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Cosmeceutical facial cleansers in Canada

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All skin care routines start with a good facial cleanser! Some are meant to exfoliate more than others. It’s important to pick one that’s right for your skin type, to avoid excessive dryness or oiliness.

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Below are some general guidelines for picking a quality facial cleanser:

  • Facial cleansers should remove dirt, makeup and excess oil. They should not ‘strip’ your face of all its oil. While that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling can be satisfying, it’s actually a sign of pH imbalance, dehydration and moisture loss. It causes your skin to have to work extra hard to get back to its ‘normal’ state.
  • Cleansing agents are not the same as soap. Soap is usually alkaline. But, your skin likes to be slightly acidic. Stick to cleansers that are designed to match the pH of human skin.
  • Cleansers containing chemical exfoliants are better for clearing up acneic skin. These can include alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA, a.k.a. salicylic acid). However, AHAs and BHA can be used as general exfoliants, even if you don’t have acne. With the exception of sensitive skin types, almost anyone can benefit from regular, mild exfoliation.
  • Mature skin tends to be dry and dehydrated. For this skin type, a moisturizing, calming cleanser is best.
  • Sensitive skin should avoid cleansers containing fragrances or other substances known to be irritating. Products marked as being formulated for sensitive skin typically leave out these types of ingredients.
  • Some people like to ‘double cleanse.’ This involves removing makeup with makeup removers first, then following with a foaming cleanser.
  • Always follow your cleansing step with a moisturizer, at the very least. Hydrators and serums are also recommended (especially if you’re aiming to treat or prevent a skin condition). These extra products can help to replenish your skin with what it needs to keep functioning.

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