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Sagging skin facial chin fat double chin on female lower face shape

Vancouver chin fat reduction without surgery: get rid of that double chin!

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We offer permanent Vancouver double chin fat reduction using multiple technologies at our Surrey clinic.

Our top-tier clinic draws a clientele from beyond Surrey and Vancouver, including Delta, Richmond, White Rock, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and even as far as Northern B.C. and Washington, USA

Sometimes, extra chin fat is caused by genetics and age, not weight. So, this beauty issue can be hard to solve without medical-grade intervention. You could exercise and be diligent to eat healthy, yet still not see your double chin go away. It is far from true that this problem only occurs in overweight people.

That’s where our non-surgical procedures to remove a double chin come in.

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Why choose our clinic over another for chin fat reduction?

Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, led by industry veteran Dr. Shah, is one of the largest clinics in Canada, offering dozens of technologies to be able to treat patient concerns with mixed modalities. That’s also true of our Vancouver chin fat reductions.

Multiple tools to get the job done

CoolSculpting results of female double chin before and after front view
Belkyra before and after actual results from 3 treatments - available in Vancouver - Surrey clinic
Above: unretouched patient photos taken before and after 3 treatment sessions with BELKYRA® spaced at least one month apart. Patient did not experience significant weight loss or gain between the start and end of treatment. Individual results will vary. Image courtesy of Allergan.
facial softening and jawline contouring with non-surgical facelift and face slimming - available in Vancouver - Surrey Clinic

You may notice that some cases require tackling a cosmetic concern from more than one ‘angle;’ we can do that at our clinic, thanks to the many tools in our arsenal, and over two decades of experience in medical aesthetics. We don’t just sell you what we have: we give you what you need.

We offer, not one, not two, but THREE options for getting rid of a double chin. And, that’s not to mention the three additional, add-on perks we can provide, which help to enhance your facial slimming results. These are discussed in more detail below.

Highly trained staff and doctor

We’ve been serving happy patients with Belkyra™ (a.k.a. Kybella®) since 2016, shortly after it was approved by Health Canada.

Our team has achieved both the CoolSculpting® Master and Scholar certificates from CoolSculpting® University in California.

We were among the first in Canada to acquire the truSculpt® iD – an advancement to laser lipolysis, since it hurts less, tightens skin and can treat larger areas in one cycle.

Unbiased results tracking with the VECTRA® 3D facial scan

To track your progress, we use advanced tools, such as the VECTRA® 3D facial scan, which gives us a 3D image of your full facial anatomy. This allows us to see your results, in detail, using high-resolution imagery from multiple angles.

After chin reduction treatments, effects can take 6 to 12 weeks to materialize. At that point, we’ll make contact to ask you to come in for a follow up appointment. We’ll take more 3D photos for a fair, unbiased comparison of your before and afters. This way, we’ll know whether or not you need more treatments, or if another treatment type will be best for ‘finishing touches.’

And, of course, we’ll be calling to make sure you’re doing well in the days following your appointment!

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What types of non-surgical, chin fat removal solutions do you offer?

Our Vancouver double chin fat reduction options include the following:

Belkyra™ deoxycholic acid chin injections

This double chin injection solution is made of deoxycholic acid, which permanently destroys fat cells by breaking down their outer walls. It is clinically-proven, as well as Health Canada and FDA approved to remove a double chin without surgery.

Some people need just 1 – 2 treatments to see amazing results. Others need up to 6.

Learn more about Belkyra™ here.

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CoolSculpting® double chin fat freezing

CoolSculpting® uses a technology called cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells until they die. Using the CoolMini™ applicator – one of the advanced types of applicators for the CoolSculpting® system – we can accomplish chin fat removal in a short, 35 minute cycle.

CoolSculpting® is clinically studied to remove up to 27% fat in a given treatment area. When CoolSculpting® a double chin, some people see results in as little as 1 treatment, but others need more.

Our clinic boasts the most advanced CoolSculpting® training available, with a CoolSculpting® scholar on our team.

Learn more about CoolSculpting® here.

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truSculpt® iD double chin melting

You can melt away double chin fat using the latest in hot sculpting technology, with the truSculpt® iD. truSculpt® iD is clinically-proven, as well asHealth Canada and FDA approved. It works to kill fat cells using heat from radio frequency waves.

This option is a great alternative to laser lipo because it is not as hot, and thus, a far more tolerable treatment. Its treatment cycles take as little as 15 minutes.

truSculpt® iD can remove up to 24% of fat in a given treatment area. Some people see results in just 1 treatment, but others need more.

Learn more about truSculpt® iD here.

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Add-on solutions to slim the face, contour the chin and define the jawline

Vancouver double chin reduction pairs perfectly with add-on solutions that help to further create the appearance of a strong jawline and a slimmer, V-line face profile. We offer all of the following popular treatments that often go hand-in-hand with chin fat removal:

Vancouver TMJ masseter Botox treatment on female in Surrey

Masseter muscle Botox® treatments – this creates the appearance of buccal fat removal or cheek fat removal without surgery. Learn more here.

Vancouver jawline jowl contour treatment with dermal filler

Dermal filler injections – this adds volume to the cheekbones, definition to the jawline and an extension to the chin bone. Learn more here.

Vancouver Ultherapy skin lifting treatment on male face showing handpiece - Surrey clinic

Ultherapy® skin tightening – this reduces sagging skin to lift skin on the neck, where a ‘turkey neck’ effect is common. This issue is especially after chin fat reduction. Learn more here.

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What are other options for Vancouver double chin removal?

We discuss the answer to this question in detail in the following blog post:

Essentially, when your double chin is caused by genetics or age, the only other option to get rid of it would be surgery. Attempting to lose weight won’t help.

Choosing a non-surgical or minimally-invasive procedure to reduce double chin fat is highly advisable. It can be much safer, and result in fewer complications than ‘going under the knife.’

There are some blogs on the web that discuss chin exercises you could try. However, these are not scientifically proven to work.

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What are the side effects of a non-surgical, double chin reduction?

The main side effects of non-surgical double chin reduction can depend on the specific technique used to get rid of it. However, in most cases, the common side effects will be along the lines of bruising, redness, swelling and tenderness at the site of the treatment area. This can last for a few days to a week or so.

More severe side effects are possible, but extremely rare, like they are with any medication or medical procedure.

You will be asked not to take blood thinners for about a week before and after treatments (but please speak with your doctor before stopping any prescribed medications). You also should not do heavy exercise immediately after your treatment sessions.

During your consultation, you’ll be given a list of all the possible side effects of the double chin treatment you choose to go with.

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How can I know what is causing my double chin?

Sometimes, the cause of a double chin can be a tough mystery to solve, even for medical professionals. Below are the common culprits:

Weight gain

For overweight individuals, excess fat in the submental region (i.e. under the chin) is expected. In these cases, diet and exercise are usually recommended as the first step to reducing a double chin.


For young individuals with a healthy weight, double chins can seem to appear for no reason. People can develop a lining of fat or extra skin under their chin due to genetics.


For mature individuals, a double chin can be a natural part of aging. As the face loses its collagen, muscle and fat pads, skin has less to ‘hang on’ to. As a result, it sags. This can happen on the face, as it can under the chin. So, sometimes, a double chin is actually the start of a ‘turkey neck.’


Lastly, your issue could be merely the appearance of a double chin. It might actually be a small chin. When the chin bone is small, there is hardly anything to give it definition. As a result, it looks like part of the neck. In these cases, dermal filler is useful to help extend the chin, so that it looks more distinct from the neck.

The best way to find a solution for your double chin, is to get the advice of a trained aesthetic doctor or technician.

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Can you do buccal fat removal on the cheeks too?

Non-surgical facelift before and after - MD Codes face slimming technique - available in Vancouver - Surrey Clinic
Above: Example of facial slimming with a non-surgical facelift procedure. Image courtesy of Allergan.

Technically, there is no non-surgical fat removal method that is indicated for buccal fat removal on the cheeks. However, some of our ‘add-on’ solutions, noted above, can greatly help achieve the look of a slimmer face. You may find you won’t even want surgery after experiencing the effects of these additional treatments.

We encourage you to visit us for a consultation, so we can take a closer look. We’ll be honest about what we think will, or won’t work on you.

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What is the cost of Vancouver chin fat reduction at your Surrey clinic?

Vancouver chin fat reduction at our Surrey clinic can vary depending on the type of treatment being used. It can also depend on factors such as:

  • How large the submental region is to begin with
  • How much chin fat you want removed
  • How well your body responds to treatments

Sometimes, the doctor may recommend more than one treatment type, to show better results for your case.

Fill out the form above, and we can send you general ‘starting at’ prices for chin fat reduction at our clinic.

The best way to find an accurate estimate for chin fat reduction is to visit us for an in-person consultation. We’ll take a closer look, learn about your goals, and let you know our honest opinion about what we think will work for you.

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