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Vancouver body contouring - Coolsculpting applicator on love handles for fat removal in Surrey

Vancouver body contouring vs weight loss: what’s the difference?

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We’ve been seeing comments from locals who seem to believe that instead of getting Vancouver body contouring treatments, one should just exercise and diet instead. Examples are to the tune of “go buy a Peloton” or “get off the couch.”⁠

Thanks for the advice.⁠

However, we want you to know: body contouring is NOT for replacing diet and exercise.⁠

This goes for CoolSculpting®, truSculpt iD®, laser lipo or ANY surface-level fat removal technique.⁠

OF COURSE diet and exercise come first, and always!⁠

The important thing to know is the difference between body contouring and weight loss; they are entirely unique concepts when it comes to reducing fat. You may not be satisfied with just one. That’s perfectly ok.

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Shrinking fat cells is different than fat cell removal

When people speak of ‘losing weight’ or ‘gaining weight,’ they are actually talking about the shrinking and expanding of fat cells already in their body.

This can be compared to balloons losing and gaining air. Imagine your fat cells are the balloons. When you gain weight, your fat cells enlarge (this is called “hypertrophy”). When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink. But you always have the same number of fat cells.

Non-surgical fat removal works by removing fat cells altogether. This can be compared to popping those figurative balloons.

When your fat cells are killed off by Vancouver body contouring treatments like ours, they are removed by your body altogether. That is: they cease to exist. The effect on those cells is permanent.

We know that the number of fat cells we have stays constant throughout our lives.

Now imagine if you had fewer fat cells that could enlarge at all. Your natural weight gain could be lessened (since we all typically fluctuate with our weight).

That’s the benefit of body contouring technologies, such as CoolSculpting® or truSculpt iD® (which freeze fat and melt fat, respectively).

Of course, you can still regain weight after non-surgical fat removal. That’s why it’s best suited for ‘stubborn’ fat (we’ll talk more about that below).

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Vancouver body contouring really works, if it’s done right

belly fat removal with CoolSculpting before and after photos

You may be skeptical about the effectiveness of Vancouver body contouring. That’s a reasonable reaction to have. There are a lot of gimmicks out there

However, there is a ‘grade above’ when it comes to technologies that can remove fat. Science has come a long way. There are now proven methods to kill fat cells without surgery.

In fact, these methods are clinically studied multiple times over.

To be sure you’re getting the best shot at fat removal, always go with a trusted brand name technology, such as CoolSculpting® or truSculpt iD®.

So, what about people who say it didn’t work for them?

CoolSculpting body contouring Vancouver consultation - analyzing front stomach area with mirror reflection

The key is in how the fat removal is performed, and which technology was used to do it.

Body contouring takes skill. It also requires that expectations are realistic. Let us explain.

Suppose you have a stomach bulge you want to get rid of. Your friend has the same. Your bulge is slightly larger than hers and extends into your love handles. Stomach fat removal won’t work the same way on both of you.

The type, size and shape of the applicator that is used can be critical in determining the outcome of body contouring results.

Sometimes, applicators need to go through multiple cycles on your body to achieve satisfactory results. When they do, they need to overlap in a certain way, to give you a smooth, uniform curve.

If someone sold you on the idea that just one cycle of one large applicator would get rid of all your belly fat, they’d probably be wrong. You might need more than one cycle. Otherwise you’d end up with a ‘box’ figure as a female, or an ‘hourglass’ figure as a male – both are usually undesirable results.

Having one treatment is also where people seem to think nothing happened. The problem is, there probably weren’t enough cycles to achieve the visible results of body contouring.

Beyond that, there is also the fact that every body can react differently to medical aesthetic treatments. There are no guarantees that any doctor can offer with any technology – be it for fat removal, wrinkle treatments or otherwise..

So, body contouring does work. But whether or not it worked for your friend, or that person who left a bad review online… well that depends on where they went, and what they were told about the number of treatments they needed.

There are plenty of before and afters one can see on the web of successful, visible body contouring results.

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There is such a thing as ‘stubborn’ fat – it won’t go away with diet and exercise

Vancouver body contouring consultation on love handles - marking treatment area

Fat removal solutions work on small pockets of ‘stubborn’ fat. This is the kind of fat that is just ‘part of you’ (so to speak).⁠

Fat cell removal is not for reversing obesity. It won’t get rid of all fat. In fact, at its best, it has been shown to remove up to 27% of fat in a given treatment area.

This is why we often refer to fat removal as “body contouring” or “body sculpting.” Some use the term “non-surgical liposuction” but it’s not quite like that.

This method of shaping the body is about removing bulges that bother you, when you’re already living a healthy lifestyle.

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It’s time to stop thinking of body contouring as weight loss

As we’ve seen above, Vancouver body contouring is absolutely not the same as weight loss. It does not replace diet and exercise. It is about removing small pockets of ‘stubborn’ fat, based on fat cell removal, not fat cell shrinking.

And you know what? There is no shame in seeking these aesthetic treatments. When we work hard to achieve an ideal weight, ‘finishing up’ those last bits of fat that won’t go away is not a bad thing.

Before judging any human being for getting or offering any medical aesthetic treatment, we should all take the time to educate ourselves on the science of these treatments, how they work and what they are meant to address.⁠

Don’t you agree?

⁠Are you looking for body contouring in Vancouver? Contact us for treatments using clinically-proven, non-surgical options.

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