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Skin Care Clinic Team

Our skin care clinic at BC laser has a team of aestheticians and industry experts that work together to provide you with the most sought after treatments in non-invasive cosmetic procedures within the Metro Vancouver area. We provide training for all our staff and work with them to improve their knowledge so that they can in turn help you.

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Below are bios of our leadership team.

Priti, our clinic director

Priti bc laser
Priti Shah, Clinic Director

Priti is the woman who powers Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic with her expertise in business management and her wealth of knowledge on cosmetic medicine and biological sciences. Her husband, Dr. Shah, may be the brains behind the performance of laser treatments and injectables, but Priti is the one who puts them into practice, forecasts their success and does their marketing launches.

You see, in this field, there are a myriad of services and products we could offer. But, are they all scientifically backed? Are they in demand? Will they help people? Or are they just buzz and gimmicks? Priti is the ‘second eye’ who makes sure the clinic is bringing in the right technologies, with proven studies to back them. 

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Priti’s background in medical sciences contributes to her critical eye when considering cosmetic procedures. For about 8 years, in her early career, she worked in a lab focused on histology and cytology, and assisted with minor biopsies. She looked at cells to analyze for quality in a diagnosis, and to look for cancer indicators. When she left that job to travel to Canada, she was already a supervisor and trainer.

Moving to Canada with her husband, Priti earned her MBA at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (by teleconferencing). Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, and having already been in a leadership role at her previous position, the program was the perfect fit – and one that certainly adds to her role at the clinic today.

But, she didn’t jump into being our clinic director right away. With her master’s degree in tow, she ran the Vancouver branch of a large, home healthcare company. She managed 300 employees and worked with several other team members in operations. The corporate environment wasn’t for her. She noticed that, when business commoditizes healthcare, patient satisfaction can suffer.

By the time Dr. Shah started his laser clinic in the year 2000, it was clear the industry was ‘going places.’ Priti came on board to manage operations and to build a brand she knew was needed in the area: one that would prioritize patient needs, and provide a truly customized, high-end service. She even performed treatments herself after achieving her laser safety certificate, and undergoing other training. 

These days, Priti travels to industry conferences, continually receiving training in medical and laser aesthetics, including for skin care, and general industry knowledge. In the day-to-day, she manages the needs of the clinic as a whole – from marketing, legal paperwork, accounting, equipment maintenance, contracts and more. She can even be found tackling a broken cosmetic bed, to try and figure out what’s wrong, so she can fix it (she’s just that kind of person who loves troubleshooting). Oh, and she loves talking to patients, too!

Apart from her analytical strengths, Priti also has a creative side to her; did you know she sews and beads bracelets? She loves making something out of nothing. She’s also into graphic design and photography (ask her about the ring lights she made for our Facebook Live videos!). She keeps on her toes when it comes to creative marketing strategies too.

In her home life, Priti has proudly raised three, talented young ladies, whom she loves spending time with.

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The Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic Team

Dr Shah has surrounded himself by highly trained staff in his anti aging clinic, who continue to receive ongoing training in the cosmetic medicine field.

They have a varied background but all have a keen interest in cosmetic medicine and all have a medical or aesthetic background.

They receive both internal, ongoing training as well as attending numerous workshops both locally and internationally.

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Our doctor's training, association memberships and media appearances have included:

Our awards have included: