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Vancouver fat removal: Get rid of unwanted fat in Surrey

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Our Vancouver fat removal options (in Surrey) currently include:

*Promos can change at any time. Please book a consultation for a final quote.

We are a certified provider of the above treatments, with highly-trained staff on our team. Clients come to us from Vancouver, Delta (Ladner and Tsawwassen), Langley, Aldergrove, White Rock, Cloverdale, South Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, Tri-Cities, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and beyond for this treatment.

Freeze fat, melt fat, dissolve fat – take your pick, we do it all!

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Until recently, the only ways to get rid of excess fat were diet, exercise and surgical liposuction. While we’d always recommend a healthy diet and a good dose of exercise, these don’t always solve all fat issues.

On the extreme end, liposuction is an invasive option which can come with complications, not least of which are infections, excess skin and body deformities. Plus, you’ll definitely need time off work, or your regular life, to heal from such a surgery.

You may be experiencing severe obesity, sudden weight gain or going through life changes causing body weight (like pregnancy or injury). However, you can be sure that unhealthy, excess fat is something almost all humans should be wary of – at least statistically. In the West, it happens to the wealthiest and poorest of us; the happiest and the saddest; the young and the old.

Yes, some people seem to never gain any weight, and are ‘genetically skinny.’ But still, food and health go hand-in-hand. No one is exempt from eating right and exercising.

Aesthetically, some people remain unhappy with their excess body fat, or the contours of their body shape, even when most of it has been burned off.

If, after you’ve tried to lose weight by traditional means, you find yourself in this boat, we may be able to help. We can’t do drastic, surgical procedures, but we can help you with the ‘last mile’ of stubborn fat – the kind that just won’t go away, or you seem to be born with.

Thankfully, there are technologies available today that remove fat without surgery. Colloquially, people refer to these procedures as “laser fat removal.” Though, actual laser light is not used. However, our beauty and laser clinic in Surrey does have other science-based solutions that resemble laser treatments, but are meant for targeting fat cells. These are called “Vancouver body contouring” solutions.

What types of non-surgical fat removal solutions do you offer?

We focus our lipolysis treatments on the best-of-the-best available for non surgical body sculpting. We also use top name brand solutions backed by scientific studies, and several administered treatments to judge effectiveness by.

That said, our skincare and laser clinic in Surrey (near Vancouver) offers body sculpting services using:

See also: Vancouver facial slimming (in Surrey) for excess facial fat.

The one that’s right for you will depend on you. Based on the type of fat you have, we may make recommendations for one or the other, on the above list. It is also possible we’ll suggest a mix of treatments, for the best outcome possible. That’s because each of the fat removal options above have their own strengths. They can be utilized together for a more comprehensive treatment path.

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Why do some people get better results from laser fat removal than others? Am I eligible for laser fat removal in Vancouver?

Overall, this is why it’s important to address being overweight, or obese, before seeking cosmetic fat solutions. No laser clinic should be promising dramatic, magical results from CoolSculpting or any other type of lipolysis. These treatment options are designed to be aesthetic in nature – they help with body sculpting and body contouring on areas that compose a very small part of body fat. They don’t solve health problems related to weight.

It is crucial to understand that fat removal is not for reversing obesity. It won’t get rid of all your accumulated, excess fat. If you have not started a weight loss regimen, these treatments won’t be effective for you. They are, however, very helpful for ‘leftover’ fat – the kind that won’t go away with diet and exercise.

Plus, remember that while our Vancouver body sculpting solutions can do wonders on some people, they only destroy white fat cells that are existing at the time of treatment. They can’t stop a person from gaining more weight after the fact. That will depend on the patient entirely.

So, how well will cosmetic fat removal work on you, after you’ve already lost most of your weight? That comes down to genetics. Since excess fat can be a result of many different factors, and comes in different ‘kinds,’ it’s hard to say how your body will respond to fat reduction techniques. There is no medical test we can do to determine the exact, source cause of your excess fat.

That said, almost any adult can try our non-surgical body contouring techniques. They are likely to work, simply based on the logic that all humans carry all the types of fat that result in body shape. And, these solutions target subcutaneous fat (white fat cells) at the cellular level, close to the skin’s surface.

We will require an in-person consultation with you first, to go over your health history, and to take a look at the fat you want removed, or the contours you want to shape. That way, we can give you our best recommendation of solutions. Though, in any scenario, no guarantees can ever be made (it’s scientifically impossible to predict results).

Of course, no one who is pregnant should undergo these procedures. If you have a radio-frequency device implanted in your body, you may be ineligible for truSculpt® iD as well (since it can interfere with those signals). Allergies can also be a deterrent to solutions like Belkyra™.

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What types of fat can you remove on my body?

Using a variety of solutions, we are able to remove subcutaneous fat on the body in multiple areas. Generally these are:

  • Chin (submental fullness)
  • Abdomen (belly fat)
  • Hips and waist (love handles, etc.)
  • Thighs on all sides (including the ‘thigh gap’)
  • Arm fat (on the forearm and under the upper arm)
  • Bra bulges on female breasts, and chest fat on ‘man breasts’
  • Buttocks fat (for ‘banana rolls’ and ‘saddlebags’)
  • Back fat

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What are the other options for excess fat removal?

There are not a lot of options for safe, quick removal of excess fat, outside the non-surgical cosmetic industry. However, if you are looking for drastic solutions with the help of a doctor, the following may be recommended to you:

  • Liposuction (a.k.a., lipoplasty), and then plastic surgery to remove excess skin.
  • Gastric (bariatric) surgeries. These are stomach or intestinal reduction surgeries, including bands and ‘balloon’ insertions to suppress eating.
  • Weight loss medications (to be prescribed by doctors)
  • Working out
  • Dieting

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What are the risks of non-surgical fat removal with injections, freezing and infrared technology?

Compared to invasive procedures, the risks of non-surgical fat removal are very, very low.

Any surgery – including for liposuction or bariatric surgery – will pose the risk of infection and other complications. The body can also end up looking more warped than before the surgery. At that point, apart from massive skin removals, solutions like body contouring at a laser clinic may be recommended anyway.

Our non-surgical solutions are backed by top name-brands and scientific studies. Plus, they are approved by Health Canada, and have been in use for a significant time, on many patients. Thus far, we haven’t heard of any extreme, adverse side-effects from a person undergoing these types of mild fat treatments. Though, with any medical-grade cosmetic procedure, there will be some cautions. These will be explained in more detail during your initial consultation with us.

Of course, the lowest risk option for losing weight will be healthy dieting and exercise. Everyone should be doing this anyway. However, even this can be done in an unhealthy way, if a person is not careful with how far they take their regimen, or at what pace.

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What is the price of non-surgical body contouring at your clinic in Surrey?

The price for lipolysis through fat freezing, laser fat removal or fat injectables will depend on several factors. These factors include the size of the area to be treated, the amount of fat to be removed, and the genetics of the person undergoing treatment.

On our individual treatment descriptions, found on our website, we give very general estimates of pricing. These can range from a few hundred, to a few thousand dollars per treatment.

The best way to find out a cost estimate for your non-surgical body contouring in Vancouver, is to come in for an in-person consultation. We’ll be able to take a closer look, and give you our best recommendations, including for pricing plans.

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