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SkinMedica collection of high end skincare products - sold in Surrey BC

SkinMedica® skin care products in Surrey: the advanced, scientific way to beat the signs of aging

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In addition to other high-end merchandise, we carry the SkinMedica® skincare line in Surrey. We’re an authorized reseller of this product, and are able to give consultations, to let you know which formula you need, specifically.

We also fulfill online orders, if you prefer to shop for these products that way.

We can also ship SkinMedica® to your home via phone order. Please call our clinic during business hours to make a purchase: 604-580-2464 (have your credit card information ready). We currently offer free shipping on orders over $200 (to areas in our region).

If you’ve never heard of SkinMedica®, we encourage you to keep reading. You’ll be amazed by the quality, research and effectiveness it can provide. It’s a go-to product for your anti-aging skin care routine, your acne treatments, pigmentation and brown spots, redness, dark under-eye circles and more.

Why do you carry SkinMedica® products and not another brand of high end skin care?

SkinMedica top sellers high-end skincare products at our Surrey clinic on display
SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair SPF with Daily Physical Defense Sunscreen Lotion and Lytera 2.0 Skin Pigment Brightener on display in our Surrey skin care clinic

As a doctor-run med spa in Surrey, we are not quick to offer all the products available on the market today. We look for accomplishments behind the brands we carry – namely, scientific, published studies. We also look for adequate concentrations of high-quality ingredients, and the absence of drying factors, such as alcohol.

Plus, we test products personally, too, amongst our staff. Going a step further, we’re now official participants in the LUMIVIVE™ clinical study, in coordination with Allergan.

Over the years, we’ve seen, and been sellers of many product lines. We’ve come to know about what works well, and what doesn’t.

SkinMedica® products are made by a trusted source to begin with: Allergan, the makers behind Botox®, Juvéderm®, Belkyra™ and CoolSculpting®.

Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic owners at the SkinMedica research labThe Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic owners, including Dr. Shah, at the SkinMedica® research lab.

The SkinMedica® line is made with utmost professionalism. We’ve personally been to their lab, and learned first-hand about the research that goes into their products.

The company also has a great reputation in the industry. This brand is sold at many doctor’s offices and skin clinics across North America.

Yes, we acquire much of the latest technology for skin rejuvenation at our clinic. We can do ‘big’ procedures at our clinic. But these are expensive, occasional and sometimes come with downtime.

We know that nothing can replace regularized, at-home skincare routines. Truly – the difference is all in how you treat your skin during your day-to-day life.

So, to help your skin stay its best, you’ll need quality skin care products and sun protection. For this, we trust a brand as reputable, and non-gimmicky as SkinMedica®. We use it ourselves, and that’s why we recommend it to our clients.

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What is there to love about SkinMedica® products?

SkinMedica boxed collection of high end skincare products - sold in Surrey BC

SkinMedica® is loved and recommended to patients by doctors for the following reasons:

The company does its own lab-based, professional scientific research. They actually pioneer the discovery of complex biology and chemistry, such as using human skin growth factors (not growth hormones!), or stem cells from plants, to formulate skin care products. They lead the way in terms of skincare research, so you know you’re getting the latest advancements with their line. You can read about some of their latest research here.

Their products contain ingredients known to be beneficial for skincare, but in higher concentrations, and unique chemical structures. For example, Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, used by many skin care brands. The same goes for Hyaluronic Acid (HA). However, the exact composition of retinol and HA can vary from product to product. Both HA and retinoids come in different concoctions, and must be of the right kind, and amount, for skincare to work. SkinMedica® products consider the needed ratios and molecule compositions.

Aside from being scientifically-researched and evidenced, the products are easy to use for everyday application. They go on non-greasy, and don’t leave residue. Some are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free too.

They save doctors time, while making useful products for consumers. You know, many doctors could ask a pharmacist to compound their own prescription-based skin care. But why do this, when you have expert teams whose full-time job it is to create these types of cosmeceuticals? Let the best do what they’re good at! Plus, with cosmeceuticals, no prescription is needed. That’s because the special formulas are often safe for any skin type (or as directed).

They make expensive skin procedures last longer, and work better. Many of these products are designed to be used in conjunction with laser skin treatments, to enhance results, and protect your investment.

Sometimes, they’re good enough on their own, and lasers aren’t even needed.

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How long do I need to use SkinMedica® products before or after beauty procedures?

The answer to this depends on the condition you have, and the treatment you hope to undergo at our clinic.

During your consultation with us, and after your treatment, we will let you know the products we think you’ll need, as well as the frequency we recommend you use them at. If in doubt, follow the instructions on the product’s label.

When using these products to prepare your skin for laser treatments, we will generally ask that they be applied diligently for at least two to four weeks beforehand. This is just to give you an idea, however – each case can be different.

In general, we recommend continual, ongoing usage of high quality skin care, especially for keeping wrinkles, brown spots and other signs of aging at bay.

Generally, it is advised to maintain a good skincare routine at home, apart from advanced treatments at laser clinics like ours. Quality skincare can be considered an extension of your treatments with us. They are that important for maintaining effective results.

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I tried SkinMedica® products and didn’t see any difference, did I waste my money?

Firstly, keep in mind that no skincare product will show overnight results. Any quality skincare line will require weeks, if not months of regular, ‘religious’ usage. Morning and night, you must stick to your skincare routine, if you want to see results.

And even then, the results we are talking about will be subtle, though still noticeable. There is no ‘cure’ for aging – it can’t be totally reversed. But, it can be helped, and reduced, depending on the effort you put into it (especially in advance).

Now, SkinMedica® products come with several clinical studies to back their claims. They also publish clear before-and-afters to show visual ‘proof’ that they work. As we’ve mentioned above, their research and ingredient formulations are top-of-the-line, and often patented, too. So, they are different than most competing products, and they are worth their dollar value, if you consider how advanced they are. Doctors recommend them, and sell them out of their offices.

If SkinMedica® didn’t work on you after months of consistent, disciplined use, it may be that your skin simply did not respond to its ingredients as much as others. This is why no skin care solution or procedure can ever be guaranteed – they always depend on your own biological reactions, which no one can predict.

Some SkinMedica® experiments did reveal that those with severe skin conditions saw more visible change than those who started with ‘not-so-bad’ skin. For example, deeper wrinkles and dark spots showed significant improvement after using SkinMedica® lines, compared to slightly aged skin.

With that logic in mind, we can see that you could theorize waiting until your skin is ‘bad’ to use these ‘expensive’ products. However, we would say this: don’t wait! Prevention is everything. As you keep aging, good skin care routines can keep you looking your best.

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Do you have before and afters to show the results of using SkinMedica®?

Of course we do! SkinMedica® provides these from their clinical studies (which are published in scientific journals, by the way). We also are participants in the study surrounding the effects of the LUMIVIVE™ Day Defense Serum and LUMIVIVE™ Night Revitalize Complex. We’ll post more details on that in the future.

Click on the images below to open a gallery of SkinMedica® before-and-afters below. We recommend taking a close look to see the visual differences of the effects of SkinMedica® on people’s skin. Also note that some of the effects came from using more than one SkinMedica® product.

What is the cost of SkinMedica® products at your Surrey med spa?

We carry a full range of high-end skin care

The price of our SkinMedica® products is standard for the industry – it is not lower or higher than most other places you can find this product line.

SkinMedica® is a high-end skin care line, developed by dermatologists and pharmacy researchers. The ingredients and science behind these products is what gives them their higher price tag, compared to drugstore, or even department store brands. That said, we wouldn’t recommend this product line unless we felt it was more than worth its value, thanks to that research and quality output.

Most popular SkinMedica® products start around $64 and go up from there (some are lower priced). The most advanced anti-aging serum by this company costs around $300. These are general, ballpark figures to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for these products.

Since SkinMedica® is considered a part of treatment protocols, we encourage you to come in for a consultation, so we can see your skin, and make recommendations from there. You may need more than one SkinMedica® product to see the results you’re after. Or, it may be that a product you thought would work for you, may actually be less effective than another, given your condition.

If you are looking to make an offline purchase, please call our clinic at 604-580-2464, or visit us in person.

Occasionally, we may run discounts on SkinMedica® products (or ‘gift with purchase’ promos). We announce deals through our newsletter. If you haven’t already, be sure to get on that subscriber list! We’ll also send information about other promotions and treatments at our clinic.

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Can you ship SkinMedica® products to my home?

Yes, we can ship SkinMedica® and Colorescience® products to an address of your choice. Please call our clinic during business hours to make an order: 604-580-2464 (have your credit card information ready). We currently offer free shipping on orders over $49 (to areas within our region, subject to change at any time).

You can also buy these products from us through our online store.

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Why should I buy SkinMedica® from Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic and not another place?

While some SkinMedica® products can be bought online through many retailers, the company makes it clear that you can be scammed when buying their merchandise from these sources. They publish a list of unauthorized retailers they currently know about (let alone the ones they don’t!). You can see that here.

SkinMedica® also writes this statement about unauthorized resellers, to explain how they can be a total waste of your money: “Products sold through the below websites are diverted and therefore may be diluted, expired or counterfeit. Additionally, they may not be safe to use or perform as tested.”

The other major reason to buy from an authorized reseller (like our clinic), is that SkinMedica® products are not your average, run-of-the-mill skincare goodies. They come with real effects you can see. For that, you need to know which ones are best for a certain skin type or condition (and whether that issue is temporary or genetic).

If you buy these products on your own, you could be buying the wrong product for you. Many are similar in name, and they may seem like multiples of the same thing. But they are not – otherwise SkinMedica® wouldn’t put money and time into differentiating them.

The best way to purchase SkinMedica® products is with a skincare specialist, who can first analyze your skin, learn about your concerns, and make recommendations from there.

Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic has decades of experience in the cosmetic medicine field. In addition to our on-staff doctors, we employ beauticians who are educated in aesthetics, then further trained in-house. We also send staff to seminars and conferences. They know skin conditions when they see them.

In short: one of us will be able to help you save your investment dollars, by directing you to the right skincare products, based on your needs.

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