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trusculpt id fat removal session on abdomen for non surgical liposuction

Vancouver truSculpt® iD for heat body sculpting and non-surgical fat removal (in Surrey)

Procedure Time

15-45 min

Risks & Complications

Redness, if any


None required

​Treatment Plan

1-3 treatment sessions

Treatment Recovery

2-3 hours if that!
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The truSculpt® iD cosmetic radio frequency machine is one of the latest technologies on the market to treat unwanted fat with a non-invasive procedure. We carry both the CoolSculpting® and truSculpt® brands at our laser clinic in Surrey. Using them both gives us the advantage of being able to perform non-surgical ‘liposuction’ (so to speak) on various types of body fat. Clients come to us from Vancouver, Delta, Langley, White Rock, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond and beyond for this treatment.

The truSculpt® iD ‘melts’ fat away by penetrating through the skin with energy. This energy is produced by a special, “Monopolar” radiofrequency machine. This is in contrast to other non-invasive, fat reduction procedures, which use temperature to freeze fat away (and help you lose weight fast).

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What is there to love about this ‘laser lipo’ machine?

truSculpt® iD is not exactly a “lipo laser.” But, some people colloquially call it that. It uses radio frequency to aid in fat loss.

This radio frequency machine has the advantage of melting fat away, while also acting as a skin tightener. Thus, it can produce body sculpting and smoothing effects, in addition to fat reduction.

The machine is also fast; treatments can last just 15 minutes. Using various hand pieces, the machine can treat multiple areas of the body at once – large or small, and even hard-to-reach areas.

Since no ‘pinching’ is required during treatment, truSculpt® iD works best when targeting ‘tight’ fat, as opposed to ‘jelly’ fat. With its closest competitor, the CoolSculpting® fat freezing machine, body fat must be pressed between two panels in order to work.

Discomfort can also be greatly reduced with the advanced, monopolar radio frequency found in the truSculpt® iD. Translated to ‘plain english,’ this means the energy is absorbed mostly by the fat, and not the skin. In other words, patients don’t feel a burning sensation during body contouring sessions (since energy produces heat).

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What can truSculpt® iD body sculpting be used for?

The truSculpt® iD radio frequency machine is used in our Surrey laser clinic for body shaping and lipolysis. That is, non-invasive fat removal of stubborn fat.

It can also be used as a skin tightening treatment. Sagging skin is an issue that usually goes hand-in-hand with unwanted, stubborn fat. So, being able to treat them simultaneously is an added advantage.

Radiofrequency, ‘laser fat removal’ works especially well on the following conditions:

  • To lose belly fat or a muffin top
  • Post-pregnancy, stretched belly (or to lose weight after baby arrives)
  • Fat on the inner thighs (where you may want a ‘thigh gap’)
  • To lose love handles on the waist
  • Quick fat loss around the upper, side areas of the breasts
  • Arm fat and ‘bat wings’
  • Chin fat (plus see our other treatments for chin fat, such as Belkyra™)

With that said, non-invasive body sculpting is not a solution for severely overweight individuals who are not regularly exercising and eating well. We’ll be real with you: this treatment is not for TV-style, miraculous changes to lose fat quickly. It is for targeting ‘stubborn’ fat – the kind that no amount of healthy exercise and dieting seems to fix.

If you are at the end of your fat loss journey, this treatment may be able to help. If you are just beginning, and have a long way to go, we recommend you see your physician before seeking non-invasive fat removal treatments. A doctor will know the best course of treatment for you, and can recommend ‘first steps’ before any kind of liposuction.

Not sure if you’re at the stage that’s ready for ‘laser’ fat reduction? That’s ok! We would be happy to give you more information in a consultation. Our on-staff doctor will be able to answer your questions. We’ll be honest about what we think will work on you, and what won’t.

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truSculpt® iD vs CoolSculpting® body contouring

While truSculpt® iD can not replace CoolSculpting® for fat removal without surgery, the same can be said the other way around too.

Both machines are used as lipo alternatives. However, they differ in two main ways:

  1. The technology used to ‘kill’ the fat cells.
  2. The patient’s experience while being treated.

truSculpt® iD uses radio frequency technology to heat the fat under the skin’s surface, while still keeping the skin’s top layer at a cool temperature. In general, the sensation is warm, but not burning hot. It is closer to so-called “laser lipo” in that way.

CoolSculpting® uses a fat freezing technology to rid the body of fat. The sensation is cold.

Both fat loss technologies require a period of time after treatment sessions for the fat cells to be removed from the body (around 12 weeks). And, both cause permanent removal of the fat cells that have been targeted (this is not to say you can not gain more wait though!).

The other big difference is in the practical application of the machines on the body during treatment sessions. CoolSculpting® requires that fat be placed between two panels. This can be awkward for curved areas, or small and hard-to-reach areas. It can also be impossible if the fat is not squeezable. And, some argue the results are thus less even and smooth, since the machine can’t glide across the contours of the body.

Modern CoolSculpting® applicators aim to eliminate this issue with curved formations, though they still require ‘squeezing’. truSculpt® iD solves this problem altogether by laying its handpieces flat on body surfaces, with no squeezing involved. Handpieces also vary in size, for different applications around the body.

So, truSculpt® iD is able to treat ‘hard’ fat – you know, the kind of body fat that is ‘tight.’ CoolSculpting®, on the other hand, is used on ‘softer’ fat (these are not clinical terms, mind you). In this way, they complement each other, since it is likely that patients will have different types of fat on different areas of their body.

Body sculpting using truSculpt® iD can be done in just 15 minutes per treatment area. A technician is present for the entire treatment. CoolSculpting®, however, can take up to 45 minutes per session, multiplied by each area where you want to lose fat quickly. You may be left in the room alone while the machine does its work. Of course, fat removal technicians are always nearby should you need them.

For someone looking for non-invasive fat removal at a doctor-led laser clinic, the differences between these two machines shouldn’t matter much: they are both proven to give the same results. And, both cost about the same.

We often use the CoolSculpting® machine for debulking large areas of fat, and then switch to the truSculpt® machine for smaller areas. Though, each case is different. But having both machines allows us to mix and match, to give a more precise treatment when someone is seeking fat removal without surgery.

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How does the truSculpt® iD work for non-invasive fat removal?

During treatment, a truSculpt® iD handpiece is placed on the area where you desire fat removal. Depending on the size of the area, a specific handpiece can be used, or up to 6 handpieces can be used at the same time. These can be handsfree, or handheld by a technician. The handpieces look like ‘boxes’ that are placed over your skin, while still attached to the larger, main machine. When the radiofrequency waves are activated, you will feel a warming sensation. This is the feeling of your fat cells absorbing the heat energy (i.e. the feeling of fat melting).

Destroyed fat can then be removed by your body (which it does on its own). This process can take around 12 weeks after each session, at which point, you may notice fat loss on the treated area.

Note: you may also be interested in our page explaining the different types of fat, and how non-invasive fat removal works, in general. Click here for more info.

How many treatments does the truSculpt® iD take to achieve permanent fat removal?

truSculpt ID fat melting machine control panel and handpieces

The number of treatments you need for permanent fat removal will depend on how much fat you’re starting with, and the type of fat.

Remember, both the truSculpt® iD and CoolSculpting® machines can only reduce fat by a factor of 20-25%, and this can vary among individuals.

Some people will see slight results within one month after their first body sculpting treatment. Others may see results after three months and multiple treatments.

Generally speaking, most patients require at least 3 treatments to reach their fat removal goals.

Please remember that it is possible to regain your weight if you are not diligent to keep it off after treatment. You won’t bring back the fat cells that have been destroyed by the radio frequency energy, but you can bring in new ones. Though, exercise and a healthy diet should be part of your daily regimen, regardless!

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Is there downtime with truSculpt® iD skin tightening or fat removal? What about side effects?

You should not experience any downtime with non-invasive fat removal using the truSculpt® iD cosmetic ‘lipo laser’.

There may be slight redness on the treated area afterwards, though this usually disappears within a few hours.

What matters most with any fat removal method (whether it is smartlipo, laser lipo, sculpture, fat freezing, etc.) is the experience and knowledge of the person carrying out the treatments. This is for safety and effectiveness.

For example, you’ll want to maximize the results of each treatment, to lessen your overall time and money spent on the cosmetic procedure. You also want to reduce the chances of ‘lumpy’ results, or of not targeting the fat with the right handpiece positions.

A good ‘laser’ fat removal provider – especially a licensed, trained doctor – will know which machine will best treat your body shape, and how to do it.

If you have preexisting health conditions, or are using something like a pacemaker, truSculpt® ID may not be safe for you. It will be important to reveal your health history with our physician and staff technicians beforehand (which we always require).

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What is the cost of body sculpting with truSculpt® iD at your skin clinic?

Trusculpt ID

truSculpt® iD treatment prices are dependent on the physiology of your body. Shortly put, we will need to see you for a consultation to get an idea of how much fat you’re starting with, the number of body parts you are concerned about, and the type of fat to be addressed.

Generally speaking, non-invasive fat-removal costs range from $600 to $3,000 per session. The average person may spend about $2,500 for a package of treatments, give or take.

Consultations may have fees, but these costs can be credited towards future treatments at our clinic.

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Before and after photos of truSculpt® iD fat removal treatments:

before and after

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