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Vancouver Clear and Brilliant treatment in Surrey with 1440nm handpiece - side view

Clear + Brilliant® skin rejuvenation in Vancouver (Surrey)


  • Dull skin tone
  • Signs of aging
  • Large pores

Prevent signs of aging with proactive laser facials

We offer Clear + Brilliant® in Vancouver, at our Surrey clinic. This novel facial laser is made by Solta Medical, the company behind the uber-popular, ‘gold standard’ in skin rejuvenation, the Fraxel® laser.

That’s right: Fraxel® has a ‘cousin’ in the limelight, and it’s wooing celebrities and taking center stage on social media.

Clear + Brilliant® attracts patients who want to maintain their skin’s youthful glow, but without the downtime associated with stronger laser treatments. It’s the perfect high-tech, ‘pick me up’ for glowing, more youthful-looking skin.

Procedure Time: 1 hour

Anaesthetic: Numbing cream

Treatment Recovery: 1 day

Risks & Complications: Mild redness and swelling

Treatment Plan: 4 – 6 sessions + maintenance

Clear + Brilliant® before and afters

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Images are for demonstration purposes only (we did not do these procedures ourselves, but are a local clinic providing the procedure that can produce these types of results). Images provided by Solta Medical. Results can vary from person to person.

Why you’ll love Clear + Brilliant® laser facials

No downtime*

Clear + Brilliant® is a mild laser skin rejuvenation treatment. It requires little to no downtime for most people. However, the treatment area may look flushed for a day.

Dual treatment

Technician holding a Clear + Brilliant Permea handpiece for a skin rejuvenation laser facial - available in Surrey BC

Clear + Brilliant® uses two hand pieces. The original treats fine lines, large pores and dullness. The newer Perméa treats pigmentation, like brown spots and sun damage.

1-hour session

Clear + Brilliant laser skin rejuvenation facial treatment on patient - available in Surrey near Vancouver

Clear + Brilliant® is an ‘in and out’ treatment, requiring about 1 hour to treat the entire face. Treating larger areas can take longer, of course.

Clinically-studied results:

The Clear + Brilliant® laser has undergone over 15 clinical studies to prove its effectiveness.

It boasts over 2.5 million treatments performed worldwide.

Clear + Brilliant® has been Health Canada and FDA-cleared since 2011. It’s also had its CE mark in Europe since 2011.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment Award Winning Logos - available in Surrey

In 2022 and 2023, Clear + Brilliant® was named NewBeauty’s “Best Low Downtime Laser” for its annual Beauty Awards. In 2022, it was named Cosmopolitan’s, “Best Facial Laser.” In 2021, it was named NewBeauty’s “Best Laser for Beginners” and InStyle’s “Best Treatment in Your 20s.” In 2020, it was named NewBeauty’s “Best Laser for Glowy Skin.”

It’s been featured in GQ, Marie Claire, Vogue and other high-profile media.

NCTF 135 HA boost box and bottle vial with Clear+Brilliant laser facial handpieces in Surrey near Vancouver


NCTF® 135 HA boost!

It’s a moisture-retention serum to aid in faster healing and healthier skin!

Contains: 12 vitamins + 24 amino acids + 6 co-enzymes + nucleic acids + 6 minerals + 6 others

Learn more about the Clear + Brilliant® skin rejuvenation laser

What can Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments be used for?

Surrey Clear + Brilliant laser session in Vancouver with Permea handpiece for a hyperpigmentation laser facial treatment

Clear + Brilliant® is a laser facial for rejuvenating the look of skin. To that end, it can be used to:

Clear + Brilliant® can also be combined with other procedures, such as Ultherapy® and injectables, like Botox® and filler. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns and provide a plan tailored to your needs.

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How does Clear + Brilliant® work?

Clear + Brilliant Permea laser facial treatment side view - available in Surrey BC

Clear + Brilliant® is a type of fractionated laser, just like our fractional CO2 laser and our Fraxel® DUAL laser. This means that instead of taking off a ‘sheet’ of skin, the laser creates many microscopic holes in the skin to purge out dead skin cells. This forces skin to produce more collagen as it heals. It’s skin rejuvenation with much shorter downtime than stronger lasers.

However, since Clear + Brilliant® is not as strong of a treatment as the fractional CO2 or Fraxel® DUAL, it will work in a slower way, requiring more treatments to see more impactful results.

The fractional CO2 or Fraxel® DUAL, on the other hand, can create much faster, more noticeable results, but with longer downtime.

In other words, the Clear + Brilliant® laser is designed to maintain healthy-looking skin with several, routine treatments.

Like the Fraxel® DUAL, the Clear + Brilliant® uses two wavelengths. One is a 1927 nm laser. It is called the Perméa handpiece. However, instead of being a thulium laser (like on the Fraxel®), it uses a diode laser at a much lower energy level.

In addition, the Clear + Brilliant® offers its original, 1440 nm diode handpiece (as opposed to the 1550 nm erbium laser on the Fraxel®).

The newer, 1927 nm Perméa handpiece works more superficially on the skin, where it can be absorbed by melanin. In this way, it can address hyperpigmentation, brown spots and melasma.

The original, 1440 nm handpiece works a little deeper in the skin, where it can be absorbed by water. This is where it can boost collagen to address fine lines, large pores and skin dullness.

Pro tip: each laser has its own benefits and use cases. The fractional CO2 or Fraxel® DUAL can also be used on ‘lighter’ settings, for shorter downtime, if they’re needed for your case. We’ll let you know which laser we think is best for your case!

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What is a Clear + Brilliant® treatment like?

Vancouver Clear+Brilliant laser treatment for skin rejuvenation in Surrey

During your treatment appointment, a trained laser aesthetician will start by cleansing your face.

A topical numbing agent will be applied to the treatment area, to help keep you comfortable.

A laser technician will pass the laser over your treatment area quickly, in a gliding motion, but in pulses. You will hear a beeping sound to indicate the pulses.

Your face may feel a little ‘hot’, similar to getting a sunburn. However, the treatment is tolerable.

After the laser passes through the entire treatment area, your skin will be cooled for 10 to 15 minutes.

Before you leave the clinic, sunscreen will be applied.

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Is there downtime with Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments? What about side effects?

There is very little to no downtime with a Clear + Brilliant® laser treatment. You may experience some mild redness and swelling on the day of your treatment. This should subside within 24 hours or so.

Some people also experience temporary flaking, roughness or an acne ‘purge’ a few days or weeks after their treatment.

To avoid side effects, it will be pertinent to apply good-quality, high SPF mineral sunscreen every two hours (even on cloudy days and when staying indoors). You should avoid sun exposure for the first week after your treatment.

A post-procedure skin care routine may also be recommended after your treatment.

Those who are pregnant should not undergo a Clear + Brilliant® treatment.

Those who have tanned or sunburned skin will not be eligible for a Clear + Brilliant® treatment. This includes those using pigmenting lotions or sprays (i.e. spray tans and self tanners).

Other contraindications include serious skin conditions (such as cancer or infections), troublesome skin conditions (such as actinic keratosis, melasma, eczema, etc.), keloid predisposition, and some medications (such as isotretinoin, steroids or others).

A doctor at our clinic will screen you prior to getting a Clear + Brilliant® laser facial. You may still be eligible to undergo this treatment despite some of the above contraindications. All potential side effects will be given to you during your consultation.

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How many Clear + Brilliant® treatments do I need to see results?

While every patient’s needs are different, and can be customized, most people require four to six initial treatments to see the effects of the Clear + Brilliant® laser. These are typically spread one month apart.

Thereafter, routine maintenance may be needed, typically every three to four months.

Results can last for months, or even years, depending on each person’s originating skin condition and reaction to the treatment. The way you care for your skin after treatments will also have an impact on how long your results can last.

During your consultation, we will come up with a custom plan, tailored to your skin.

Note that results begin to appear after one to two weeks of a treatment session. They can also vary from person-to-person.

Unlike CO2 skin resurfacing or Fraxel® DUAL treatments, this laser facial is much gentler. That means you won’t get as big of a ‘punch’ with each treatment. So, you’ll have to be patient to see results. You’ll also need to be diligent to complete your treatment series.

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What is the cost of Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments in Vancouver?

Looking for the price of skin rejuvenation at our clinic?

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Please remember that pricing we give you over the phone, by text or by e-mail, is meant to be a guideline only. We will need to see you in person for a consultation to give you a more accurate estimate.

Each person’s results can vary with Clear + Brilliant® treatments. So the end-cost to see results can also vary.

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