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Rosacea spider vein face condition magnifying glass close up - treatable in Surrey near Vancouver

Vancouver spider vein treatments and bulging hand vein treatments in Surrey

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We offer a non-surgical, cosmetic solution for Vancouver spider vein treatments using our vascular laser. If you have visible hand veins, we also offer dermal injectable solutions to help hide them beneath your skin. Patients choose our services from Surrey, Delta (Tsawwassen and Ladner), Langley, White Rock, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, and beyond.

When it comes to vascular lesions stemming from capillary dilation (telangiectasias), know that the condition is often related to genetic factors, which cause weakening of the vein walls. For this reason, multiple treatments may be needed, to keep superficial veins, like spider veins, from appearing through your skin.

Spider veins on the face are common with rosacea patients, though they can happen to anyone. Spider veins can also be found throughout the body, such as on the legs. 

Note: we do NOT treat varicosities in the legs (i.e. leg veins, varicose veins, reticular veins). We also do NOT treat any veins in the feet. We do NOT perform any surgical vein removal procedures.

Veins that are visible on the hands can be due to age, as the skin loses fat and collagen in that area.

Each person’s case of venous abnormalities will be different. The best way to learn what solutions we think will work on you, is to come in for a consultation at our Surrey clinic. We’ll be able to take a closer look at your spider veins or hand veins, understand their severity, and learn more about your health history. This way, we can perform the safest, most effective treatments we can on you.

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What causes spider veins to show on the face and other skin?

Spider veins are tiny webs of visible veins that show through the skin. They can look like a cluster of blood lines in red, blue or purple. They are actually broken capillaries, where blood cells have thickened (coagulated), due to insufficient blood flow. Capillaries, by the way, are the connectors between veins and arteries.

Spider veins form in the smaller, irregular network of veins in your body. They can be very different in each person.

Visible spider veins usually appear on the legs or face. If you have varicose veins (i.e. visible leg veins), it is likely that you will also have spider veins, which develop from a backlog of pressure in the larger veins, where the main source of pooling is happening.

Spider veins have a genetic component to their occurrence. They can also be related to hormone activity, which makes them more common in women (due to sex biology, pregnancies, birth control pills, etc.). People with rosacea also can form spider veins on their face, and women are more likely to develop that skin condition, too.

The good news is that spider veins are treatable.

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What causes bulging hand veins?

Some people don’t like the look of veins bulging through the skin in their hands. Depending on what is causing these veins to appear so prominently, they may be treatable.

Typically, hand veins begin to show through the skin with progressive age or weight loss. This is when the skin loses elasticity and thickness. It’s also when fat and water underneath the skin are lost. Overall, these bodily changes create less structure and volume on the backs of your hands.

However, bulging hand veins can also be the result of other venous diseases – including superficial thrombophlebitis. In these cases, the issue is not only with the skin, but the veins themselves.

Veiny hands can also be caused after receiving an IV treatment, by pregnancy or mere genetics.

Some hand vein conditions are harmless. However, others can be more serious. The best way to find out what your case may be, is to see a doctor in person. This is especially recommended if you feel pain or tenderness where your veins are bulging.

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What treatments do you provide for visible vein removal in Vancouver (Surrey)?

We offer only non-surgical vein removal options. Our minimally-invasive procedures require very little downtime. They also assume fewer potential side effects than would be the case with surgical methods.

Options for Vancouver spider vein and hand vein treatments at our Surrey clinic include:

Vascular laser treatments

cutera excel v handpiece during skin laser treatment on white background with female patient

Our excel® V laser is an upgrade to the popular VBeam laser. Both are meant to target red, blue and purple pigments in the skin. In other words – the visible blood that creates vascular lesions like spider veins. The excel® V also works on general skin redness, and skin laxity.

This vascular laser is effective at disintegrating the tiny blood capillaries that show near the surface of the skin (i.e. the redness and lines). When they are destroyed, you get a reduction in visible veins on your face. Your body naturally removes the cells that have been killed off by the laser. Blood begins using a deeper vein pathway, which is not visible outwardly.

With this method, the spider vein condition can return in some people, but only if those capillaries reform near the skin’s surface.

The excel® V laser is not meant for large, varicose veins. It is also a different procedure than laser endovenous ablation, which we don’t offer at our clinic.

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Dermal filler injections for hand veins

Dermal filler being injected into hands to hide veiny hands

If you are unhappy with veins showing in your hands, we may be able to help. In some cases, our Surrey dermal filler treatments can be used to plump up your thinning skin. 

When the skin is raised and volumized, veins are less likely to be visible in this area.

However, hand veins should be looked at by a doctor, before doing this type of treatment, to rule out other serious issues. Thankfully, we have doctors on staff, who can gauge the safety of using dermal fillers in your hands.

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Are your Surrey vein treatments painful?

Spider vein laser treatments can hurt a little bit, but the process is tolerable for most people. The sensation is like an elastic band snapping against the skin, in many pulses. Typically, no anaesthetic is used with the excel® V laser, thanks to its built-in cooling device, which helps to relieve pain.

Dermal fillers in the hands can feel like needle pokes. Our doctors are trained to use techniques to reduce pain as much as possible during these types of cosmetic procedures.

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What are the risks of vascular laser treatments for spider veins?

With laser vein treatments, there is always the potential of discolouration or burn marks (called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). These often heal in time, or can be treated after they occur.

With all visible vein treatments, there will be the chance of recurrence. This has to do with being genetically disposed to forming varicosity and telangiectasias.

If your spider veins return, your visible problem may also be rooted somewhere deeper in your body.

Please note: no doctor can guarantee your body will respond to vein treatments, nor how many treatments you may need, to solve your issue completely.

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What is the cost of treating spider veins and hand veins at your Surrey clinic?

Depending on the size and quantities of your spider veins, the price of vein treatments can vary significantly. The best way to get an accurate estimate for your case is to book a consultation at our Surrey clinic. There, we’ll be able to learn more about your condition, and recommend a treatment path we think will work on you.

Our initial consultations do have a fee. However, this fee is later credited to treatments at our clinic, if booked within a certain time frame. That said, our consults, in and of themselves, are a great source of information and education.

To give you a very general idea (not to be taken as a final price, at all), we can say that our cosmetic vein treatment sessions start at around $475, and go up from there.

You may need more than one session to completely clear out your spider veins. And, if your body forms new ones, you may want to come in for touch-up treatments.

Dermal fillers begin at $735, and go up from there. They are temporary and last roughly 6 – 18 months, depending on your own body’s rate of absorption and the type of filler being used.

Cosmetic vein removal – the only kind offered at our clinic – is not covered by MSP in B.C., nor most private insurance companies.

If you are not sure whether your visible veins are dangerous or not, we strongly recommend seeing a doctor, as a first step. You should be tested for more serious blood clotting or vein diseases, before seeking treatments at our aesthetic clinic.

Please note: while we used to treat veins using ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy injections with infrared vein mapping, we no longer do so. We also do not do any invasive procedures for vein removal at our Surrey clinic (near Vancouver).

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