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Facial hair removal by laser for men and women: Preparing, risks and benefits

Facial hair removal by laser has become much more common in recent years for both men and women. And it can be a true blessing for many people who become bothered with unwanted facial hair, particularly in women. Even for men, the chances of removing facial hair for a considerable time can mean saving time […]

Gentle Max Laser Treatment: Long-Lasting, Effective Results With Minimal Discomfort

Imagine not having to shave again and experience those pesky ingrown hairs that can be painful and embarrassing. Luckily laser hair removal allows men and women to toss their razors and enjoy the benefits of long lasting hair removal. Laser hair removal has always been thought of as a painful procedure, but the new innovative […]

Experiencing side effects post laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be a godsend for those of us who suffer from unwanted hair and can be an easy way to remove unwanted hair permanently. However, laser hair removal can come with some pesky post-treatment, short-term side effects that can easily be cured by taking the following actions and precautions. 1. Redness and […]

Reversing the effects of Sun Damage with Facial Peels -Surrey

If you are fair-skinned, chances are that you have suffered at least one painful sunburn in your lifetime. The damage to the skin from a sunburn is easily seen and felt by its red appearance, tight and dry feeling and its sensitivity to touch.  But even when you do not burn, you are still risking […]

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