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CoolSculpting applicator on abdomen close up - available in Vancouver Surrey

Get Vancouver CoolSculpting® for non-surgical fat removal with fat freezing (in Surrey)


  • Stubborn fat bulges
  • Small pockets of fat


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Sculpt the body you deserve

CoolSculpting® is a form of fat removal called ‘cryolipolysis’. It essentially freezes fat cells until they die, without affecting the skin or surrounding tissue. While CoolSculpting® has been around since 2010 in Canada, its technological advances have made it faster, more versatile, less painful and effective at removing fat without surgery or liposuction.

CoolSculpting® is Health Canada licensed and FDA cleared for non-surgical fat removal.

When it comes to Vancouver non-invasive fat removal, we apply the best techniques on the market today. With a certified CoolSculpting® Master and Scholar on our team, we’ve learned what works best, what doesn’t, and how to achieve natural-looking results, using superior methods.

Procedure Time: 35 min – 6 hours

Anaesthetic: None required

Treatment Recovery: 1 week – 2 months

Risks & Complications: Temporary swelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness

Treatment Plan: 1-2 sessions

CoolSculpting® before and afters

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Why you’ll love CoolSculpting®

Permanent fat removal

CoolSculpting body contouring Vancouver consultation - analyzing front stomach area with mirror reflection

Fat cells removed by CoolSculpting® are gone for good. Remaining fat cells can continue to expand and shrink (which is how we normally gain and lose weight). But there will be fewer of them.

No downtime

Vancouver CoolSculpting session with female patient happy

CoolSculpting® doesn’t require taking time off work or your normal activities.

No anaesthesia required

Vancouver body contouring - Coolsculpting applicator on love handles for fat removal in Surrey

CoolSculpting® can give you feelings of tingling (like being ‘frozen’), but it does not require any pain relief. It’s a tolerable treatment!

Clinically-studied results:

According to a 2009 – 2011 study, CoolSculpting® was proven to reduce up to 27% of fat cells in the lower abdomen. Average fat reduction among all treatment areas was 21.5%.

The technology behind the efficacy and safety of CoolSculpting® has appeared in 52 clinical research publications.

What is a CoolSculpting® treatment like?

Plan it

Vancouver coolsculpting consultation treatment drawing

Every CoolSculpting® treatment is tailored to your shape, and requires a custom treatment plan.

Treat it

Vancouver CoolSculpting suction fat freezing on female stomach

Using the right-sized vacuum applicator, the machine is set and turned on. You relax for up to 45 minutes.

Massage it

Vancouver CoolSculpting massage post treatment

After the treatment, a technician massages the area vigorously for a few minutes. This helps get rid of more fat cells.

Learn more about CoolSculpting® for fat removal in Surrey

What kind of fat can CoolSculpting® be used for?

While traditionally, CoolSculpting® was mainly used on large areas, like for stomach fat, nowadays it can be used for much more. So-called ‘fat blasting’ can remove the following types of body fat:

  • Belly fat (upper and lower abdomen)
  • Waist and hip fat (i.e. ‘muffin tops’ or, ‘love handles’)
  • Underarm and forearm fat
  • Back fat
  • Chest fat (i.e. ‘man breasts’)
  • Bra bulges (upper sides of female breasts)
  • Front, outer and inner thigh fat (including lower bikini fat, plus ‘saddle bags’ on the butt sides)
  • Back-side butt fat (i.e. ‘banana rolls’)
  • Chin fat (plus see our other treatment options for chin fat)

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How does CoolSculpting® work for non-invasive fat removal?

CoolSculpting® is not the same as laser fat removal. Instead, it uses a technology called cryolipolysis to kill fat cells in your body. This is essentially freezing your fat cells, so that they wither and die. When they are dead, your body removes them naturally, like it would with other dead cells in your body.

The process of cryolipolysis is different from weight loss in that it removes fat cells, instead of changing their size. Weight gain and weight loss, on the other hand, are essentially the shrinking and enlarging of your fat cells – but never the removal of fat cells.

Weight loss vs CoolSculpting fat removal - fat cells diagram - treatment available in Vancouver

The above point is why it is said that CoolSculpting® is for stubborn fat. If you’re already losing weight through diet and exercise, then CoolSculpting® can help with that ‘last mile.’ In essence, CoolSculpting® is nothing more than body sculpting – that is, shaping your body through the removal of fat cells in treated areas. It is not for extreme liposuction cases.

During a treatment session, the fat you want to remove is placed between two panels. The panels come in various sizes, to increase the versatility of the machine. These are called handpieces, or applicators.

Once your desired body parts are squeezed between the panels, the rest of the experience is simple: we turn on the cryolipolysis effect, and the machine goes away at doing its job. It takes up to 45 minutes for each treatment area. Though, timing depends on the handpiece that is being used. You can read, use your tablet or meditate during this time. You will be given a buzzer to call for the technician at any time.

You may feel a cold sensation during the treatment, but surrounding skin and tissue is not permanently affected by CoolSculpting®. It specifically targets fat cells.

In recent years, claims have been made that other ‘add-on’ technologies can kill off more fat cells than CoolSculpting® alone. This has never been proven through clinical studies. However, the effect of CoolSculpting® has been well-documented in scientific literature.

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How many treatments does CoolSculpting® take for permanent fat removal?

CoolSculpting suction applicator during procedure for stomach fat removal

The number of body sculpting treatments you’ll need will really depend on you. During an initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for fat removal. We’ll also get an idea of your body type, and learn about any current health issues you have.

Generally speaking, it can take 1 – 2 treatments per area to see total results of 20 – 25% fat reduction. In a single session, you may have up to 4 applicators used on your body in succession (not simultaneously). Each person’s results after a single treatment can be different. Also, since results are seen around 12 weeks after a single treatment, knowing how many more treatments you’ll require can come with time.

After the 12-week mark, we’ll ask you to come in for another consultation, should you wish to continue with more treatment cycles. We’ll let you know if we think your body can benefit from more sessions. Sometimes, we only need to adjust some of the applicator patterns in the second treatment, to smooth out the body shape. This is why your second treatment may not cost the same as your first.

CoolSculpting® can’t achieve more than 25% fat-reduction. Nor will truSculpt® iD (nor a combination of both). So it’s not like we can treat you indefinitely – you’ll just be wasting your money at a certain point.

Each area we treat will require up to 45 minutes. You can expect to be in session for at least 1 hour. If you want to treat multiple areas, it can take longer. For this reason, your sessions may be ongoing, or split apart to make them more manageable.

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Is there downtime with CoolSculpting® fat freezing? What about side effects?

Miniature CoolSculpting machine model on branded bed for fat freezing treatments in Surrey

Some people continue with their daily routines immediately after treatment sessions. There are very few potential side effects, and some people experience zero downtime. Remember – there is no cutting or surgery involved in this type of lipolysis.

However, given that the process of cryolipolysis for non-invasive fat removal is cold, you can experience some of the common feelings you’d get when ice is placed on your body for a long time. For example, redness, swelling, tingling or itching of the area that has been treated. And, since the machine requires ‘pinching’ to work, there may be some minor bruising after a treatment.

If you’ve experienced CoolSculpting® in the past, you can take rest knowing that newer applicators have improved the discomfort that occurs during treatment.

For a few weeks after treatment, you may feel numbness (only on the treated area). You can also experience cramps or sensitivity. These are common and go away on their own.

CoolSculpting® is “FDA-cleared” as being safe for non-surgical fat removal on specific areas of the body. You can read more about this here.

Anyone with pre-existing health conditions should notify their practitioner before treatment. If you have specific diseases, you should not be undergoing any form of fat removal through freezing. These include conditions like cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. Though, you should let us know about your entire health history to be sure.

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What is the cost of fat removal with CoolSculpting® at your skin clinic?

The cost of CoolSculpting® can vary depending on how much fat you’re treating, which applicators need to be used, as well as the number of treatments required.

Fill out the form above to get a general idea of pricing.

To get an accurate estimate for your case, we encourage you to come in for a consultation. That will really be the only way to give you cost expectations. This is because some (but not all) body parts may need to be treated twice, with different applicators in different sessions, at different time lengths or with other methods. It truly requires a customized treatment plan.

After your initial consultation with us, we’ll be able to let you know about package-rate pricing that may benefit your case.

We can also help direct you to financing options.

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See also: truSculpt® iD page.

Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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