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Skin Care Clinic Team

Our skin care clinic at BC laser has a team of aestheticians and industry experts that work together to provide you with the most sought after treatments in non-invasive cosmetic procedures within the Metro Vancouver area. We provide training for all our staff and work with them to improve their knowledge so that they can in turn help you.

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Below are bios of our leadership team.

Chelsea, our clinic manager

chelsea Vancouver skin and laser clinic manager

When it comes to the organization, customer service and ‘smoothness’ of your appointment at our clinic, we’ve got Chelsea to thank.

Chelsea manages the office at Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic. In the day-to-day, she handles finances, coordinates human resources, maintains our customer loyalty program, ensures product availability, puts on events, sends out notices to keep everyone in the loop and works closely with leadership to handle clinic priorities and procedures.

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You’ll love meeting Chelsea. She’s got a sense of humour, a calm and gentle demeanor and yet, can still be found at the helm at all times, for anyone, in a moment’s notice. 

Professionally, Chelsea has over 13 years experience in the retail industry, where she worked at MAC Cosmetics. She spent the last 7 years of her retail career in management. Then, she moved on to the medical aesthetics industry with Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic. She has her bachelor of arts with a major in psychology.

When Chelsea began working with us, she was duly impressed by the entire, non-invasive cosmetic field. Just to think: you don’t need to have plastic surgery to address beauty concerns anymore. There’s medical-grade skincare and makeup, injectables and a laser for almost everything we’d want to treat our skin for, cosmetically. It’s a cool world to work in, for Chelsea. She’ll advocate the amazing-ness of what’s possible at our clinic to anyone who asks!

When she’s not ‘steering’ our ‘ship,’ Chelsea is a family gal, and enjoys spending time with her children. They are the light of her life. Want to strike up a conversation with her? Ask her about her piano-playing days, or if she’s gotten herself a Peloton yet!

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The Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic Team

Dr Shah has surrounded himself by highly trained staff in his anti aging clinic, who continue to receive ongoing training in the cosmetic medicine field.

They have a varied background but all have a keen interest in cosmetic medicine and all have a medical or aesthetic background.

They receive both internal, ongoing training as well as attending numerous workshops both locally and internationally.

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Our doctor's training, association memberships and media appearances have included:

Our awards have included: