very rough idea of pricing for birthmark removal, please fill out the form above.

If you have a cosmetic birthmark you would like removed, we would strongly encourage booking a consultation as a first step. Our consults are very informative and detailed. We’ll take a close look at your case, and take UV photographs of your face with technologies like the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System. This will give us a more accurate picture of what is going on underneath your skin, as well as on top of it. That way, we can make better recommendations for treatment.

Please note: our services to remove birthmarks are not covered by MSP in B.C.

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