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Consumers are becoming ever more aware of the ingredients in their products - from food, to cleaning agents, to objects and more. Topical skin care products and makeup are no exception.

That’s why mineral makeup is such a popular choice these days. While almost all makeup contains minerals, they don’t all avoid the ingredients that can irritate some people’s skin. ‘Healthy’ mineral makeup avoids this problem by generally being free of talc, parabens, petroleum products (like petroleum jelly, phthalates, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances), clogging oils, paraffin wax or other ‘bad stuff.’

Good-quality mineral makeup can also offer sunblock protection. When it’s made in a special way, it can even be graded with an SPF rating. This can be done without using chemical-based sunscreens like avobenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene, and oxybenzone or others. In fact, the ingredients used in mineral sunscreens are the same as those used in mineral makeup.

Finally, mineral makeup can actually be calming to the skin. It contains zinc oxide, which is the same stuff used in diaper rash creams!

The best mineral makeup lines will also add beneficial ingredients to their formulas. This further helps to keep skin healthy. These ‘good for you’ ingredients can include antioxidants, skin soothers and moisturizers.

See the following articles on our blog to learn more about the wonders of good-quality mineral makeup!

Plus, learn more about the mineral makeup line we sell at our Canadian clinic, called Colorescience® (it’s arguably among the best out there):

Not sure where to start? We’d be happy to answer your questions, and make recommendations. Contact us for a virtual consultation!

We ship across Canada and the USA. You can also visit us in-person, where we can explain the steps to a successful, mineral makeup application, while giving you a mini-makeover!

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