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Belkyra chin fat injection melt fat with mesotherapy surrey page

Vancouver (Surrey) Belkyra™ injections to get rid of chin fat (submental fullness)

Procedure Time

30-45 min.

Risks & Complications

Swelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness


None required

​Treatment Plan

3-4 sessions, 1 month apart

Treatment Recovery

Swelling: +/- 2 weeks, numbness: +/- 1 mo.


Approx. $900 - $1,800 per treatment
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We offer Vancouver Belkyra™ injections at our Surrey skincare and beauty clinic, performed only by trained, qualified physicians. Our injection specialties are well-known in our area, drawing clientele from beyond Surrey and Vancouver, including Delta, Richmond, White Rock, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and even as far as Washington, USA.

Belkyra™ was released in Canada in 2016 as a new way to get rid of chin fat (referred to medically as submental fullness). In fact, it’s the only method approved by Health Canada for getting rid of a double chin without surgery. In the United States, this product goes under the name Kybella®, and is FDA approved.

This injectable prescription is made of deoxycholic acid – a substance naturally found in our bodies. In essence, it ‘dissolves’ fat cells that cause the ‘double chin’ look.

Sometimes, extra chin fat is caused by genetics and age, not weight. So, this beauty issue can be hard to solve without medical-grade intervention. You could exercise and be diligent to eat healthy, yet still not see your double chin go away. It is far from true that this problem only occurs on overweight people. That’s where Belkyra™ comes in.

We began carrying the Belkyra™ at our Surrey medical spa soon after it was approved by Health Canada. This product is one of many non-invasive solutions we offer for contouring the face, and getting rid of unwanted fat.

To know if Belkyra™ is right for you, compared to other solutions for chin fat, we recommend booking a consultation at our office. We’ll be able to assess your situation, and let you know about other treatments we have for submental fullness (such as CoolSculpting®).

What is there to love about this chin lift solution?

The best thing about Belkyra™ is that it is a non-surgical way to get a chin lift. You can be in and out of a treatment session within an hour, with no anaesthetic needed. You’ll also likely experience little to no downtime after each treatment. It takes only 2 – 6 treatments to see results.

And, amazingly, Vancouver Belkyra™ treatments are a permanent solution to remove existing fat cells under your chin (after a series of injection sessions). While, yes, you could gain weight and re-develop your double chin, remember that many of these cases are not based on weight. This makes the treatment more likely to last for ‘stubborn’ fat under the chin.

In clinical studies, 79% of 1600+ patients reported being happy with the results of their Belkyra™ (i.e. Kybella®) treatment.

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What can Belkyra™ cosmetic injections be used for?

The use of Belkyra™ at our Surrey clinic is very simple: it ‘melts’ away fat cells under the chin, in both men and women. It has no other uses at present.

That said, it sure is good at its one job!

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How does Belkyra™ work to dissolve chin fat?

under chin fat removal injection being performed on patient with marked skin

Belkyra™ is made with a patented version of deoxycholic acid. This acid breaks down the walls of fat cells in the submental region (that’s the medical term for the area under our chin). This causes the contents inside the fats cells to be released. When that happens, the body removes them as waste. The fat cells that are destroyed this way can not come back – their contents are permanently removed from the body.

It’s possible that if you gain weight back, your double chin can return. So this treatment is best suited for those who are at the end of their weight-loss journey, and who need help with the remnants of ‘stubborn fat.’ Or, it can be ideal for those whose chin fat is due to genetics and age, rather than shifting weight.

During a treatment session, the area under your chin will be marked with dots in a grid pattern, spaced about 1 cm apart. These marks will guide the physician’s injections of Belkyra™ into your submental region. A needle will be repeatedly inserted, in a quick ‘in and out’ motion, until the entire area contains an even distribution of deoxycholic acid. The needle depth will go in between ¼ inch to ½ inch each time. The whole process takes about 1 hour.

This procedure is repeated about once a month, for up to 6 treatments. Sessions are required until the chin fat is finally removed, and the area is sculpted to a desirable shape.

No anaesthetic is used during this procedure. It is not that painful for most people.

Please note that Belkyra™ is not for deep fat (the kind that can only be removed by surgery or weight loss). It also does not treat neck fat nor ‘leftover’ sagging skin. The latter issue may require a separate series of treatments. We do offer skin tightening treatments at our clinic. We’ll let you know about these options, and what to expect, during your initial consultation with us.

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How many treatments does Belkyra™ require to get rid of a double chin?

close up of belkyra vials for removing chin fat with injectable treatments

Different people will respond differently to our Vancouver Belkyra™ treatments (in Surrey). Some will see totally satisfiable results after just 2 treatment sessions. Some will need up to 6. You can not have more than 6 treatments with Belkyra™. By that point, most people will have responded well to it, and it will have done the best job it can do for you.

Treatments are spaced at least one month apart. The dispelling of fat by the body will continue for up to two months after each injection session. So your true ‘end results’ will be most visible two months after your last treatment. But it takes that time in between treatments to know whether you’ll need more.

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Is there downtime with Belkyra™ injections? What about side effects?

In most cases, there is no long-term downtime with our Vancouver Belkyra™ treatments. You should be able to resume all normal activity after each treatment session. You may experience some bruising, swelling, tenderness or numbness under your chin after being injected. These symptoms are expected, and typically resolve on their own within a week. That is, with the exception of numbing, which can last for 1 month after an injection session. You should let us know if this happens to you.

Belkyra™ does have the potential for more serious side effects. Though uncommon, these can include trouble swallowing, ulcers, drainage, nerve injury or other symptoms. You’ll be told about the potential risks of Belkyra™ injections before your first treatment. If these rare situations happen as a result of treatments at our clinic, we will stand by you through it all, and help with any resolution we can provide.

It’s important that only a trained physician is using Belkyra™ on you. At our skincare clinic, a doctor administers injection-based cosmetic treatments. Our lead doctor has several years experience in this area, and is well-known as a practitioner in the cosmetic medical industry in B.C.

If you have any concerns about the side effects of a Vancouver Belkyra™ treatment, but still want a solution for your chin fat, we may have other options for you at our Surrey clinic! In either scenario, we recommend booking an appointment with us, so we can assess your case, and propose a treatment. During this consultation, it will be important that you reveal your entire medical history to us.

You must be of legal age to have a Belkyra™ treatment.

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What is the cost of a non-surgical chin lift with Belkyra™ at your clinic?

belkyra branded box deoxycholic acid with injection needles for chin fat

Each treatment session with Belkyra™ can cost between $900 – $1,800. This is because, depending on your case, we may need to inject 1 or 2 vials into your submental region.

This cost includes our equipment, doctor service time, expertise and follow up, should any concerns arise from side effects.

We won’t be able to give a cost estimate for your specific treatments until we meet you for an in-person consultation. We recommend booking this consultation at our clinic as a first step. It does have a fee, but this fee can later be used as credit towards services at our clinic.

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