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Clarity laser hair removal in Surrey

Experience the Clarity™ laser for hair removal, acne and more


  • Unwanted hair
  • Acne
  • Dull skin
  • Hyperpigmentation

Enjoy hair-free, acne-free and vibrant skin with modern laser technology

We’ve got the latest devices for Surrey laser hair removal, and this time, it’s the fast-acting Clarity™ laser.

This cosmetic laser machine integrates two lasers in one device. It is an Nd:YAG laser combined with an Alexandrite laser. The former is safer for dark skin, while the latter is used for lighter skin, making it versatile for patient treatments. It has multiple uses, though it operates as our clinic’s primary laser hair removal machine. It can also clear acne long-term, as well as rejuvenate skin and remove hyperpigmentation.

Procedure Time: +/- 1 hour

Anaesthetic: Numbing cream

Treatment Recovery: +/- 2 days

Risks & Complications: Mild redness and swelling

Treatment Plan: 8 – 10 sessions

Clarity™ before and afters

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Images are for demonstration purposes only (we did not do all of these procedures ourselves, but are a local clinic providing the procedure that can produce these types of results). Majority of images provided by Lutronic. Results can vary from person to person.

Why you’ll love the Clarity™ laser

Faster treatments

Surrey facial laser hair removal on upper lip moustache removal

The pulse speed and effectiveness of the Clarity™ laser reduces session times, as well as the overall number of treatments required (compared to most other hair removal lasers).

All skin tones

Clarity laser acne treatment in Surrey near Vancouver

Have dark skin? Access a laser that works effectively and safely for their skin pigments, instead of hearing the age-old disappointment, “laser hair removal isn’t safe on your skin type.”

Integrated cooling

Surrey Vancouver laser hair removal on leg of female patient with Clarity laser beam

No ice packs are needed to cool and comfort the skin before and after the laser pulses are delivered. Instead, built-in cooling devices are automatically triggered with each pulse.

Learn more about the Clarity™ laser

The Clarity™ machine is a versatile, multi-use machine. Below, we’ll hone in on the way the Clarity™ is used for Surrey laser hair removal at our skincare clinic.

What can the Clarity™ laser be used for?

How does the Clarity™ work for laser hair removal?

Laser energy is delivered by a handpiece to the skin’s surface in pulses, one-by-one. Being a more modern machine, the spot size on this laser is not as tiny as with older lasers. This feature can make it faster to complete a single treatment area than has traditionally been the case.

This laser, like others, delivers an intense beam of light which is absorbed by the skin’s hair follicles, if they contain pigment (since dark colours absorb light). Once inside the follicle, the light is then converted to heat, effectively burning the hair follicle and rendering it unable to regrow hair.

At the same time, a blast of cold air from the machine’s built-in, Intelligent Cooling Device™ (ICD), is blown onto the skin. This makes the delivery of the initial heat painless. In other words, hot and cold are delivered at the same time, to maintain skin temperature.

If you’ve experienced laser hair removal with other machines before, you may remember the use of ice packs to cool your skin before and after the laser pulses were delivered. The Clarity™ removes the need for these additional cooling techniques.

Your skin may be slightly tingly and red after the procedure. This typically lasts a few minutes, to several hours. The hair then falls out over a period of time.

How many treatments does the Clarity™ laser take to achieve permanent hair removal?

Hair will regrow on the area after each treatment, but less and less each time. Eventually, there will be very few active hair follicles left behind. You should expect a 15-20% permanent reduction in hair over the treated area after each session.

The number of treatments required for permanent hair removal depends on each person’s individual makeup. When you book a consultation at our skin care clinic, we typically look at three main attributes of your body that will affect laser hair removal treatments. They are:

  • Skin pigment (colour tone)
  • Hair coarseness and colour
  • Amount of hair in the treatment area

By knowing these things about your case, we can then give you an estimate of how long we think it will take to achieve permanent hair reduction. Of course, no estimate can be a promised guarantee. In the end, the treatment length will depend on your own body’s reaction to the laser treatments.

In general, we can say that laser hair removal with the Clarity™ laser can take as little as 4 treatments, but as many as 12 or more. Body hair is reduced after every treatment. But, effectiveness is still based on your hair’s growth cycle, which can be in various phases at the times of treatment.

This is why it takes multiple treatments to achieve laser hair removal: not all hair follicles grow hair at the same time. This is also why treatments are scheduled between 4 and 8 weeks apart.

We can say that, with darker skinned individuals, the process of laser hair removal is usually longer. This is because dark skin colour competes with dark hair colour for the absorption of light. In order to concentrate light onto the hair follicles, and not the skin, treatments require more care when delivering energy from the machine’s pulses, to avoid burns.

At Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic, we are able to treat all skin types, but we do carry special expertise in dealing with darker skin types. And that goes for all treatments, not just our Surrey laser hair removal.

What is the cost of laser hair removal with Clarity™ at your skin clinic?

Since each person’s skin and hair type will play a role in how effective each laser hair removal appointment will take, it is hard to give a hard-and-fast cost for this type of service. We will need to see you for a consultation to determine a quote for your needs.

General pricing for common areas we treat can be obtained by filling out the form above.

At our clinic, we offer packages with lower rates compared to paying for single sessions of laser hair removal.

Important notes:
Prices on this website are to be used as a guide, and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

Procedure results are not guaranteed, and can vary from patient to patient.

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