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Pre and post-procedure cosmeceuticals in Canada

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When you’re ready to undergo a cosmetic skin procedure, it’s important to prepare and care for your skin, both before and after your treatment.

Healthy, strong skin can better withstand the effects of lasers and semi-invasive cosmetic tools. Not only that, but pre-treated skin can respond better to more intense skin and body treatments. In other words: you’ll get more for your investment by doing your part with simple, daily skin care routines.

When you are sent home from your cosmetic procedure, you’ll want to follow with proper aftercare. The aftercare is not only important for faster healing; it can help to prevent side effects, and give you optimal results (just like the skin routines before your treatment).

As with any medical aesthetic procedure, you’ll want to follow a doctor’s instructions precisely. Your pre and post procedure routines may differ, depending on your case. They may include prescriptions, or other cosmeceuticals not listed on this page.

However, generally, you’ll want to know the following when purchasing pre and post procedure cosmeceuticals:

  • One goal with pre-procedure care is to build up collagen and hydration for skin resilience to a strong, but intentional, skin disruptor. The more your skin is accustomed to producing collagen, the better it can close up wounds, with fewer side effects.
  • Another goal of pre-procedure care is to reduce the condition being treated as much as possible before the treatment session. As mentioned above, this helps the laser or other tool get closer to the ‘root’ of your issue, thus potentially giving a better result.
  • Pre-procedure care may take about two weeks of daily, prescriptive skin care applications, which your doctor should advise on. The skin can not be prepared ‘overnight’ for these types of procedures. It is critical to follow all instructions, and to use all products, recommended by a doctor, for your benefit.
  • A major goal with post-procedure care is to heal the skin as quickly as possible. To do this, your skin needs soothing ingredients to reduce inflammation. It also needs fast-acting collagen, fat and water-binding stimulators. Soothing ingredients can include antioxidants, to stop free radical damage. Peptides and growth factors can provide collagen production ‘signals’ to the skin. Ceramides and humectants help to moisturize and rehydrate the skin.
  • Another goal of post-procedure care is to prevent side effects, such as infection, scarring or long-term discolouration (called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). If the skin has been cut open (such as for mole removal), it will be important to both prevent infection with sterilization, and to follow with scar gel. Other methods, such as silicone sheets, may also be recommended.
  • Skin conditions can get worse - with or without treatment - if you’re not practicing diligent, obsessive, sun protection!!! Please don’t neglect to wear a high-SPF (30 and above), broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen. Reapply every 2 hours. Beyond that, you will need to wear protective clothing, and avoid sun exposure - even on cloudy days, or while indoors. When undergoing a skin procedure, this rule becomes even more pertinent. Your skin will be extra prone to sun damage while your skin heals.
  • Do not exfoliate healing skin. Allow it to peel and flake off naturally. Cleanse gently.
  • Avoid fragrance or irritating ingredients while your skin is healing. These can cause contact dermatitis, which will add extra stress to your skin.
  • Mineral makeup that is as pure as possible can be used on healing skin, after a few days (or per a doctor’s instructions). However, not all mineral makeup is made equal. Only use the good kind! Learn more here.

Another great thing to know is that all of the pre and post-procedure cosmeceuticals in our shop can be used daily, too! If you have sensitive, dry skin, they can be great accompaniments to your daily skincare routine (such as for rosacea, or during winter months). Scar gel is also useful to keep on hand, in case you get minor cuts during ‘regular life.’

Still have questions about pre and post procedure cosmeceuticals? Feel free to contact us! We’d be happy to make recommendations based on your case.

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