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Our medical cosmetic beauty centre reception room

Why Surrey’s Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, when there are other medical aesthetic providers out there?

You’re right to ask this question. We strongly believe that, as a Surrey medspa (outside Vancouver), it is our moral obligation to service our clients with only the best technology and products available.

Below, we’ve got 6 good reasons to choose us as your top Vancouver laser clinic, skin care specialist and dermal injection provider.

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1) We keep our cosmetic technologies up to date, and only use the ‘best of the best’

Did you know that nearly every year, Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic spends hundreds of thousands of dollars acquiring new lasers, cosmetic machines or dermal injectable products?

In truth, cosmetic medicine is an ever-evolving field. If we were not updating our technological equipment, we wouldn’t be providing you with the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to treating the issues you come to us to solve. Why settle for anything less?

We’re often the first in B.C., or even in Canada, to acquire the newest lasers on the market. This goes especially for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation technologies. It has been the case with machines in our office such as: PicoSure™, enlighten®, miraDry®, truSculpt® iD and many more.

When it comes to injectables, we use recognized, name-brand or common-use medical-grade solutions. Their chemistries are well-studied, and are often cleared for cosmetic use by Health Canada or the FDA in the United States.

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2) We use effective techniques for rewarding results, with patient stories to prove it

Our director, Dr. Shah, is a pioneer in the medical aesthetic community. He mastered the ‘art’ of laser treatments, along with injectables, early on in the industry’s timeline.

Dr. Shah’s years of experience with energy-based medical tools, coupled with his knowledge on the physics of lasers, enabled him to come up with his own techniques and treatment modes. These are not often used at other clinics. In fact, doctors often ask Dr. Shah for advice on their laser use-cases.

Still, some of these methodologies can be considered Dr. Shah’s ‘secret sauce’ to achieving the most effective treatments possible, in as little time as needed, while staying completely within safety protocols. The result? Extremely satisfied patients.

The same is true of Dr. Shah’s dermal injection techniques, such as for non-surgical facelifts and temporary wrinkle reduction. Dr. Shah is not only an early adopter of the MD Codes™ method for volumizers and Botox®; he has also studied injection points for pain treatments, with official education in Medical Acupuncture from UCLA. This diverse background on the science of ‘needling’ equips him to treat cosmetic patients with extreme precision.

It is also of note that we never dilute our injection formulas and then falsely advertise a lower price just to get you in the door. (Yes – this happens out there! It’s a highly unregulated industry…)

Being able to use a combination of treatments on a patient, to achieve their best look, is what we’re known for. We have customers who come to us from all over the Metro Vancouver area, and even from Washington State in the USA, thanks to our plethora of high-end tools and quality treatment options.

As the director of the clinic, Dr. Shah trains all staff operating as beauty technicians. However, licensed doctors and nurses are the only ones to do any injections on our patients.

And yes – we do treatments for dark-coloured, ethnic skin and can apply male-focused treatment techniques!

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3) Our doctors and staff receive ongoing training, in addition to their existing certifications and years of experience

Dr. Shah’s full bio can be seen here. Though, his qualifications go beyond what we’re able to list on our site! That’s because he continuously attends industry conferences, educational sessions and training programs. In addition, he himself gives training and presentations to others throughout the year, every year. His expertise in cosmetic medicine is only growing.

As for our staff, all of them have attended a qualified laser program, and many have also completed their schooling in aesthetics, such as at Blanche Macdonald Centre, or other institutions. When hired at our clinic, each receives mandatory, comprehensive tutelage from Dr. Shah directly, before being allowed to operate any of our equipment, or give consultations.

In addition, we financially support our beauty technicians to receive ongoing, out-of-office education in the field of medical aesthetics, and for specific laser training.

For example, we’ve sent multiple staff members to California, to attend CoolSculpting University. In fact, we’ve even sent a rep from our clinic to an invite-only training program, for which we now boast a CoolSculpting Master certificate.

Our team also attends conferences on dermal injectables, even if they don’t do the injecting themselves. This is to keep them ‘in-the-know,’ and to allow them to perform educational consultations with our clients.

In 2009, our doctor and some of our staff at the time also got re-certified in laser safety procedures. This took five days, and was held at the annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) conference. Today, we ensure one of our technicians also acts as a laser safety officer.

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4) We provide individualized consultations, with high-tech imaging and patient education, to keep you informed

You’ll notice that for almost all our major treatment options, we require patients to go through a comprehensive consultation process with us. We believe in learning more about our customers, to be able to adequately solve their concerns. For safety, we also ask for a medical history before booking procedures.

To be able to measure patient skin care or beauty needs with precision, we don’t just do a physical check; we use our technological camera systems to give us an unbiased report on the condition to be treated. This includes UV photography facial scans with the VISIA® Complexion Analysis System, as well as a 3D face model, using Vectra® Imaging cameras.

In our many years treating cosmetic medical issues, we’ve seen that often, patients rarely have identical needs. Skin tone, texture, positioning of the condition and many other genetic and health factors play a part in the outcome of treatment results. If we didn’t do our homework first, we wouldn’t be able to talk about the many happy clients who leave our clinic with what they came for.

To that end, we aim to educate, educate, educate. We want those who walk into our doors to know plenty about their condition, and to understand why we may, or may not recommend a treatment path for them. Though results can never be guaranteed (due to the unpredictability of genetics), if we think something won’t work on you, we’ll be the first to inform you.

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5) We offer customized treatment plans, tailored to effectively treat your body concerns

At Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, we’re not limited to a few lasers or injectables. Our large facility allows us to house dozens of medical aesthetic devices and treatment options. Because of this, we can offer customized solutions to our patients. By being able to ‘mix and match’ technologies, we’re better able to help our patients solve their condition.

Thanks to our thorough consultation process, we’re also able to give patients our best guess, often with reliable predictions, on a combination treatment plan we think will work for them. And, there’s usually more than one option to go with, too.

In truth, it’s rare that one laser, or one filler session is going to ‘do it all.’ That’s just not how our human biology works. Most face and body concerns take careful planning, and sequential treatment processes, to be adequately addressed. And, each patient we receive will be different from the next.

Take for example our CoolSculpting treatments. Did you know that CoolSculpting won’t work on all kinds of body fat? Don’t let anyone sell you these treatments with ‘smoke and mirrors’! We certainly won’t. Instead, our approach was to add more machines and technologies to our arsenal. This helps us target multiple types of body image issues – from skin tightening to fat melting, fat dissolving and others.

If one treatment path won’t work on you, we’ll probably have something else that will.

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6) We practice utmost safety, follow up and follow-through

We’ve listed safety last only because it’s usually the most ‘boring’ feature people want to talk about. However, it should certainly be top-of-mind for anyone seeking a laser or skin care provider. Lasers, injectables and body treatment products can do a lot of good when used properly. But, they can do serious damage, if not used carefully and cautiously.

This is why Dr. Shah himself trains all his technicians – even if they’ve already gone through laser school. It’s also why we only allow licensed physicians to perform injection treatments at our clinic. And, it’s why all our staff receives ongoing training, especially for specific new lasers we acquire.

In fact, when we get new machinery at our clinic, we shut down for a day to train all our staff. Safety and knowledge is that important to us.

As mentioned on this page, we also have a laser safety officer on our team.

After treatments, we schedule calls or e-mails with our patients, for individual care and follow up. We want to know how you’re doing, and if the treatment went well for you.

If, by chance, things happen to go wrong during or after one of your treatments with us (such as an allergic reaction, or if your body doesn’t heal as expected), we will be there to see you through it. Remember: our director is a licensed medical practitioner who cares about his patients. We won’t leave you hanging dry; we’ll do what we can to fix it.

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But wait, there’s more! We’ve still got everything else you’d expect of a high-end beauty clinic in Vancouver

The above points are what we would call our ‘top 6’ reasons to choose Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic as your best Vancouver medspa provider. However, we’ve still got several of the ‘standard’ items that other high-end centres claim out there. These include:

  • Convenient location (we’re located in Surrey’s Central City neighbourhood, not far from King George Hwy, on 104 Ave.).
  • Financing options and special package rates for series’ of treatments.
  • Gift certificates available for online purchase. You can also send them by e-mail to friends or family.
  • Flexible hours (in addition to ‘office hours,’ we take evening and weekend appointments on some days).
  • Accessible, free parking.
  • Sterile equipment and practices, with a comfortable atmosphere (including soft spa beds, pillows, blankets, robes and more).
  • Complimentary anaesthetic when needed.
  • Complimentary application of high-end skin care products and makeup, for when your appointment is complete (so you can get on with your day, without being self-conscious about redness or puffiness).
  • Medical-grade skin care and cosmetic lines available for purchase, such as the SkinMedica® and Colorescience® brands. Our doctors are also able to prescribe Latisse®  for eyelash growth. Get Latisse® online, here.
  • Occasional clinic events and customer appreciation specials (sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on these!).
  • Patient privacy and discretion (our building does have signage, but it’s not easily visible from the road. The building itself looks like a commercial office building, with a lawyer’s office upstairs and a family medical practice next door. All patient records are kept strictly confidential).

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