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Picosure laser tattoo removal in Surrey near Vancouver

Surrey laser tattoo removal using the best technology available (in Surrey)

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Before and afters of laser tattoo removal

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Note: procedure results can vary from person to person. See below for more info.

We offer laser tattoo removal in Surrey, near Vancouver. By utilizing the best technology available, we’re able to get rid of a variety of unwanted tattoos – including new ones, faded ones, or multi-coloured ones.

Throughout our decades offering successful tattoo removal in Vancouver, we’ve consistently acquired the ‘latest and greatest’ that lasers have to offer for this stubborn issue. With our newer picosecond lasers, some of our patients have seen near-perfect results in as little as 5 to 6 treatments!*

If you’ve got regrets about getting inked, we can help. Look no further than our top-tier clinic, which has over 20 years’ experience utilizing lasers for a variety of needs.

We’ll take a close look at your tattoo and skin type. We’ll then give you our best suggestion on how to get rid of it.

Even if you have consulted with tattoo removal services in the past, or had a failed attempt at tattoo removal, we may still be able to help. Our clinic has multiple resources to deal with various types of tattoos and skin conditions.

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*Note: multiple treatments will always be needed for any type of laser tattoo removal. Results may vary from person to person. No guarantee on the number of treatments required can be accurately made for any tattoo.

Why choose our Surrey tattoo removal clinic over another?

We know there are many tattoo removal clinics in the Vancouver area. So why choose us? Below are some features you’ll want to take advantage of.

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Not one, but TWO picosecond tattoo removal lasers - the best there is!

We carry not one, but TWO picosecond lasers in our clinic. This ensures you get the best, fastest and most effective treatments available to remove tattoo ink. It also allows us to work on more colours, more skin depths and more skin types.

Picosecond lasers are 1000x faster than the older, Q-switched lasers. They can also use pressure, instead of heat, to ‘bulldoze’ ink particles into tiny pieces.

These pieces become much smaller than they do with Q-switched lasers. The smaller the ink particles, the faster they can be removed by the body.

traditional vs picosure laser diagram for vancouver tattoo removal in surrey

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Unique, doctor-developed techniques

Our Surrey tattoo removal techniques have been developed over a period of 20 years by a medical doctor. He was one of the first laser tattoo removal doctors in the Lower Mainland. He’s worked on several methods of fast, effective tattoo removal using a variety of lasers.

The lasers we can utilize are not just the ones most commonly used in the industry for tattoos. We’ve figured out what works, and what doesn’t, based on each person’s tattoo and skin type.

With that knowledge, our staff are trained to deliver the best-of-the-best tattoo removal services.

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Advanced pain mitigation

To help alleviate the ‘snapping’ sensation from tattoo removal lasers, we are able to offer multiple pain relievers. These include cool air, ice packs and numbing cream.

However, being a doctor-led clinic, we’re also able to offer advanced pain relief such as injectable numbing (in some cases), and Pro-Nox™ gas (i.e. laughing gas).

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High safety standards to prevent complications

It is known that laser tattoo removal can be brutal on skin. That is, if the wrong settings or the wrong technology are used on an individual. Complications can include scarring or skin discolouration. For this reason, each person’s skin type and tattoo should determine the treatment path for their tattoo’s removal (not someone else’s!).

Our clinic has been working on several skin types and tattoos over the years. We’re especially trained in skin of colour, which presents the most risk when it comes to skin complications from tattoo removal. Our safety standards and deep understanding of laser technologies help us avoid these problems.

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Success with hard-to-treat tattoo colours

Thanks to our up-to-date technology, coupled with our decades of experience, we’re able to treat even the most stubborn tattoos. This includes hard-to-treat colours like yellow, red and green.

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How many sessions will I need to remove my tattoo?

Vancouver laser tattoo removal in Surrey on finger with picosecond technology

While we have seen success in as little as 5 to 6 treatments with laser tattoo removal, this will not be the case for everyone. Some require 4 to 10 sessions, and others require more.

The speed at which tattoos can be removed by lasers depends on individual factors such as:

  • The type of ink used in the tattoo
  • The age of the tattoo
  • The depth of tattoo ink in the skin
  • The colour of the tattoo
  • The skin tone of the patient

Since these factors are near impossible to control for all cases, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment plan when performing laser tattoo removal.

Each person will need to be assessed during a consultation with our doctors or laser technicians. While they will not be able to define a number of treatment sessions, they can help you understand what the removal process may be like for your specific tattoo.

See more on our blog:

Note that no tattoo removal treatment will be instant. You should expect a series of sessions to see results from laser tattoo removal.

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Can you remove multi-coloured tattoos?

Enlighten picosecond laser tattoo removal of a coloured tattoo in Vancouver close up

In short, yes!

We have years of experience removing multi-coloured tattoos in Surrey (near Vancouver). However, there are some things you should know before booking an appointment:

Dark inks, such as black, blue, purple and green are the easiest to remove with lasers. This is because lasers are attracted to pigment. The more contrast there is, the better.

White and yellow inks can change colour during the treatment process. This makes them harder to remove, though not impossible.

Red is one of the hardest tattoo colours to remove. It can also darken during the treatment process.

You’ll need to be extra patient with light-coloured tattoos. This can mean more sessions are required than with dark tattoos.

Despite the above, we’ve seen excellent results on coloured tattoos with our enlighten® laser, particularly on red.

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Can you perform laser tattoo removal on dark skin tones?

It is possible to remove tattoos on skin of colour. We’ve been doing it for years!

However, you should know that darker skin tones require a more careful approach with laser tattoo removal. This is because dark skin tones naturally contain more pigment, which lasers are attracted to. If the laser is too intense during treatments, it can result in burns and scars.

Since lower intensities will be required when treating tattoos on skin of colour, more sessions can be required than on white skin.

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Why choose laser tattoo removal over other tattoo removal options?

Laser tattoo removal diagram showing hand tattoo and ink particle destruction

Aside from lasers there are very few, if any, effective methods for removing tattoos.

Lasers are popular for tattoo removal because they are able to penetrate below the surface layer of the skin, into the dermis. This is where tattoo ink resides. While getting rid of ink, lasers leave the surrounding skin intact (as long as they are used correctly, and with the exception of some blistering).

The only other alternatives include:

  • Tattoo removal creams (these are not likely to work).
  • Skin salabrasion or dermabrasion (painful procedures that leave a mark).
  • Glycolic acid injections (these leave a mark, and are not very effective).
  • Totally removing the skin where the tattoo is (this is not practical for large areas, and will create a scar).

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Can you remove microblading or permanent makeup?

eyebrow microblading tattoo removal surrey before and after - jan 2022 to aug 2022

Yes! We wrote an entire post about it at the link below:

What are the side effects of laser tattoo removal?

Blisters and redness in the treatment area are common after laser tattoo removal. These issues heal on their own within 1 – 3 weeks or so (each person’s healing response can be different).

You will be asked to avoid the sun and swimming pools immediately after treatments, and until blisters heal. You will also be asked to use Polysporin®, to help speed healing.

Additional side effects of laser tattoo removal can include scaring and hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation (i.e. skin lightening or darkening). However, these issues are greatly reduced with our newer, advanced picosecond lasers, along with our precision technique.

Note that some non-medical clinics may use inappropriate lasers on tattoos (such as hair removal lasers). These can cause a lot more scarring and side effects. We strongly advise that you seek a physician-led clinic for Surrey tattoo removal.

What is the price of tattoo removal at your Surrey clinic?

It is truly difficult to name a price for everyone’s tattoo removal, since many factors are involved in determining cost. These include:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The age of the tattoo
  • The depth of tattoo ink in the skin
  • The colour of the tattoo
  • The skin tone of the patient

And so on.

By filling out the form above, we can send you a general guideline on tattoo removal pricing.

Ultimately, however, we will need to see you for an in-person consultation to determine an estimate for your case.

Still, no guarantee on the number of treatments required can be accurately made for any tattoo. Multiple treatments will always be needed, and results can vary from person to person.

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Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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