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Enlighten picosecond laser tattoo removal of a coloured tattoo in Vancouver close up

enlighten® laser for Surrey tattoo removal and skin revitalization

Procedure Time


Risks & Complications

Redness, blistering, if any


Numbing cream

​Treatment Plan

4+ sessions

Treatment Recovery

+/- 1 week
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The enlighten® laser for tattoo removal and skin revitalization was introduced in 2014 as the most advanced technology for rapid tattoo removal using picosecond technology.

At our clinic, we’ve been treating patients with regretted tattoos for almost two decades. Thousands have come through our doors for Surrey and Vancouver tattoo removal, giving us the experience to know how to best perform this service. That is, with the most efficacy and safety for our patients. We continue to treat patients from Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby, Langley, White Rock and even as far as Abbotsford and Washington.

To keep up with demand, and the popularity of this service we’ve become known for, we have been regularly updating our Surrey tattoo removal lasers with the latest technologies on the market. The acquisition of the enlighten® laser was just one step of many to keep our services current. We also use the PicoSure laser for tattoo removal and skin revitalization.

before tattoo removal
after tattoo removal

Tattoo removal results after 5 treatments, using the enlighten® laser. Photos courtesy of Dr Victor Ross.

Note: Procedure results may vary from patient to patient.

What is there to love about the enlighten® laser?

Cutera enlighten picosecond laser handpiece in Surrey for tattoo removal and skin revitalization

This laser is loved by those with multi-coloured tattoos, or dark skin tones, since it is able to adjust its settings and deliver multiple types of light that different colours respond to. The result is a safer, and easier way to get rid of unwanted tattoos on the body, and across skin tones. In one treatment, with one machine, we are able to pass over a coloured tattoo, reducing the time a patient is in session.

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What can the enlighten® laser be used for?

enlighten picosecond laser being used on face for surrey pigmentation treatment

The enlighten® laser is employed as one of our main lasers for tattoo removal in Vancouver (we are located in Surrey). Since the machine uses newer technology for results that other machines can not compare to, we see clients from all over the Lower Mainland at our skincare clinic.

Other than tattoo removal, this laser can be used for:

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How does the enlighten® laser work?

Laser tattoo removal diagram showing coloured ink tattoo removal and immune system reaction

The enlighten® laser uses both nanosecond and picosecond pulse timings. This makes it customizable for our Surrey tattoo treatments. The difference in a patient’s skin tone, and pigments of the tattoo itself can be addressed with more options in one system. And, as the tattoo particles shrink with each treatment, the shorter durations start to become more useful for targeting smaller fragments of ink.

The machine also uses three wavelengths of light. This makes it easier for coloured tattoos to absorb the laser wavelengths needed to break apart their ink particles. The multiple wavelengths also make it so that we can treat for specific pigmentation issues on the skin. For example, some wavelengths are excellent at removing sunspots or age spots. Whereas for darker skin types, a different wavelength is used that is less absorbed by the skin’s pigments, preventing possible damage during treatment.

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How many treatments does the enlighten® laser take to achieve total tattoo removal or skin rejuvenation results?

The number of treatments for tattoo removal with the enlighten® laser can vary a lot, depending on your skin tone, the depth of the ink in the skin, the type of tattoo and the colour of the ink. So, to answer this question, we can only give you a rough answer. We would say that you should expect no less than 4 treatments, but it can go up to 12 or more, in some cases.

Skin rejuvenation can require 2 – 4 treatments on average, though again, this depends on what is being treated, the intensity of the condition, the skin type and so on.

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What can I expect during an enlighten® laser treatment?

Enlighten picosecond laser tattoo removal in Vancouver on hip with patient and technician

Before beginning the laser treatment, we use a numbing cream on the area to be lasered. The laser process involves passing a handpiece over the tattoo or affected skin. We stop and pulse the laser in small increments, until the entire treatment area has had an opportunity to absorb the laser light.

Pain can occur, but it is minimal, and the tolerance depends on each person. It can be likened to snapping a rubber band on your skin with each pulse. The numbing cream helps to reduce this sensation.

After treatment we cover the area with Polysporin®, to help it heal.

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Is there any downtime with an enlighten® laser treatment?

There can be a healing process after treatment with the enlighten® laser. The skin that had the laser pulses penetrated into it may turn red, and may also blister. For this reason, we ask that you use Polysporin® to aid the healing. You may cover the area with gauze if need be, though we do ask you to leave open during healing if possible. That said, if doing any activity that can cause infection (such as working in a dusty place, or spending time outdoors), we do ask that the area be covered.

Of course, as with any cut or scrape, it is advisable to avoid swimming and sun exposure, or activities that can irritate the skin.

You should be able to return to work, or go out in public, if you are comfortable. Generally speaking, it can take a few days for the skin irritation to subside.

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Are there any side effects to enlighten® laser treatments?

All lasers must be handled carefully by a trained and experienced technician. As a doctor-led aesthetic clinic in Vancouver, our practices greatly consider safety, as well as efficacy. We carefully estimate the fluency and wavelengths needed for your skin type and tattoo colours, understanding the power that laser absorption can have on the skin. The last thing we want is burns or scarring.

That said, side effects after treatment with the enlighten® laser are rare when performed by a professional and in a safe manner.

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What is the cost of enlighten® laser treatments at your skin clinic?

We offer personalized consultations for assessing your tattoo or skin, to give you a general estimate of what we think your treatment plan will cost. We will also let you know whether we recommend treatment with the PicoSure™ laser, or the enlighten® laser for your case.

Keep note that given the quick efficacy of our nano and picosecond lasers, results happen much quicker than they do with other machines.

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Note: Procedure results can vary from person to person.

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Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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