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Freckles brown spot remedy example with uv photograph showing sun damage on skin

Reduce freckles, brown spots, sunspots and more with skin and laser treatments in Vancouver (Surrey)

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Brown spot and freckle removal before and afters

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We offer brown spot and freckle removal in Vancouver, at our Surrey clinic. This service also applies to sunspots, age spots and other pigmentation concerns that appear in clusters, or as single, small instances on the skin.

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If your freckles or brown spots are bothering you, we may be your one-stop-shop for being able to treat them effectively. We offer the most recent, fastest form of freckle removal, which is by laser. We have more than one laser that can help with pigmentation concerns. However, we also offer maintenance facials and at-home treatment options, such as topical solutions, which can both prevent and lighten existing freckles and brown spots. Laser treatments and maintenance solutions can be used in conjunction with each other, for better results. But, they must be done safely, and we can advise on that.

Our clinic is headed up by a doctor with over 20 years’ experience treating skin conditions for aesthetic purposes, especially with lasers. He is highly trained and well-regarded in his field. He is also a practicing, family doctor. You can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands at our clinic, where everyone is trained personally by him (after going to laser school). Or, he is otherwise doing treatments himself.

Locally, we are also a well-known clinic with many word-of-mouth referrals, and raving testimonials. Our high quality of service and effective treatments draw in patients from Vancouver, Surrey, Cloverdale, White Rock, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), New Westminster, Richmond, Burnaby, the Tri-Cities, North Vancouver, Aldergrove, Langley, and even as far as Whistler, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Bellingham, USA.

When it comes to Vancouver freckle treatments, or removing brown spots and sun spots of any kind, we’re no less effective; you can expect the best-of-the-best. If we can’t help you, or if we think your problem goes beyond a cosmetic fix, we’ll also be upfront about it.

The best way to find out what it may take to remove your freckles or sun spots, is to come in for a consultation at our clinic. Since everyone’s pigmentation spots are different, each solution can be different, too.

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What treatment options do you offer for freckle removal in Surrey?

fraxel dual skin resurfacing treatment performed in surrey bc at bc laser and skincare clinic

At our clinic, we use multiple treatments for freckles to help lighten or reduce these pigmented brown spots. Our ability to take a ‘mixed mode’ approach to this type of skin concern is what makes us so effective. We not only have the arsenal of tools to treat freckles in a variety of ways; we also have the expertise to know how to use them alongside each other, without affecting your health and safety.

We explain many sun damage and hyperpigmentation treatments on our website’s pages about these issues. These are essentially the same solutions that can be used for freckles (depending on your case). If you’d like to learn more about this subject, we encourage you to view those aforementioned links.

In summary, freckle and brown spot treatments can include:

  • Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic acid, niacinamide and others. We also use non-hydroquinone skin brighteners, such as this one (opens a new tab).
  • Prescription or over-the-counter retinoids (vitamin A derivatives), such as tretinoin or tazarotene. These also improve acne and wrinkles. On that note, the SkinMedica® retinol line (opens a new tab) has been proven to be just as effective, and does not require a prescription.
  • Deep and superficial laser treatments, such as with the Fraxel® DUAL laser, a Fractional CO2 laser, and others. Picosecond lasers like the PicoSure™ laser or the enlighten® laser can also be suitable.
  • Chemical peels.

And possibly more, depending on your case.

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What are freckles?

Close up of freckled skin on face of female caucasian skin - pigmentation example

Freckles are also known as ephelides or lentigines. They are flat, circular spots on the skin that can look like many small ‘dots.’ Essentially, they are excess melanin deposits that were stimulated into production due to UV light penetration. These spots can come in hues of red, yellow, tan, brown or black.

So-called, ‘true’ freckles usually develop in early childhood, forming random patterns on the skin, especially after sun exposure. Larger-sized freckles appear later in life, and are actually sun spots (also known as age spots, liver spots or brown spots). They also stem from sun exposure.

Freckles are harmless. However, concerns can arise when freckles are confused with other skin diseases such as melanomas or basal cell carcinomas. The thing to know is that freckles are not the same as moles. They are also not quite the same as the dangerous sun damage conditions, which you can read about here.

There are two types of freckles:

Ephelides – these are the genetic type of freckles that most people refer to when they say they have freckles. They are typically small, round and tan in colour. They look like many tiny dots on the skin, but they are not poikiloderma. They appear after prolonged sun exposure, and can fade with a lack of sun exposure.

Solar lentigines – these are non-genetic brown spots (a.k.a. liver spots, or sun spots). They are darker, larger than 2 millimetres, but still flat and brown-ish. They can happen anywhere a person gets continual sun exposure. They usually appear after the age of 40. They don’t get lighter in the winter.

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Why do I have freckles and others don’t?

Ephelides freckles are believed to be a genetic predisposition, since they are common in fair skinned people. However, UV rays from the sun or tanning beds can also create solar lentigines (i.e. brown spots) in anyone, whether or not they were born with freckles.

So, on the one hand, you may have freckles because you inherited the predisposition. On the other hand, lifestyle habits that exposed you to the sun or other UV sources probably exacerbated your melanin production.

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How can freckles and brown spots be prevented?

Sun damage on face - brown age spots also known as liver spots

The main way to prevent freckles and brown spots is to avoid the sun, or to be protected from the sun’s rays at all times (even when indoors, and on cloudy days). Recommended ways to protect yourself from UV rays include:

  • Never go tanning or use tanning beds.
  • Applying a high-grade, broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. Then, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. If you wear makeup, try the Colorescience® brush-on sunscreen for reapplication throughout the day.
  • Avoid being in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothing when you go outdoors.

Also: don’t be ‘rogue’ with sun exposure! The sun’s UV rays can bounce off of sand, snow and cement. So even when you walk from your car to your house, you do get accumulated sun exposure, which can have adverse effects on your skin, over time.

People who are prone to freckling are also generally more at risk for developing skin cancers and should, all the more, practice these prevention methods.

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What is the cost of freckle removal in Surrey, or brown spot treatments at your clinic?

visia skin analysis true age skin scan technology showing different computerized face views

The cost of brown spot or freckle removal in Surrey, at our Vancouver-area clinic, can vary depending on multiple factors. These can include:

  • The size and intensity of the freckles or brown spots you want to treat.
  • Their location on the body.
  • The type of treatment modality to be used.
  • The number of treatments needed to achieve skin lightening.

We will need to see you in person for a consultation before being able to give you a price for your hyperpigmentation treatments.

Our consultations can be very educational. We use technologies like the VISIA® skin analysis camera to assess sun damage underneath your skin, and not just on top of it. This gives us a more accurate representation of the freckles or brown spots you are likely to develop near the surface of your skin, in due time. Knowing this, we can make better treatment recommendations for you.

Consultations come with a fee, but this fee is later credited towards treatments or products at our skin clinic, within 30 days. The treatment you choose doesn’t have to be related to your freckles (you could get a facial, for example).

We encourage you to get in touch today! We’ll book you in as soon as possible.

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Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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