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Trusculpt ID template on male patient for fat removal on the abdomen

What areas can be treated with body contouring technologies?

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Are you looking for Vancouver body contouring? We have certified staff and top-of-the-line technologies to remove fat non-surgically.

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If you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, but find yourself retaining ‘stubborn’ pockets of fat, then you may be the perfect candidate for body contouring treatments. Each person will have their own ‘problem areas’ that they want to get rid of. While liposuction could cost an ‘arm and a leg,’ body contouring can be far more affordable. It can also target specific areas, depending on the technology being used. So, which areas can be treated with body contouring technologies?

In this article, we’ll outline the areas where fat can be removed non-surgically.

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Stomach fat removal

before and after belly fat hotsculpting with truSculpt ID - available in Vancouver

A hugely popular area to remove fat is on the belly. Belly fat removal can be done with almost all non-surgical body sculpting methods available today. This includes fat freezing with CoolSculpting® and fat melting with truSculpt® iD, SculpSure®, VANQUISH ME™ and others.

Since the stomach is a large area, it can require more than one treatment, or multiple rounds of treatments, to reach satisfiable results. Sometimes this is also necessary to achieve a smooth contour. The applicators will need to overlap, to give you a shapely look. For men, this can mean more of a ‘triangle’ figure, and for women, it can be more of an ‘hourglass’ figure.

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Double chin removal

Belkyra before and after actual results from 3 treatments - available in Vancouver - Surrey clinic
Above: unretouched patient photos taken before and after 3 treatment sessions with BELKYRA® spaced at least one month apart. Patient did not experience significant weight loss or gain between the start and end of treatment. Individual results will vary. Image courtesy of Allergan.

A double chin that looks like facial fat is a common annoyance among both men and women. Thankfully today, this facial feature can be removed effectively without surgery. Double chin removal can be treated with a chin injection called Belkyra™ (or, Kybella, in the United States). It can also be treated with a special applicator on the CoolSculpting® machine, called the CoolMini™.

Fat melting for the double chin is achievable with SculpSure® and some laser or radio-frequency assisted technologies. truSculpt® iD can also work, using a flatter-shaped paddle.

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Neck fat removal

Neck fat removal is a little bit harder to achieve with non-invasive fat removal technologies. However, in theory, it could probably be done. The tricky part is getting the applicators to stay securely on the neck during the treatment. If the area is flatter, then truSculpt® iD may be an option.

Depending on your type of neck fat, and the specific location you want treated, different technologies, either with fat freezing, or fat melting, could work.

Sometimes, neck fat appears as sagging skin. In these cases, it can better be treated with skin tightening technologies such as Ultherapy®.

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Outer and inner thigh fat removal

The outer and inner thighs are where much of body fat can accumulate, after the stomach and buttocks. This is where the coveted ‘thigh gap’ is sought after, right near the crotch area. It’s also where the infamous ‘saddlebags’ form, right near the buttocks.

Large thighs can contain a lot of muscle. However, being lean and large doesn’t mean a thigh is all muscle. It can also be fibrous, ‘hard’ fat.

For this reason, different body types need different solutions for thigh fat removal, especially when it comes to outer thighs. If the fat is not pinchable, a heat-based technology can be better at treating it. However, the CoolSmooth PRO™ applicator on the CoolSculpting® machine can also be used.

Inner thighs can do well with CoolSculpting®, truSculpt® iD, Emsculpt® Neo, SculpSure® or VANQUISH ME™. In other words, it’s an area most technologies can reach.

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Arm fat removal

arm fat removal with CoolSculpting example - before and after photos

You can skip lipo for arms, because nowadays, there is non-surgical arm fat removal with arm fat freezing or melting. The CoolSculpting® CoolCurve Advantage Plus™ and the CoolAdvantage™ Petite are the perfect sizes for treating arm fat.

Arm fat can also be treated with fat melters, such as with laser lipo or radio-frequency tools, whether minimally invasive (like Smartlipo®) or not (like truSculpt® iD).

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Armpit and breast fat removal

Whether you think it’s your armpit or your bra fat, the bulge of fat in that area is a nuisance to women who want a fit, firm look on their chest and shoulders. Armpit fat removal can be achieved easily using the above-mentioned CoolMini™ on the CoolSculpting® machine. A paddle on the truSculpt® iD can also work. While the SculpSure® also has a small applicator for this type of use, it can feel quite hot, so keep that in mind.

That said a consultation is necessary (as it is for any body sculpting treatment). If your issue is with breast tissue or excess skin, then it would be pointless to try to remove fat from that area. In those cases, something like ThermiRF® may be a better option. A doctor would need to take a look, to determine what is likely to work on you.

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Man boob removal

Man boobs, also known as male breasts or ‘moobs,’ can be caused by two factors, and only one of them can be solved by fat removal. Gynecomastia refers to having too much breast tissue. Pseudogynecomastia refers to having excess fat causing the enlargement of male breasts.

If you have pseudogynecomastia, it can be treated with non-invasive fat removal technologies. Depending on how ‘pinchable’ it is, it can be treated with CoolSculpting®. If it is not ‘pinchable,’ then truSculpt® iD will be better.

In some cases, minimally invasive insertions may be needed to treat the area, using ThermiRF®, Smartlipo® or BodyTite.

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Back fat removal

hip fat removal with coolsculpting machine - before and after photos

Back fat removal applies to the upper back, where the arms are (also called armpit fat), or the lower back, close to where love handles are. Back fat can be removed with CoolSculpting® if it is pinchable. This is usually the case with upper back fat. Since the back is usually flat, a more appropriate non-surgical option would be to use truSculpt® iD or SculpSure®.

With a cannula, back fat can also be treated with radio-freqency or laser assisted lipolysis.

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Flanks removal (i.e. ‘muffin top’ and ‘love handles’ removal)

Vancouver body contouring consultation on love handles - marking treatment area

Many people start realizing their weight gain when they can’t fit into their old pair of jeans, and suddenly, they notice a muffin top! In other cases, people form a muffin top as part of their body shape after puberty. These so-called ‘love handles,’ which are the flanks, can be hard to get rid of, like stomach fat is, even when exercising and dieting.

Removing flanks with body contouring technologies is easy. This fat is usually pinchable, and so, the most popular technology, CoolSculpting®, can work well with its suction-cup applicators.

However, truSculpt® iD or SculpSure® can also work with their configurable, flat paddles. truSculpt® iD has six paddles, which can help it reach further across the stomach and flanks.

Another option is VANQUISH ME™, which goes from flank to flank. This means it will treat the stomach at the same time as treating the flanks.

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Hip fat removal

hip leg fat removal with CoolSculpting machine - before and after photos

Hip fat removal is close to saddlebag fat removal, mentioned above, on the outer thighs. Fat on the hip that can be ‘squeezed’ is an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting®. If not, then the CoolSmooth PRO™ applicator can still be used with fat freezing.

Otherwise, heat-based fat melters like truSculpt® iD, SculpSure® or VANQUISH ME™ can work. Between truSculpt® iD and SculpSure®, truSculpt® iD will have more paddles, which can treat more of the hips in one treatment.

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Buttocks fat removal

Buttocks fat removal is desirable not only because it can make the buttocks look leaner, but it can also provide a ‘lift’ effect. On that note, check out non-surgical butt lifts with dermal filler, if that’s the effect you’re going for.

Buttocks fat can be removed with virtually any body sculpting technology out there. It’s unlikely you’ll need laser or radio-frequency assisted liposuction in those areas, but they can be used for ‘finishing touches’ in some cases.

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Knee fat removal

When we think of gaining weight, we often forget about the knees. But knee fat is a real thing to many people. Knee fat can form on the front of the knees, or around the sides. Thankfully, it can be removed with smaller treatment tools, such as the CoolMini™ on the CoolSculpting® machine, one or more truSculpt® iD paddles, or even SculpSure® paddles.

For accuracy, using ThermiRF®, Smartlipo® or BodyTite may be useful, but it depends on the case at hand. These minimally-invasive fat removal technologies can be useful for ‘final touches’ when sculpting the knees, or for tightening skin around the knees that can look like fat.

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Almost any body fat can be contoured without surgery!

As we’ve seen above, body contouring can be done on virtually any part of the body where it’s common to gain excess fat, and surgery is not always necessary. Some solutions are non-invasive and others are minimally invasive.

The type of treatment that’s best for you depends on your body shape in the areas you want to have fat removed. For that reason, it’s best to seek a clinic that has more than one treatment modality, so they don’t try to sell you on the one they have, even if it’s not the best way to get results for your type of fat.

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Are you looking for Vancouver body contouring? We have certified staff and top-of-the-line technologies to remove fat non-surgically.

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

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