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Blotchy skin pigmentation and discolouration cheek

Vancouver skin tone, texture and colour treatments (in Surrey) with lasers and more

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At our Vancouver medical aesthetic skin care centre (in Surrey), we help patients recover their youthful, even skin tone by targeting hyperpigmentation and redness with lasers, advanced facials and customized skin care routines. We service clients from all around the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. This includes those who drive to us from Vancouver, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), Langley, White Rock, Cloverdale, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond and even as far as Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Whistler and Washington, USA.

Some of our top skin discolouration, skin texture and skin tone treatments are listed below, as well as common FAQs, below that.

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woman pointing to dark puffy under eye circles on face

eye circles

TREATMENT OPTIONS:   Read more about it on our dark eye circles page. Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!
skin pigmentation half screen of woman with two colour skin tones


TREATMENT OPTIONS:   Read more about it on our pigmentation treatments page. Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!
doctor hands examining birthmark on back shoulder of woman


red spots on skin with brown spots

Red Spots

TREATMENT OPTIONS:   Read more about it on our red spots removal page. Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!
Melasma brown spots and patches on cheek of woman with darker skin tone


TREATMENT OPTIONS:   Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!
Rosacea before after split image - rosacea and redness treatment available in Surrey near Vancouver


TREATMENT OPTIONS:  Read more about it on our redness and rosacea page. Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!
Rosacea spider vein face condition magnifying glass close up - treatable in Surrey near Vancouver

Spider Veins


Read more about it on our visible veins page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

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Go with a top Vancouver skin care centre for rosacea solutions, hyperpigmentation treatments and other skin discolouration concerns

In our 20+ year history, we’ve treated hundreds, if not thousands of patients with concerns about uneven skin tone and texture. From melasma, hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, dark under eye circles, rosacea, red spots and other forms of skin discolouration, we’ve perfected our ‘craft’ to the satisfaction of many happy patients. Plus, we’ve always done so with evolving, cutting-edge technologies.

At our Lower Mainland skin care and laser centre, we carry the most advanced lasers and topical treatments available for skin tone issues. Our tools, combined with our expertise, can give you the best cosmetic skin treatments in Vancouver (we’re in Surrey).

You’ll be happy to know that we are run by a practicing family physician who has extensive training and experience in the field of medical aesthetics and skin treatments. His name is Dr. Shah. You can read more about him, and his qualifications, here.

Skin discolouration treatments, especially with lasers, come with the advice and training of Dr. Shah himself. He works closely with our staff to teach them his methods for treating skin concerns like melasma and rosacea. These methods include years of knowledge that can only be acquired by experience. All staff at our clinic are also educated in the field of laser aesthetics before coming on board with us.

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FAQs about our Surrey skin discolouration solutions and laser treatments

Do you have questions about Vancouver skin tone treatments performed at our skincare and laser clinic? We’ve got answers! See below for common FAQs on this topic. If you’re still curious to know more, we’d be happy to see you in person, and to discuss your case in more detail! Start by booking a consultation at our clinic. We’ll set up an appointment for you as soon as we can!

Are facial laser treatments for pigmentation and redness painful?

The ‘ouch factor’ of facial laser treatments can be mild or strong. It depends on a lot of specifics.

For example, we can perform laser peels, which can feel milder than a chemical peel. With hyperpigmentation lasers like the Fraxel® DUAL, we can use different settings that work deeply, or more shallowly in the skin. This can affect how much you’ll feel the treatment. And, when it comes to ‘the big one’ – the Fractional CO2 laser – you may even be given anaesthetic to relieve pain during the procedure.

The other thing to note is that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Some people barely twitch with laser treatments for hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Others have a harder time with the slightest ‘pinch’ or ‘poke’ on their face.

So, while not all laser treatments are painful, we would say that you should expect some amount of pain when seeking these solutions for skin discolouration.

That said, if lasers are not your ‘thing,’ we have other options that may work for you.

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What are the side effects of treating skin tone problems with lasers, medications or other solutions?

It is rare to experience serious side effects when treating skin tone issues. However, a lot of this (and we mean, a lot) depends on the practitioner doing the procedure.

Lasers can burn the skin, or cause more damage, if they are used inappropriately. Some skin tones can be more sensitive to the effects of laser treatments, than others. A professional should be analyzing your skin (preferably using tools like the VISIA® skin analysis), before suggesting laser treatments.

Prescriptions can also be very strong. In many cases, they are not recommended for long-term use. This is why cosmeceutical solutions are available on the market today. They contain effective, but less intense ingredients, which are safer for long-term use.

Finally, when it comes to hyperpigmentation and rosacea, it will be critical that, to avoid side effects from any treatment, you are diligent to wear a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen daily (even indoors, and when it’s cloudy outside). Proper sun protection also means reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours.

Skin tone issues start from UV exposure. So, even if you just don’t want your skin concerns to get worse, you’ll need to adopt a sunscreen regimen.

However, lasers, exfoliating facials and topical products targeting these issues can make your skin extra sensitive to UV light. Therefore, while aiming to treat skin discolouration, it will be ever more important to protect yourself from the sun, tanning beds and other sources of damaging light rays.

If you are looking for specifics about the potential side effects of various treatments we offer, we recommend reading our pages that address the concerns or treatments you are interested in (there are many). They explain more on each topic.

During your consultation with us, you will be told of any potential side effects, so you can decide which treatment path is right for you.

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Why do you ask me to purchase products before getting laser treatments for skin tone issues?

Cosmetic lasers are not ‘toys’ (obviously). As noted above, they can cause side effects if used inappropriately, or without caution. So, we will not rush to use these tools on you. We will ask you to prepare your skin by using specific products for at least two weeks before any major laser treatment.

You will also need products to help you with aftercare, so you can heal properly from laser treatments.

Plus, in some cases, high-quality cosmeceuticals alone can be enough to clear up mild skin browning or redness. So, why ask you to undergo an expensive, ‘fancy’ procedure for no reason? It’s best to try skin care products first.

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Are results from skin discolouration procedures permanent, or will I need to keep coming back?

To answer this question, it’s important to note, again, that skin discolouration – whether it is brown or red – often comes from UV exposure, or a genetic predisposition to discolouring. Part of the solution will depend on the lifestyle you adopt before and after treatments at our skin and laser clinic.

For example, we may be able to use a laser that will get rid of your existing brown spots and red patches. But, if you continue to expose your skin to the sun, or fail to avoid rosacea triggers, it is more likely that you’ll develop recurring skin problems.

The other side of this ‘coin’ is that not everyone responds to treatments the same way. For example, with many people, birthmark treatments or redness treatments can be a one-time thing. The problem takes years to come back, if it ever does. But with others, this is not the case. For this reason, treatment results can never be absolutely guaranteed.

And still, some skin discolouration problems are simply not ‘curable’ at all, such as dark under eye circles. They can be reduced. But, it is hard to solve some of these issues forever. We know that they take ongoing treatments, and will tell you so, beforehand.

So, while our technologies and solutions have done wonders for many patients, we would say that the permanency of results can vary a lot.

We can also say, without a doubt, that any high-end, aesthetic technology can only get you so far. To fully treat skin tone or discolouration in the long term, a lot will depend on you, at home. We’ll ask you to use skin care products that can help to keep your condition at bay.

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Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

此帖子可见于: 中文 (Chinese (Simplified))

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