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Dark skin woman in body suit showing legs depicting beauty cosmetic treatments

Vancouver cosmetic body treatments at our medspa in Surrey

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At our medspa in Surrey, we go beyond skin and anti-aging treatments. We offer a host of aesthetic body treatments, too. Some of these have to do with skin-related concerns, such as tattoo removal, scar removal or hair removal. But, we can also help you lose fat quickly with non-invasive fat removal technologies or cellulite treatments. Stretch marks and hand veins are other examples of body conditions that can be treated with tools at our laser clinic.

And, one of our most popular offerings is with miraDry®. It’s a machine that safely reduces sweat glands in the armpits. It greatly helps hyperhidrosis patients, though many opt for it as a lifestyle choice, too.

Our Vancouver-area medspa regularly sees patients for cosmetic body treatments. Patients drive to us from Whistler, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, the Tri-Cities, Delta (Tswwassen and Ladner), Langley, White Rock, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and even as far as Bellingham in Washington, USA.

Some of our top, cosmetic body treatments are listed below, as well as common FAQs, below that.

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Expand an item to see more details about it, and what it’s used for:

Unwanted tattoo eligible for laser tattoo removal in Surrey



Read more about it on our tattoo removal page.

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woman pinching belly fat

Extra fat


Read more about it on our unwanted fat page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

Veiny hands and wrinkled hands on aging skin - treatable with dermal filler in Surrey near Vancouver

Hand Veins


Read more about it on our visible veins page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

stretch marks on lower belly

Stretch marks


Read more about it on our stretch marks page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

Looking for Thermage® CPT, Thermage® FLX or Ultherapy®? See this page for why we use ThermiRF® instead.

cellulite on thigh squeezing to show dimpled skin



Read more about it on our cellulite page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

Looking for Thermage® CPT, Thermage® FLX or Ultherapy®? See this page for why we use ThermiRF® instead.

Female buttocks - Vancouver butt filler concept - non-surgical butt lift available in Surrey

Butt & hip shape


Read more about non-surgical butt lifts, here.

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Unwanted hair - armpit hair eligible for laser hair removal in Surrey

Body Hair


Read all about it on our laser hair removal page.

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long scar formed on human shoulder back

Scars & keloids


Read more about it on our scar and keloid removal page.

Have acne scars? See this page.

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Wet armpit stain depicting sweating treatment eligibility in Surrey


  • Botox® Therapeutic for palmar, plantar and axillary hyperhidrosis
  • miraDry® for for underarm sweating

Read more about it on our sweating treatments page.

Book a consult today, and we’ll make a custom plan for you!

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Choose a top Vancouver medspa (in Surrey) for cosmetic body treatments without surgery!

beauty technician and patient during consultation for laser skin and body services in Surrey

At our medspa, we’ve successfully treated patients for a myriad of body-related, aesthetic concerns. We’ve done so for over 20 years. We were at the forefront of laser tattoo removal techniques, body contouring applications and sweat reduction treatments. We continue to be the first to acquire top-of-the-line medical aesthetic technologies in our practice. If necessary, we’ll also shut down our clinic to be able to properly train our staff, before using these new tools on our clients. Our experience only continues to advance as we approach medical aesthetic technologies with better-and-better techniques.

The other great thing about our body treatments is that they come without surgery. As a doctor-led clinic, we offer effective, non-invasive, or minimally-invasive solutions for killing off fat cells, smoothing cellulite, clearing tattoos, lifting the buttocks, reducing sweat and creating silky, hair-free skin.

We also help patients with health-related body issues that are not covered by M.S.P. in B.C. These include mole removal, laser wart removal, headache relief with Botox® plus vaginal tightening (for urinary incontinence and more).

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FAQs about our cosmetic body treatments in Surrey, B.C.

Providing patient with blanket and pillow during CoolSculpting procedure
Thank you to CoolSculpting® for the above photograph. The image above is for demonstration purposes only. It was not taken at our clinic.

Below we offer answers to questions people may have about cosmetic body treatments at our Surrey medspa. If you have more to ask, we’d love to help! We encourage you to book a consultation at our clinic. There, we can also get to know more about you, your concerns, and your body treatment goals. We can also make recommendations about what we think will work on you, and what won’t. 

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Do non-surgical body treatments come with fewer side effects than traditional plastic surgery?

Very often, the answer to this is, yes. By avoiding surgery, medical aesthetic practitioners can avoid infection, and other complications that come with cutting into the body.

Severe side effects to the solutions we offer at our clinic are very rare. While some of this has to do with the technologies used, most of it has to do with a practitioner’s experience, and the safety measures taken during the procedure. So, even when seeking non-surgical solutions for cosmetic body changes, you’ll always want to go with a highly reputable clinic. The clinic should also have a doctor on staff who is directing all treatments.

In truth, though, there is no ‘magic pill’ that will give you aesthetic results with an absolute, 100% guarantee of zero side effects. Each person’s body is different. We can all react differently to any medical, or so-called, ‘natural’ procedure. At our clinic, we will ask you for a complete health history, and go through a comprehensive consultation, before your procedure. This is to rule out any predictable complications that may occur on you.

Also note that, sometimes, surgical procedures are necessary, and the better choice, whether or not we offer them at our clinic. Either way, it’s preferable to keep surgeries as small as possible. This is often the goal with most patient-centred clinics.

For example, we can cut small holes into the skin to be able to treat sagging skin. But, when it comes to fat removal for small pockets of fat, it’s probably better to avoid surgery by choosing a non-invasive option. It always depends on the case.

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Do non-surgical body procedures cost the same as plastic surgery?

While the specifics can vary, we would say that most non-surgical cosmetic procedures are priced much, much lower than surgery. Plus, they come with far less down time. In most cases, the non-surgical option is the ‘no brainer’ choice.

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Are non-invasive cosmetic body procedures less painful than surgery?

There is definitely a difference in pain between non-invasive cosmetic body procedures and surgical ones. The best way to describe it is that non-invasive procedures can feel uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful.

Keep in mind, however, that when anesthetic is used during a cosmetic procedure, you won’t feel much, if anything, at all. Most of the discomfort comes with the healing process. And, in that sense, non-invasive options can hurt a lot less. They also avoid infections and complications, which can avoid unnecessary pain.

Pain is a lot more subjective than people realize. Some of us are ‘wimps’ and some of us are ‘made of steel.’ We all react differently to medical procedures – even if it’s at the dentist, or during a massage. So, part of how much pain you’ll feel from non-invasive procedures will depend on you, and your own pain tolerance.

At our clinic, when we know pain is likely, we can help with pain management tools. For example, we can employ icing, numbing cream, anaesthetic, cooling devices, etc.

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Will I have to spend on before and after care products for body procedures at your clinic?

It depends. Some procedures don’t require any product purchases, because they don’t require before and after care. This is the case with body contouring, injections, and cellulite or stretch mark treatments.

However, any time the skin is deeply affected – whether on the face or the body – some products will be needed. These help you heal faster from the procedure in question.

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Can you perform facial procedures on body areas?

Sometimes, yes! This is actually more common than people may realize. Many technological solutions that are advertised for facial rejuvenation can be used on body skin, too.

For example, if you have acne on the chest and back, we can perform microdermabrasion, HydraFacial™, chemical peels and more on those areas.

Many patients with sun damage get Fraxel® DUAL laser treatments on the hands. Dermal fillers can also be used to ‘plump up’ the hands or feet.

For fat removal, we can also use Belkyra™ injections as an off-label solution for body sculpting (though, this is not always better than CoolSculpting® or truSculpt® iD to achieve what you want).

There will be limitations to how much we can perform on any part of the body, however. For example, miraDry® is only designated for the underarm area.

If you have a specific facial treatment you are hoping to have done on the body, let us know. We’d be happy to provide you with more information on the possibilities at our clinic.

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Are non-surgical cosmetic body treatments permanent?

Non-surgical cosmetic body treatments can sometimes be permanent, or they can provide long-term results. They typically deal with the existing factor that is causing concern, be it a fat cell, a bulging vein, a hair follicle, a sweat gland, etc. But, in some cases, they can’t prevent those factors from returning. Other times, the permanency of results depends on how diligent you are to show up for treatments, and your lifestyle habits thereafter.

For example, body sculpting can permanently reduce the number of fat cells you have in a given area. This can help with fat loss in the immediate term. But, it can’t prevent you from gaining weight after the procedure. You must be committed to eating healthy and exercising regularly, to see long-term results.

Laser hair removal can permanently destroy hair follicles, but only if they are in the right growth phase during treatments (learn more, here). This is why repeat sessions are needed at specific intervals.

When it comes to sweating treatments on the body, miraDry® can work in the long-term with as little as 1 to 3 treatment sessions. But a solution like Botox® would need to be repeated every few months or so.

Tattoo removal is permanent, but it requires persistence with treatment sessions, until all the ink has faded.

In short: it really depends on what is being treated, the solution that is used, your lifestyle and your own body’s receptiveness to treatments.

We encourage you to read more on our site about the technology or condition you are interested in. We answer more specifics on the pages linked-to above.

Or, feel free to book a consultation, and we can go over this information with you in more detail.

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