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Quality makeup accessories and extras in Canada

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Good makeup application requires the right tools for the job. In this category of our beauty shop, you’ll find quality makeup accessories and cleaning helpers. We are a Canadian-based beauty clinic and shop, shipping across the country and throughout the USA.

A few general tips about makeup accessories and cleaners:

  • Use a soft, quality-made kabuki brush when applying powder foundation. A good kabuki brush should provide even coverage in large strokes, to help mineral makeup spread easily and flawlessly. It can also be used for contouring, bronzing and highlighting. Some even use it for liquid foundation applications.
  • As with all makeup brushes, a kabuki brush should be kept clean, to avoid spreading bacteria. Allow it to air dry, while standing upwards.
  • Use brush cleansing cloths as an easy, on-the-go method to keep makeup brushes clean. In truth: makeup applicators can be gross. As you stroke your face with makeup brushes, they can get clogged with dead skin cells, oil and acne-causing bacteria. Over time, this can cause breakouts. It also reduces the performance of your brushes. We recommend regular, weekly cleaning of all makeup brushes (at a minimum).
  • One trick to maintaining the flow of product out of the Sunforgettable® powder-stick sunscreen, is to keep its bristles clean!
  • Use gentle cleansing cloths formulated for sunscreen and mineral makeup removal. These can be used as the first step in a ‘double cleanse’ routine. Don’t ‘scrub’ when using makeup remover wipes. Over-exfoliation can cause redness and irritation on the skin. Choose a formula that won’t leave a sticky residue behind. Bonus points if they’re biodegradable!
  • To keep your skin hydrated and your makeup ‘set’ all day, apply a soft face misting solution. This will keep your skin looking fresh and ‘natural’ while wearing makeup.

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