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enlighten picosecond laser being used on face for Surrey Vancouver pigmentation treatment

Cosmetic lasers we carry for beauty treatments in Surrey (near Vancouver)

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At our Surrey laser centre (near Vancouver), we carry top-of-the-line cosmetic technologies for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, mole removal, wart removal, tattoo removal, redness and rosacea treatments and more. Our name-brand lasers are well-known in the industry for their proven effectiveness and research. Combined with our experience, they offer the best laser center treatments you can find in Vancouver. From anti-aging treatments for wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone and other cosmetic concerns that lasers can fix, we can help.

We’re a popular choice for clients who choose our Surrey laser centre. Our clients stem all the way from Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), Langley, South Surrey, Cloverdale, Aldergrove, White Rock and even as far as Washington, USA.

Some of our top, cosmetic lasers are listed below, as well as common FAQs, below that.

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Lutronic Clarity laser machine handpiece for laser hair removal



Read more about Clarity™ for hair removal and more, here.

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erbium yag laser peel in surrey on face skin treatment

Erbium YAG


Read more about the Erbium YAG (Er:YAG) laser for skin resurfacing, here.

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CO2 skin resurfacing rejuvenation treatment in surrey on face

CO2 Laser


Read more about the Fractional CO2 laser, here.

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Fraxel® DUAL


Read more about the Fraxel® DUAL laser, here.

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Vancouver Clear+Brilliant Permea laser treatment on patient for hyperpigmentation removal - available in Surrey BC

Clear + Brilliant®


  • Sun damage (such as melasma, brown spots, age spots, sun spots, etc.).
  • Minor wrinkles (such as crow’s feet, atrophic wrinkles between the eyes, laugh or frown lines around the lips, etc.).
  • Skin texture and radiance

Read more about the Clear + Brilliant® laser, here.

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laser tattoo removal session in surrey showing patient and laser hand piece



Read more about the PicoSure™ laser for tattoo removal and more, here.

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Enlighten picosecond laser tattoo removal of a coloured tattoo in Vancouver close up



Read more about the enlighten® laser for tattoo removal and more, here.

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excel v cosmetic laser machine with hand holding handpiece

excel® V


Skin redness and pigmentation issues such as:

Non-pigmentation beauty issues such as:

Read more about the excel® V laser, here.

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AviClear™ acne laser machine with hand holding handpiece



  • Acne
  • Oily skin causing acne

Read more about the AviClear™ laser, here.

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Choose a Surrey laser centre carrying the latest, scientific tools to give you up-to-date, aesthetic results

Cosmetic laser technology has advanced a lot in the last few decades. These powerful machines are now faster, more effective, less painful and offer better results than ever before. For you, as the patient, choosing a laser clinic with the most up-to-date technologies can mean the difference between happiness or dissatisfaction with your treatments.

Acquiring the latest laser technology is not cheap. Not many clinics in the Vancouver area can claim to have so many of the best lasers on the market today. But, we feel it’s important to be choosing the ‘best of the best’ for our clients. So, that’s what we do!

Keeping lasers up to date also requires regular staff training. We’ve been known to shut down our clinic for an entire day, just to train our staff on a new machine or service we introduce. It’s that important to ‘get it right.’ Otherwise, the technology is just a tool; it can’t do much without the expertise of the person using it.

However, having the right tools on hand, and knowing how to get results from them are two different things.

You see, lasers can be multi-use devices. They can also be used congruently, in a ‘mixed-mode’ approach to healing skin conditions. Though, this is only safe to do when the laser practitioner is well-trained and experienced.

Given our lead-doctor’s years of experience and study in the field, our clinic is able to customize treatments using various settings on each of our lasers. We are also able to combine cosmetic laser treatments to get ultimate results. This is not conventional; it requires a deep understanding of how lasers work, to be able to ‘think outside the box’ when using them.

To find out more about how we can help you with advanced cosmetic laser treatments, we encourage you to book a consultation at our clinic.

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FAQs about our cosmetic laser treatments in Surrey (near Vancouver)

Do you have questions about Surrey laser treatments performed at our skincare clinic? You’re in luck, because we love educating people on what we do! See below for answers to FAQs on this topic. To find out more, start by booking a consultation at our clinic. When we meet, we’ll learn more about your concerns. We’ll also be able to recommend the best laser treatments to meet your goals.

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Am I eligible for cosmetic laser treatments if I have dark skin?

It is true that cosmetic lasers can be finicky to use on darker skin tones. However, it is not impossible to utilize them in these cases, when needed.

It does take a lot more training and caution to perform laser treatments on a dark-skinned patient. So, on the one hand, you should be sure you’re picking a highly experienced practitioner. On the other hand, you’ll need to be patient, and have realistic expectations about results. It can take longer, and require more sessions, when using lasers to treat dark skin.

The reason we need to be more careful on dark skin is that it burns more easily. Lasers are ‘hot’ devices. If dark skin gets burned, it can more easily form post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is the type of darkness you may have experienced on a scar that has healed over. We want to avoid this from happening during laser treatments as much as possible.

The other thing to know is that it’s not just those who look dark-skinned who will be sensitive to laser light. ‘Skin of colour’ is used to describe skin tones that generally tan (versus burn) when exposed to UV light. This covers a wide array of skin types, starting from olive-toned skin. Light-skinned, Middle-Easterners, for example, may fall into this category. They will require the same precautions as ‘brown’ Southeast Asians.

After a few tests and treatments, we’ll be able to gauge what laser strengths your skin can tolerate. We’ll be able to customize treatments for your skin and body, not someone else’s.

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Can you pick up my laser treatments where another clinic has left off?

If you have had laser treatments at another clinic, and would like to switch to ours, we would need to learn more about your case before taking you on. We encourage you to book a consultation with us, so we can learn more about why you are seeking a new provider. We can make suggestions from there. Often, medical complications will need another route before coming to us.

Other times, people move to a new place. Or, they simply don’t see results from past providers. We are usually able to ‘take over’ in these cases. 

However, please note that if another laser clinic did something to your skin, you should not expect that we will be able to do the exact same thing, or follow another clinic’s guidelines.

It doesn’t quite work this way. We will still need to follow the safety procedures and methods that we use at our clinic. Each clinic can be unique in the way they operate. You’ll need to be ok adapting to our protocols. We will treat you as a ‘new’ patient in this regard.

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Can you use skin lasers to treat a condition that is not listed on your website?

We treat a wide array of cosmetic conditions at our laser clinic, not all of which are listed on our website. If you have a specific concern you would like laser treatments for, we encourage you to reach out to us. We may be able to help.

However, we do list services we do not offer. For example, we do not treat plantar warts (foot warts) using lasers at our clinic, nor internal genital warts at all. We also do not offer nail fungus treatments.

Please also note that our laser clinic only performs procedures that are not covered by MSP in B.C. Sometimes, private insurance companies may cover some of our services. You’ll need to find out more from your provider.

If you need medical assistance, we also run a family physician practice next door to our Surrey laser centre. You are welcome to book an appointment there. Click here to visit the medical clinic website.

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Are there any known dangers or side effects to cosmetic laser treatments?

Most of the dangers and side effects of cosmetic lasers have to do with the way they are used. You can think of it like using a very sharp kitchen knife; it is safe, and it can do wonders, if it is handled properly. Lasers are far more powerful, of course.

So, while it’s true that lasers can be dangerous, this would only be the case when safety protocols are not followed. For example, wearing protective eyewear in a closed room is always necessary. Not pointing the laser aimlessly around the room is another obvious one. And, of course, proper machine settings must always be used in relation to the skin type being treated.

At our clinic, our laser technicians go to laser schools before coming on board with us. They are then trained again while on the job, by Dr. Shah himself (our lead doctor). We also appoint a laser safety officer, to ensure everyone is properly trained and adhering to safety guidelines.

Learn more about what sets us apart, here.

In addition, Dr. Shah is always available should any issues arise with our patients.

The most common, long-term side-effects of cosmetic laser treatments would be burns causing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (i.e. darkening of the skin). It is more common on darker skin tones, as noted above. However, cosmetic laser practitioners should know about what causes this condition. It can be avoided to a large degree, but not to a 100% degree. Since we have many types of lasers and tools at our clinic, we can often help patients reduce the effects of this condition, if it arises.

We would also advise that you learn more about the associated downtime with each of our laser treatments. See their respective pages, noted above.

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