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Growth factors cosmeceutical products in Canada

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Growth factors are among the ‘latest and greatest’ when it comes to advanced, biotechnological skin care. While many products on the market today contain these types of ingredients, our Canadian cosmeceutical shop sells the original, most concentrated and most studied growth factor solutions available.

What are growth factors in cosmeceutical skin care products?

Firstly, it’s important to keep in mind that growth factors are not growth hormones, nor stem cells.

Growth factors are produced by all living cells. In humans, they are the ‘messenger’ proteins that tell your body to perform a certain function (especially when it comes to repairing itself). In our skin, growth factors can signal fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

Well-studied skin care products have shown promising, visible proof of growth factors being able to reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles, lighten dark spots, improve texture and more. The key is to use them consistently, and as directed, for at least two to three months. Results are commonly visible after this point. It is recommended to maintain their ‘stamina’ by continuing to apply them daily.

Growth factors also perform best when they are combined with other skin boosters, such as antioxidants, moisturizers, hydrators and more.

In skin care ingredient lists, you may find growth factors labelled as epidermal or epithelial growth factors (EGF), Sh-Oligopeptide-1, or human fibroblast conditioned media (HFCM). SkinMedica® makes a patented version of its HFCM, called Tissue Nutrient Solution®, or TNS® for short.

TNS® includes over 380 growth factors and cytokines (the latter of which can also act as a cell signaling proteins or regulators). Since human skin has many growth factors to regulate its function, the TNS® solution is designed to closely mimic this mixture, as much as can be done in a lab.

Below is a general guide to understanding the differences between SkinMedica® TNS® products:

TNS Recovery Complex®

This is the original, patented growth factor serum made of natural, human-derived cells. It uses a 93.6% concentration of human fibroblast conditioned media. This is the highest-known concentration of growth factors in an anti-aging serum. It was also the first stable, commercially available growth factor skin care product to hit the market. It has been beloved by anti-aging enthusiasts for over 20 years.

Learn more, and buy it here.

TNS® Advanced+ Serum by SkinMedica®

This is the ‘next level up’ growth factor anti-aging product by SkinMedica®. Further research showed that when human fibroblast conditioned media is combined with antioxidants, it works faster, and better. Researchers formulated the Renessence (RSC) Advanced (a blend of antioxidants, and more) to work in synergy with growth factors, in a single, dual-chamber bottle.

Learn more, and buy it here.

TNS® Ceramide Treatment Cream

This is a thick, rich, healing cream designed for extra dry or post-procedure skin. It not only includes TNS® growth factors, but several ingredients to hydrate and moisturize the skin, so it can heal effectively. Ceramides are included to help build the bonds between skin cells. Skin soothers and antioxidants further help to calm and restore the skin.

Learn more, and buy it here.

TNS® Eye Repair

This product is a growth factor solution designed specifically for the skin around the eyes. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the support of TNS®.

Learn more, and buy it here.

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