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How can I increase collagen production?

As you age the following things take place in your skin:

1. The amount of collagen produced is diminished and the type of collagen changes from a more youthful type of collagen to an older type of collagen. The production of collagen never ends.
2. The Elastin in your skin decreases in content as well as production. But it also does not completely stop being produced.
3. The Melanin granules (colour/pigment in your skin) in the upper layers of your skin coalesce into pocket, we call them freckles, sunspots or brown spots.
4. The cells of the skin age and more dead layers of skin pile up in the upper layers of the skin.
5. Skin cancer risks go up because of environmental influenced – sun, pollution.

What you can do to correct these problems:

1. Retin-A – increases collagen production, slows the loss of elastin, decreases the production of metalloproteases, cause the dispersion of melanin granules, reduces the rate of topical skin cancers, exfoliates the dead skin layers and improves acne as well. the down side to retin-a is complinace – you have to start at a low concentration and move to the highest concentration as your skin allows.
2. Hydroquinone – Bleaches the sunspots and retards the production of melanin.
3. Sunblock- Zinc Oxide sunblock is the best.
4. Some of the Laser Facials can be very effective as well.
5. Anti-oxidants – Obagi or the Alyria are the best available.
6. Avoiding sun-worship and healthy eating with drinking lots of water are requisite to good skin health as well.
7. . In my practice I use the Mixto SX laser for skin resurfacing (but many good options exist) and have had great (often amazing) success improving the health and appearance of my patients skin, beyond what Retin-A and skin care had done. Over 3-4 months, the laser treatment leads to increased collagen production with improved firmness and tightness of the skin

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