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Dry skin cosmeceuticals in Canada

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Some general rules when picking products for dry skin:

  • Be sure not to over-dry your skin with 'stripping' soaps. Cleansers made for removing dirt, makeup and excess oil are usually best (especially for sensitive skin).
  • A hydrator is different than a moisturizer. Hydrators attract water to your skin, which it needs for moisturization. Moisturizers include 'good fats' to 'lock in' water and hold your skin together. Start with a hydrator, and follow with a moisturizer.
  • Winter time or dry environments may require heavier moisturizers and creams for people who generally have 'normal' skin types.
  • Mature skin may require heavier moisturizers all year round, as it tends to be drier.
  • Some parts of your face may be drier than others, requiring different types of moisturizers in a single routine.
  • Opt for non-comedogenic moisturizers if you experience acne breakouts or have oily, clogged skin. See our acne products, here.
  • Use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days, and when indoors. Reapply every two hours. Try our options, here.
  • If you experience redness or rosacea, see our products made for this condition, here. Or, book a consultation at our clinic, so we can take a closer look at your case, and make recommendations from there.

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