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Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-on Shield SPF 50 w/ EnviroScreen™ (6 Shade Options)

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$93.00 CAD

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New! Add luminosity, highlights and contour with glow and bronze shades!


Sunforgettable sunscreens by Colorescience explainer - EnviroScreen Technology benefits


  • Every morning after base sunscreen and makeup, then every 2 hours on dry skin.
  • Face, neck and chest, as needed.

Best for:

  • On-the-go UVA/UVB protection.
  • Protection from infrared radiation, blue HEV light, pollution.

This is an award-winning, mineral powder sunscreen. It looks a lot like loose powder foundation, but it’s not. Yes, it has tinted options to go with your skin type, but it doesn’t add that much colour to your face, the way mineral makeup would.

This is probably the most iconic, popular product that makes Colorescience® as a whole, stand out from the crowd. The idea here is to make sunscreen reapplication a regular routine, while being realistic about the fact that makeup-wearers can’t easily spread wet lotion all over their face every 2 hours.

This product goes on after makeup, and throughout the day. It is also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, making it perfect for the beach or pool (just be sure your skin is dry before reapplying, so as not to clog up the brush).

A few helpful things to know about this product:

A very important note is that there is a bit of a ‘trick’ to getting this powder sunscreen out of its packaging. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy – and if we may also say – ingenious. Here’s a video on how it works.

In short, you’ll need to tap it quite a bit the first few times you use it, to get the powder flowing. Don’t worry if it feels like nothing is coming out at first; just keep tapping, with the lid on, upside down, and with a bit of force. You can run your fingers through the brush to check if powder dissipates out of it. If it does, you’ll know it’s working.

While the brush itself does have an antimicrobial coating, you’ll still want to make sure you clean the brush regularly. Try the Colorescience® Brush Cleaning Wipes, available here.

The product colouring in the tube can look lighter than the end result you get on your face.

This is the only brush-on sunscreen approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation. The prior, inferior formula even comes with a Skin Cancer Foundation Active use seal.

While this does have an SPF 50 rating, we would recommend using it over a base layer of sunscreen, or your SPF makeup foundation. This is a great product for on-the-go sunscreen application. It also helps to mattify your face throughout the day.

This product is also sometimes called, “Sunforgettable® Age Defense Mineral Shield.”

Notable ingredients:

You’ll notice this product uses a newer formula with added benefits, compared to its predecessors. One new benefit includes the EnviroScreen® Technology, which protects against a broader range of environmental, skin damaging factors. Learn more about its ingredients below:

Iron oxides – these are micronized pigments that are often used to add colour to makeup products. But, did you know they also protect against the aging effects of blue light (HEV light)? This ingredient is great for our device-obsessed environments.

Vitachelox® – This is a combination ingredient that includes extracts of green tea, grape seed and oak wood, to act as antioxidants. Learn why antioxidants are important for your skin, here.

Hyaluronic acid powder – a humectant in the form of sodium hyaluronate, this ingredient is naturally found in our bodies. It adds moisture to the skin by binding to water.

Infraguard – a name for the tara tannins and organic sunflower sprouts used in this product to protect your skin from infrared radiation (IR).

The Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ line:

Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ products are not just any type of sunscreen. Aside from high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) ratings, they also include PA+++ ratings (this is high; a PA++++ product is rare).

What does that mean? The products give you protection from both UVB and UVA rays, which can cause cancer. Essentially, the term “broad spectrum” on sunscreen labels refer to the protection of skin against both UVB and UVA rays. But the traditional SPF rating only covers UVB rays. That’s why the more modern, PA+++ rating is so important – it covers UVA rays. You can read more about sun protection ratings here.

Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ products include another registered trademark term, called “EnviroScreen® Technology.” This is, essentially, a special way of making natural sunscreen with patented zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, plus iron oxide formulas. The formula doesn’t leave white marks on the skin, like the ‘old days,’ when forms of these ingredients were new to sun protection. But EnviroScreen® Technology goes beyond sun protection. It uses even more ingredients to protect against pollution, HEV light and infrared radiation as well.

Finally, Colorescience® sunscreens are water resistant and come with added benefits, such as hydrators, vitamins and antioxidants, to help your skin’s overall health. They are oil free and hypoallergenic.

Active ingredients:

Titanium Dioxide 22.5%; Zinc Oxide 22.5% – providing broad spectrum SPF protection against UV rays and sun damage. This is a total of 45% active ingredients, which is considered very high for a brush-on sunscreen.

Note: iron oxides and other beneficial components of this product, noted above, are considered ‘inactive’ ingredients. These are drug terms to describe the activity of ingredients in the way they operate on our bodies.

Learn from our blog:

Weight / Size

0.21 oz. / 6 g (lasts 90 days with typical use)


Titanium Dioxide 22.5%; Zinc Oxide 22.5%, Mica, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethiconol/Propylsilsequioxane/Silicate Crosspolymer, Lycopodium Clavatum Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Imperata Cyclindrica Root Extract, Glycerin, Water, Caesalpinia Spinosa Fruit Pod Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Quercus Robur (Oak) Wood Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Sprout Extract, Maltodextrin, Methicone, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Laureth-4, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Chromium Oxide Greens (CI 77288), Iron Oxides (CI77491, CI 77492, CI 77499).

Other information

Water resistant up to 80 minutes, Paraben free, Oil free, Vegan, Non-comedogenic, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist-recommended, Sulfate free, Antimicrobial brush, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (UVA protection rating: PA+++, UVB protection rating: SPF 50), All mineral with no chemical sunscreens. Mica in this product is ethically-sourced.

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1 review for Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-on Shield SPF 50 w/ EnviroScreen™ (6 Shade Options)

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    Lothie Alexandra Castillo (verified owner)

    Amazing I love this product, it works so well for me. I use it before getting in my car on my face chest and hands while driving. Healthy glow no fuss. I also ordered the Sunforgettable sunscreen. Waiting for it as is backorder right now. I cant wait to use them together.

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