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Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic contest terms and conditions for newsletter subscribers and other contests.

IMPORTANT: Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic reserves the right to change contest rules or make exceptions of any kind, at any time.

Some of the below in ‘plain English’: 

*”Non-physician services” means pretty much anything that isn’t a doctor consult or an injection. In other words, a doctor is not needed to perform the service.

You must be of legal age to participate in, and agree to everything on this page, the contest itself and any documents we ask patients to sign in our office.

We will not tolerate any cheating to win any of our contests. This includes manipulating systems to gain more than the valid number of entries.

We will ask to take photos, videos, case study write ups and so on, of your complimentary treatment session(s) or service(s), for our future marketing material, without limitations. We won’t do that if the treatment you choose happens to be in an intimate body area, or is embarrassing to you (and shows your face), for understandable and legitimate reasons. You will work with us, if possible, to come to a compromise in these situations. For example, we will ask to take close-up photos of your skin where you are being treated on a non-intimate body part, while not identifying you in any way.

You’ll need to sign all service contracts, and go through all typical consultation and documentation processes (including treatment photographs) that we would require of any patient. Those will be separately agreed to, apart from the conditions of the prize redemption.

For this prize, you will not be charged a consultation fee deposit, which would normally be required.

We want you to have the best experience possible as a result of your prize offered by us, of course. We ask that your experience will result in a detailed, but honest, review of our service, on at least two popular review platforms, which we will direct you to.

If you are not happy after receiving your complimentary service, that would be unusual, but please give us ample opportunity to make it right. Please also ensure your complaints are being heard by management and the clinic owners, if need be, and not by staff personnel only.

That was the shortened version…


Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic will pick a random winner to receive complimentary, non-physician services, from a draw based on its newsletter subscriber list or other contest-entry list. The frequency of the contest, and the prize or its value will be announced in the company’s marketing copy and typical marketing channels (website, newsletter, social media, etc.), and can change from time to time.

Eligible prize winners must be legal adults able to sign contracts on their own behalf. The winner must provide Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic valid government-issued ID to confirm they are of legal age, and can consent to all terms of the contest, as well as to the contractual agreements for services rendered.

The winner must not be tied to, work in, or be immediately related to someone who works in the medical aesthetic industry, or in similar competing fields (to be determined by Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic). If it is later found that the winner does have a close connection to the medical aesthetic industry, they will be obliged to pay for all treatments awarded.

A randomizing software will be used to make the draw, chosen by and in a manner in which Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic deems fit and fair. Multiple ‘narrowing’ draws per contest may be required to use such software, in relation to limitations imposed by the software, or costs involved.

The draw winner will be announced in the company newsletter, and on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. The name of the winner may be announced via video recording, published text, photo or other media content types.

An announcement of the winner is not a verification that the winner has won. Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic may thereafter check an entry to ensure the winner did not manipulate any system to increase their odds of winning. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. The entrant may be asked to cooperate in helping Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic verify their win, and must answer all questions promptly, and honestly.

The prize itself has no cash value for redemption, and can not be used by anyone other than the prize winner (unless stated otherwise in the contest’s promotional materials, or at the discretion of Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic). It must be used within 30 days of being publicly announced by Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic on its website, newsletter, social media or otherwise. If the winner is unreachable, or does not respond to claim their prize within those 30 days, the prize will be considered forfeited and no longer redeemable.

Winners have 6 hours to respond that they want their prize, after Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic reaches out to them to inform them they are the winner, using the contact information they entered to join the draw or contest.

While our services normally require a consultation fee deposit, for the case of prize winners, the consult fee will be waived. The consultation process, and all its required contracts before services are rendered, will still be required.

By redeeming their prize, the prize winner agrees to allow Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, or its agents (employees, consultants, etc), to take and use photographs, video, written reports, client testimonials and name or likeness of the Prize Winner before, during and after treatments, in its marketing and in-office material, which may be publicly viewed in any format or platform deemed fit by Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic. Exceptions may be waived in special circumstances, such as when treatments are performed on intimate body parts. In these cases, marketable, publishable photographs and video will be taken of the skin condition and treatment itself (such as for acne, sagging skin, generic tattoos, moles, warts, etc.), while keeping the patient unidentifiable by face, as much as possible. In these understandably private scenarios, photos will also attempt to hide other recognizable features that can easily identify a person through typical marketing use and channels (such as recognizable tattoos, etc.).

All other typical contracts for taking photos to document treatments and services will be required by Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, apart from the marketing purposes stated in these terms, which are in relation to the conditions of the prize contest itself.

The prize winner must agree to leave at least two honest reviews of services rendered, on popular, highly referenced review sites such as Yelp, Google or Facebook (Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic may direct the winner as to which ones to use). In this review the prize winner may fully disclose they were the recipient of complementary services as a result of winning a contest, so long as they also: a) fully explain the details of the experience(s) had at the clinic, b) explain any potential reasons for wanting to return to the clinic for paid services, or for recommending the clinic to others and c) if the reviewer is not happy with the services rendered, will, in their review, fully explain the comprehensive, truthful details of opportunity given by the prize winner, to the clinic to correct the situation before having left a review with any negative connotations towards the clinic. In all cases, the reviews must be a minimum of 100 words in length, and should adequately describe, without unnecessary repetition or ambiguity, the experience of the services rendered.

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