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Mineral makeup enhancers in Canada

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It doesn’t take a lot of makeup to look your best. That news is excellent when you’re short on time, and are more focused on healthy skin, than on ‘dolling up.’ But, whether or not you want to go the ‘extra mile’ with your makeup routine, we’ve got easy-to-use makeup enhancers to help you boost your colour, shine, tone and definition.

We’re raving fans of high-quality, mineral makeup. Mineral makeup provides versatile colourants, while being good for your skin. Many mineral makeup products can go on sheer, or thick, to provide as much of an effect as you want.

With highlighting illuminators, you can add a little glow for your work day, or layer on the shine for an evening out. Bronzers can be used on a range of skin tones, when using the right application methods.

Mineral makeup palettes make wonderful little multi-taskers. For example, there’s no need to have a beige eyeshadow and a beige contouring powder. Mineral makeup, in a variety of pigments, can provide tints that you can blend together for a customized look, anywhere on the face. They’re lighter to travel with, and they make your choices so much easier!

A good mascara is sometimes all you need to brighten your visage. The Colorescience® black mascara definitely delivers in this department. It lengthens and enhances lashes without clumping. It uses beeswax to prevent smudging, and nourishes lashes with peptides all day. It’s wonderful, by our account.

Finally, the lips can speak volumes (pun intended)! Lip colour with SPF guards lips from UV light - an area of sun protection that’s easy to forget about. So, adding colour to this type of makeup enhancer helps you ‘paint and protect’ in a single, easy step.

Before you shop in this category, you’ll likely want to start with a sunscreen and foundation. You’ll also want to check out accessories to help you clean and prolong the life of your mineral makeup products.

If you’re not sure what to pick, we’re here to help. Contact our skin clinic for virtual advice on our makeup products and cosmeceuticals. We ship across Canada and the USA.

You can also visit us in person, to be able to sample our products, and learn more about them. We’re located in Surrey (near Vancouver, B.C.).

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