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Colorescience Sunforgettable brush on sunscreen being applied on face

Vancouver Colorescience® products; all you need to cover up, protect and improve your complexion after clinical beauty treatments

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We are a Vancouver Colorescience® seller, located in the heart of Central City in Surrey (near the SFU campus, outside Vancouver, B.C.). If you’re looking to get your hands on these amazing, good-for-you cosmetics, we offer them in a brick-and-mortar setting for immediate gratification, or even ‘emergency’ fill ups (like, if you’re going on vacation and need the sun protection a.s.a.p.).

We also fulfill online orders for all of Canada, if you prefer to shop for these products that way.

Or, if you prefer, we can ship them to you via phone order. Call us at (604) 580 2464 to get started. We offer free shipping on product orders over $75 CAD (to areas in our region), including for SkinMedica® products.

If you’ve never heard of Colorescience® before, prepare to be impressed (especially all you beauty gurus and makeup artists out there). It’s a clinical cosmetic line providing beneficial, proven skin care products that often include facial coverage, too. They’re a lot like mineral makeup (but better, seriously – keep reading below to find out why). They’re sold through exclusive retailers (often medical spas), and not in typical makeup stores.

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More importantly, these products provide high-grade, broad-spectrum SPF, in easy-to-use applications – namely the renowned Sunforgettable® Brush-on Shield powder SPF. It’s unlike most sunscreens out there; it can go over your makeup, for easy reapplication all day long (which you’re supposed to do, by the way)

Keep reading to learn more about the Colorescience® brand, and its noteworthy, award-winning cosmetics.

Why does your laser clinic offer Colorescience® and not other brands of makeup?

Colorescience makeup brushes at a makeup counter in surrey near Vancouver
Colorescience powder and foundation tester products at our medical laser clinic in surrey near Vancouver

Colorescience® makeup and skincare products were designed to be suitable for ‘post procedure skin.’ This means the brand’s foundational product concept is that, after deep exfoliating or laser skin treatments, people still want to put on makeup, even if they’re technically ‘not supposed to.’ So they break that rule. Because…who wouldn’t when they look red and need to get on with life?

The makers of Colorescience® gave those patients a solution: completely natural coverage that would not inflame skin or cause side effects. Instead, it would protect skin, and sometimes, even improve the results of treatments.

The other major reason the Colorescience® brand is recommended at our clinic, is that its products contain high SPF ratings, for both UVB and UVA protection. After skin revitalization treatments, it is crucial to protect newly exposed layers of the dermis from UV rays. This means re-applying sunscreen at least every 2 hours, if not more often.

As medical practitioners, we all know that our recommendations are only worth their value if patients can, realistically, stick to them. We call this compliance. So, we look for ways to make at-home health routines as easy as possible for people.

We know that the reapplication of sunscreen several times a day can be impractical to do when you’re wearing makeup, to look presentable on your outings, or when your skin is also feeling ‘raw’ and easily irritable. Ingredients like drying alcohol in most over-the-counter products can make your skin feel worse, or cause longer healing times. Then, so-called, ‘regular’ mineral makeup applied in layers all day, can make your face look ‘cakey.’ But, lotion-based sunscreens will just dilute your coverage, sacrificing the makeup you need to feel confident when leaving the house. What a conundrum!

So, items like the Sunforgettable® Brush-On Shield Total Protection™ powder SPF 50 offer a great alternative to all these problems.

Now, why not other brands of mineral makeup? We feel that none of them can compare to the quality and effectiveness found in Colorescience® formulas (some have even been clinically studied and published, and we doctors look at things like that). Make no mistake – cosmetic brands are not all the same, even if their labels boast similar ingredient lists. Studies and experiments have shown this – even simple ones, such as the popular, ‘purity water test.’ The question is, really, ‘what else is in these products, and how much of them are pure?’

colorescience water purity test - mineral makeup floatsColorescience® healthy mineral makeup doesn’t clog your pores. The water purity test shows how dry it stays, even when placed in water. Imagine the water is your skin!
Colorescience water purity test - competition mineral makeup mixes with waterOther mineral makeup brands easily mix with water upon contact, showing their lack of purity. These easily clog pores.

More about the Colorescience® ingredients and technologies is explained below.

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Is Colorescience® a prescription product line?

Colorescience cosmetics for post procedure skin makeup demonstration in surrey
Colorescience sunforgettable brush on sunscreen on display in surrey

While Colorescience® is usually recommended by doctors who perform laser skin procedures, such as at our Surrey clinic, it is not a prescription product. However, the line is safe for anyone to use – even kids.

The reason the brand’s beauty products are considered ‘medically safe’ (if you will), is because of their purity. They are unlikely to affect skin that has been sensitized due to recent med-spa treatments, or that is sensitive all the time. This means they can be utilized on most people who want coverage, or to improve their skin’s condition, without causing side-effects.

After most of our Surrey med-spa treatments, we apply SkinMedica® and Colorescience® products on our patients, so they can ‘face the world’ with confidence when they leave our clinic. Our complimentary, after-care service utilizes a special collection of Colorescience® items, which compose what the brand calls, the Finishing Touch™ Protocol.

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What is there to love about Colorescience® makeup for everyday wear?

Explaining Colorescience products at a laser clinic in Surrey

Colorescience® is designed to be skincare first, and makeup second. That means it’s so safe, and sometimes even good for your skin, that you can sleep with it on, or use it on kids. What about the colourants? All natural! No dyes!

All Colorescience® products are free of the common, ‘bad guy’ chemicals often complained about by environmentalists and ‘go green’ advocates. So, no “parabens, phytates, synthetic fragrance, talc, dyes, mineral oils, drying alcohols [or] chemical sunscreen.” All Colorescience® products are safe for the ocean. Many are also vegan and gluten free. They’re hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

The Colorescience® SPF products are not just useful for UVA and UVB protection (which cause cancer at their worst, and photoaging at their best). They also protect against the newer suspected skin agers, such as blue light (HEV), infrared radiation and pollutants. Colorescience® products’ main ‘workhorse’ minerals are potent forms of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. But, they also include other beneficial ingredients such as iron oxides, anti-oxidants and often, even hyaluronic acid, for moisturization.

Some Colorescience® products, namely the skin treatments, are designed to improve skin conditions over time (with a minimum of 12 weeks continual usage, as directed). This means they can better the results of clinical procedures, to protect your investment in your skin. These include the All Calm™ Clinical Redness Corrector, the Even Up® Clinical Pigment Perfector®, the Pep Up® Collagen Renewal Face and Neck Treatment and the Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy cream.

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How long do I need to use Colorescience® products after laser treatments and beauty procedures?

Explanation of mineral corrector palette and pigment corrector by Colorescience
Colorescience sunforgettable SPF being applied in makeup demonstration

This can depend on the treatment you’ve had with us, as well as your skin’s condition before and after a procedure. We almost always use the Colorescience® Finishing Touch™ Protocol after treatments at our clinic, which is completely complimentary. This is so you can leave without feeling like everyone will notice you had something done that day. During our cosmetic application, we’ll explain the products we’re using on you, and the ones we think you’ll need, as well as why.

Other than that, we recommend following the instructions for best results on the individual labels given with each Colorescience® product. Most are meant to last around two to three months, with regular, typical usage. Some can last much longer (like the makeup palettes).

That said, since many of our customers use cosmetics in their daily life, we can’t say enough about the benefits of Colorescience® as an everyday option to switch to. If it’s safe for post-procedure skin, it’ll be safe – not to mention beneficial – for day-to-day wear. These cosmetics are clinically-proven at being effective for improving skin conditions, which can’t be said for a lot of over-the-counter alternatives (even if they are made with minerals, or boast some of the other claims that Colorescience® says about their brand, such as being hypoallergenic, chemical-free, etc.)

Whether or not you’ve had treatments with us, without a doubt, you should always use broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen – even in winter, and even if you’re not sunbathing. This is a ‘non-negotiable,’ unless you never leave your house or see the sun! Colorescience® offers a high-quality, and easy-to-use option for this.

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What are your prices for Colorescience® products in Surrey?

Colorescience bonus promo with hydrating mist and lipshine on display

We offer typical pricing for Colorescience® products in Canada, as do most providers of this high-end cosmetic line. They are not more expensive than anywhere else, nor heavily discounted (except in the case of promotions). If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on our clinic specials (which will include other offers and news), we recommend signing up for our email newsletter!

In general, the price-range for Colorescience® products is not far off from other high-end skincare brands.

Regardless of where you buy your Colorescience® products, we would advise against looking for steep discounts on this brand. These products do have expiry dates, and there are knock-offs out there. An extremely low price should create suspicion as to the quality of what you’re getting.

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Can you ship Colorescience® products to my home?

Yes we can! Give our clinic a call, with a credit card ready, and we’ll set you up! 1 (604) 580 2464. We ship anywhere in Canada, and offer free shipping on orders over $200 CAD (to areas in our region, subject to change at any time).

Like any other store, we do stand by what we sell you. We’re also happy to explain these products and answer any other questions you have. Our priority is to be a service provider, first and foremost, and then a product seller – not the other way around.

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Why should I buy Colorescience® products from Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, and not another place?

Colorescience provider award for bc laser and skincare in Surrey BC

The main reason people enjoy buying Colorescience® in Surrey from us, is that we make it easy and convenient to do so, especially for clients who come in for clinical beauty treatments. In fact, we’ve won the Colorescience® “Top Provider” award, twice.

For one, we make it possible to touch-and-feel, and test the products before buying them. You don’t have to pre-order or wait for shipping to arrive, either; we have stock on hand for you to take home today. We have an entire makeup counter, like a mini pop-up shop, devoted entirely to Colorescience®.

Moreover, as mentioned above, we are a professional service provider, and not just a store. We take the time to sit down with you, to explain these products. We’ll give you a personal consultation to assess the items you’ll need, too. Technically, this is the ‘right’ way to sell Colorescience®. That’s because the line is not a typical, over-the-counter commodity. It comes with real, visible effects when used as part of your skincare routine. Remember, Colorescience® is skincare first, and makeup second.

As part of our service, we also remind our clients when it’s time to restock their favourite Colorescience® or SkinMedica® products. We call to find out if they’re working for you, or if we can offer you alternate solutions. These are not just sales calls; they are genuine follow ups, which we feel are an essential part of any medical-based beauty service. But, if you don’t want to hear from us, it’s no problem! Just let us know!

While you can buy Colorescience® online through external retailers, note that the brand’s main e-commerce channels are for U.S.A. customers. This can affect the price you are offered, due to currency fluctuations, as well as the shipping rates or times.

Colorescience® itself does not condone buying its products from retailers not on its approved retailer list. However, all of these third-party sellers are, still, tailored towards U.S.A.-based customers.

In general, buying Colorescience® on sites like, or ‘seller marketplaces,’ (like, etc.), is suspicious, at least to us. These products should be in original packaging, and should not be close to expiry when they are sold. High end providers, like our clinic, keep a careful eye on inventory, to avoid these issues. Without the name-brand recognition and reputation to uphold, it’s hard to say what you’ll get ‘out there,’ when it comes to a brand as specific as Colorescience®.

Plus, if something goes wrong, buying from us means you’ll have someone you can call! We’re real humans, running a real, brick-and-mortar business. You can even visit us in person, if you need to.

You can buy these products safely from our clinic.

skin cancer foundation recommended for active use colorescience
skin cancer foundation recommended daily use product colorescience

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