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White stretch marks on love handles from weight gain

Get Vancouver stretch mark treatments (in Surrey) with lasers, radio frequency devices, microneedling and more

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Our Vancouver stretch mark solutions (in Surrey) currently include:

In our 2+ decades operating as a medical skin clinic, we’ve successfully treated stretch marks in Vancouver (Surrey) for years. We’re also experienced when it comes to using multiple modalities to smooth areas where these undesired skin streaks are. Clients come to us from Langley, Delta, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, White Rock and even Washington for our expertise.

Stretch marks happen on women and men, and in all body shapes and sizes. They usually start in puberty. They’re also common during and after pregnancy. But, they can develop out of multiple body changes in one’s lifetime. Below, we give more info on how and why stretch marks are formed.

While stretch marks can’t be cured completely, they can be reduced in appearance. When tackled early in their formation (usually when they are still reddish), you can expect better results from any stretch mark solution.

To get started treating your stretch marks, we encourage you to book a consultation at our Surrey clinic. We’ll be able to take a closer look at the scope of your case, and make recommendations on treatment paths.

Please note: we can not treat you for stretch marks if you are currently pregnant.

What solutions do you offer for Vancouver stretch mark reduction?

Red stretch marks on stomach with flab

Our Vancouver stretch mark treatments (in Surrey) include the services listed below.

Our skin experts will make a recommendation on which treatment is right for you, after seeing you in-person. We may even suggest a mix of solutions, for better results. All our stretch mark services are approved by an on-staff doctor.

Fraxel® DUAL laser therapy for skin regeneration

The Fraxel® DUAL laser is an upgraded version of the Fraxel® re:store. It works by creating thousands of small columns in the skin, where old, broken collagen strands are situated. These broken collagen tissues are what cause the appearance of stretch marks. With laser treatments, the tiny injuries in this area are intentional. They force the skin to produce collagen and elastin as a healing response.

With multiple Fraxel® DUAL laser treatments, the stretch marks start to get narrower and tighter, and appear smoother. There is very little down time, if any, after each session.

Read more about the Fraxel® DUAL laser, here.

Infini™ RF microneedling for skin tightening and rejuvenation

The Infini RF™ device allows us to perform heat-based microneedling on the skin. Similarly to the Fraxel® DUAL, it also creates several tiny holes in the skin. Except, instead of laser light, these tiny needles deliver radio frequency energy with their piercings. And likewise, the intention is to induce the body’s own collagen and elastin regrowth, through controlled, ‘micro injuries.’

The Infini RF™ is a slightly less intense treatment than the Fraxel® DUAL, which offers the benefit of faster healing. You can read more about this device, here.

excel® V laser treatments for vascular skin conditions and laxity

The excel® V laser is a ‘workhorse’ when it comes to both skin tightening and vascular redness on the skin. This makes it an excellent solution for early stretch marks, which often still contain red pigments.

If your stretch marks are still red or brown, the excel® V may be the right pick for you. We may combine these redness treatments with other technologies at our clinic.

Read more about this laser, here.

Cosmeceuticals and topical prescriptions to gently heal stretch marks

There has been some evidence that retinoids can be effective at healing stretch marks. Some also claim that other skincare ingredients can show an improvement in this area too. Depending on your case, which we’ll need to examine in person, we may recommend a topical solution for your stretch marks.

It is likely that if we do recommend a cream or ointment for your stretch marks, it will be for skin preparation and aftercare, to make laser treatments more effective.

Please note: you should not use these strong, active ingredients without the advice of a doctor, especially if you are pregnant. That goes even if they are sold over the counter, without a prescription.

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What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks and crepey wrinkled skin on thigh

Stretch marks are the result of skin that has been stretched or condensed beyond its capacity, too soon. For example, with sudden body growth, the skin’s tissues may not be able to ‘catch up’ with changes in fat or muscle mass. Common ways stretch marks are formed includes:

  • Speedy weight gain or loss
  • Growth spurts during puberty
  • Fast muscle build-up from exercise
  • Pregnancy growth
  • Thinning skin (atrophy) from corticosteroid use or steroid medications

Genetic disorders and changing hormones may also make you prone to developing stretch marks.

As the skin stretches during these relatively fast changes in your body, the collagen and elastin in the dermal layer are torn apart. Eventually, skin loses pigment and blood vessels in those areas, too. The ‘leftover,’ healed skin is basically a scar. It can appear lighter in colour (white or silvery, depending on skin tone), and may be ‘sunken’ or a bit wrinkled. It can also feel like thinner, textured skin.

Early stretch marks, however, are not hypopigmented (i.e. lighter in colour). They look almost like red, purple or brown lines in the skin. If stretch marks are treated at this stage, they can be easier to heal, since your blood vessels are still active in those areas.

Types of stretch marks

Stretch marks can appear on the stomach, love handles, buttocks, thighs, legs, breasts and arms. Though, technically, they can happen anywhere on the body, especially where you experience ‘mechanical stress.’ They look like indented or crepey bands on the skin. Or, like discoloured skin streaks beneath the epidermis.

Medically, we categorize stretch marks (called, ‘striae’) into certain kinds, based on how they formed, or what stage of development they are at.

These include colour classifications like:

  • Red stretch marks (striae rubrae)
  • Dark stretch marks (striae nigrae)
  • Blue stretch marks (stiae caerulea)
  • White or silver stretch marks (striae albae)

And causation classifications like:

  • Stretch marks from thinning skin (striae atrophicans)
  • Stretch marks from pregnancy (striae gravidarum)
  • Stretch marks from sudden skin extension (striae distensae)

Plus other ‘scienc-ey’ synonyms we won’t bother you with here.

With the exception of genetic diseases, we are able to treat all of the above types of “striae.”

However, we can not treat you while you are pregnant, if that is your case.

We also can not guarantee complete removal of stretch marks. The sooner you get treatment for stretch marks, however, the more likely they can be reduced in appearance.

If you use medications that cause thinning of the skin, you will need to stop using them, to increase the potential of our stretch mark treatments.

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What other solutions are out there for Vancouver stretch mark treatments?

Early red stretch marks on belly forming

At our clinic, we only employ non-surgical solutions for stretch marks. We also only use the treatments we have researched and, according to that research, believe will work.

That said, other possibilities for stretch mark treatments in Vancouver can vary. These can include:

Plastic surgery – whether a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), or otherwise, there are some invasive solutions for stretch marks out there. These can leave scars, not to mention the risk of complications. They can also be expensive.

Ultrasound therapy – using specific sound wavelengths, this technique aims to induce oxygen and ‘movement’ beneath the skin, so that cells regenerate themselves. It is unlikely that this solution will work on its own, if at all, without being combined with other treatments.

Take measures to prevent stretch marks, and maintain general skin health

Stretch mark formation is a bit of a mystery to the medical community. However, we can still conclude that the following advice is still applicable when it comes to preventing stretch marks, or other skin issues:

  • Always wear sunscreen. The sun is your biggest enemy when it comes to collagen and elastin destruction, and virtually all visible aging. Sun protection is a must. Choose a broad spectrum, quality product. Avoid the sun if possible, especially during mid-day.
  • Use a hydrating body lotion. While this is not really a stretch mark cure, keeping your skin moisturized will help it stay ‘spongy’ and in good health.
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly. If you lose or gain weight too fast, you can increase your chance of forming stretch marks. Eating right, and refraining from smoking, will keep your skin healthy, too. So overall, we recommend that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t believe false claims about stretch mark removal

We do not believe that the following types of treatments will work for stretch marks at all, even if you can read about their claims online:

  • Microdermabrasion or exfoliation techniques
  • Chemical peels
  • Fat removal solutions
  • Over-the-counter creams not backed by scientific studies

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How many stretch mark treatments will I need to see results?

White stretch marks close up caucasian skin

We can say that with Fraxel® DUAL and often with our other treatments too, we commonly expect 4 to 6 sessions, at 2 to 4 week intervals, to result in a 50% to 90% improvement in the appearance of early stretch marks. For mature stretch marks, we expect a 10% to 30% improvement. Mature stretch marks are those that have become lighter, or developed a thinner texture than the rest of your ‘normal’ skin. CO2 treatments can work even faster.

That said, since white stretch marks are already a little less noticeable than red stretch marks, even the slightest improvement can be enough for some people, to make them less obvious.

Stretch marks can be reduced, but they will not go away completely – at least not with non-surgical solutions. You may also form new ones after treatments, depending on your lifestyle and bodily changes.

Each person’s own response to stretch mark treatments can vary. For that reason, it is hard to give an absolute answer to this question.

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What are the risks of treating stretch marks with lasers or other solutions?

When it comes to using lasers, choosing a qualified, medically-focused clinic is paramount, for your safety. This goes for any type of laser treatment, for any condition. Improper administration of laser intensities can result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (burn marks), or other side effects.

At our clinic, we are run by an on-staff doctor. We also have a laser safety officer on staff. Our laser technicians go through rigorous training before being allowed to use our lasers.

Other than operational errors (which we stringently avoid), there is little to be worried about in terms of laser treatments for stretch marks. We will go over any rare side effects during your initial consultation with us. These may depend on your health history, which we will also ask about.

Though, please keep in mind it is common to have redness and swelling immediately after a deep laser treatment. This usually subsides after a few weeks (or less). Heat-based treatments can also give you a ‘hot’ feeling, which some people find uncomfortable, but not intolerable. We can help ease that sensation by using topical or injectable anesthetic, if need be. Plus, we have cooling devices on hand.

With regard to topical creams, such as those containing retinoids, these must be monitored carefully, and used according to doctor guidelines. Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) can be quite harsh on the skin, resulting in peeling and discomfort. Plus, you may have allergic reactions, which are hard to predict. We will advise you on how to use creams like this, if we think your case can benefit from them.

If you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker, we may not be able to perform some treatments on you.

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What is the price of treating stretch marks at your Surrey clinic?

Deep and many discoloured stretch marks on belly

At our clinic, knowing the cost of your Surrey stretch mark treatments will require that you come in for a consultation. We will be able to take a look at your case, and make recommendations from there.

Since each person’s stretch marks will vary in size, maturity, and quantity, it is near impossible to give estimates without this consultation. Plus, we may recommend a mixed approach to treating your particular stretch marks, which can also alter the cost from one person to the next.

Starting rates for our listed treatments are given on their respective web pages (we’ve noted and linked to them above). However, these are just guidelines, to give you a ballpark figure of cost.

Please note: we can not treat you for stretch marks if you are currently pregnant. Also, if you have a pacemaker, certain treatments will not be safe to perform on you. However, we may have other solutions we can try.

Stretch marks are not dangerous in any way, and are considered solely a cosmetic issue. For that reason, they are not covered by MSP in B.C., nor most private insurance carriers.

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Important notes:
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Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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