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Before you get Brazilian laser hair removal, read this

Editorial note: an earlier version of this article was first published on May 2, 2013. It was updated on June 25, 2020.

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Many of us, especially women, have been in the following scenario:

A friend says, “let’s go swimming!”

At first you think, “that’s a great idea!”

But then reality sets in and you remember this tiny, inconvenient detail: you haven’t ‘cleaned up’ down there in a while. In that case, wearing a bathing suit would not be easy on the eyes for anyone, let alone your friends. So you make an excuse to not go.

Imagine if you never had to worry about your pubes again, because they’ve been removed forever. It’s possible with Brazilian laser hair removal and bikini laser hair removal.

These days, treatments are financially attainable and fast, too. Modern technology makes laser hair epilation more effective and less painful than in decades past. But, there are still a few things you should know before you undergo this procedure. We’ll explain below.

By the way, if you’re looking for Brazilian laser hair removal in Vancouver, we can help! Book a consultation at our Surrey clinic today!

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Summer bodies are made in winter! Get your bikini line in shape before it’s beach time

UV rays can be terrible for your skin, so you should always avoid tanning of any kind, and wear sunscreen everyday, anyways. But when you’re undergoing any laser treatment, this precaution becomes all the more important. Sun exposure can leave you vulnerable to burn marks from lasers. When this happens, it’s called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

If you have recently been exposed to sun rays anywhere on your body, be sure to let your laser technician know. It may be inconvenient, but even if you’re not tanned, they may ask to reschedule your appointment. This is for your safety.

The best way to avoid having to delay your laser treatments is to get the job done in winter. When you are mostly indoors, and are usually all covered up, there will be a far less chance of experiencing side effects from laser hair removal.

Plus, you’ll need multiple treatments, spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart, to reach the maximum hair reduction possible with even the best lasers on the market. This is a great way to take advantage of long winters, when you’ll have plenty of lead time to complete your appointments!

Then, when summer rolls around, you’ll be all ready to go, without wasting beautiful weather days in a clinic, trying to deal with beauty issues.

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Bikini line hair removal vs. Brazilian hair removal: what’s the difference? Get your definitions straight!

There can be some confusion around the inclusion areas of a Brazilian hair removal service. Whether waxing or lasering, this can require clarity. Some clinics may have different definitions and pricing for each area, too. We’ll attempt to describe the typical understandings of these phrases below (though you’ll need to ask your provider for their meanings):

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Bikini line hair removal

Typically, “bikini line hair removal” refers to the area that your bikini bottoms don’t cover. So, that means the top of the pubic area, and the ‘corner’ thigh area where your labia starts. This may go around to the back side of your butt a little. But it doesn’t usually include a full buttocks hair removal job, nor the ‘inner’ hairs surrounding your anus (i.e. the butt hole).

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Brazilian hair removal

This is where things get a little tricky. Everyone starts with different hairs, and then some people want specific hairstyles ‘down there.’ So, the term ‘Brazilian’ has adopted some modifiers in pop culture, to be more descriptive. Nowadays, many providers of Brazilian hair removal will use the terms below, to make note of what’s included, or what costs extra.

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Full Brazilian

This is the total bare, front to back, butt and bikini line, baby-soft, no-hair-anywhere look. This can also be called the “hollywood bikini.”

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Mini Brazilian

This is removal of all the ‘front’ hairs on the bikini line, pubis and labia. No hairs are left to ‘shape’ anything on the front. The butt-area hairs are left untouched.

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Brazilian Bikini

This type of vaginal hair removal leaves a rectangle ‘strip’ of hair in the middle of your pubic area. You can ask for other designs here too. Some shapes (like a smaller triangle) may be called “french bikini,” or “extended bikini line” hair removal.

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Brazilian Plus

For women who have a bit of a hair line on their stomach, stemming from their pubic region, this can also be removed.

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And more…

People nowadays are using the term “Brazilian” to refer to hair removal on other parts of the body, such as the legs or upper body. We won’t get into those here, as the meaning can vary among providers.

Not only that, areas that some might categorize as being part of a Brazilian, like the butt, are named by different terms, which vary among providers. You should always get clarity on what a provider means, in case they’re not being detailed enough in their advertisements.

Below are even more definitions and ideas of how a bikini or Brazilian can be styled (note all the new terms – it’s rarely consistent):

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Bikini waxing or Brazilian hair removal can be done in shapes or with laser hair removal

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Feeling a little shy about being naked in front of your laser technician? Don’t be

While some women have no problem stripping down, others may feel a little insecure about showing their private parts to strangers. This is understandable.

It’s true that your laser technician will need to get ‘up close and personal’ with you, to carefully evaluate your hair follicles. And of course, this area of the body is very curvy and ‘shapely.’ So, there will be necessary touching, opening and bending of your legs in different directions. This is to be able to reach the hairs with the laser (it’s nothing inappropriate).

While your first appointment may feel…ummm…uncomfortable, you may find that you’ll get used to the procedure over time. Most laser hair removal technicians see these body parts all the time. It’s kind of like getting undressed for a doctor; your vagina does not surprise them!

A very professional clinic will also never make you feel shameful about your body. If this ever happens, speak with management; it may just be that a single technician wasn’t handling your situation properly. And that can be addressed, in confidence.

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Brazilian laser hair removal is not that painful anymore

Back in the day, when laser hair removal was still in its infancy, it was a painful way to get supple, hairless skin. If you’ve ever been waxed in the vaginal area, you’ll know that it’s sensitive down there! So naturally, Brazilian laser hair removal required deep commitment and resilience, to say the least!

These days, thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Modern technology has advanced significantly, especially when it comes to the ‘pain factor.’ Even the thick, coarse and dark hairs on the pubic area and bikini line aren’t as painful to remove as they used to be.

Many people can get through laser hair removal sessions without any added ‘interventions’ to reduce pain. However, if your pain tolerance is really low, some clinics can use numbing creams and ice packs to help cut down the sensation of heat stings.

But just think of this way: once you get through your 6 to 10 sessions*, you’ll be done for good! No more pain from waxing, razor burns or epilators!

*Results vary from person-to-person and can not be guaranteed. Some people require more sessions, and others require less. It depends on the individual. Laser hair removal typically achieves an 80 – 90% reduction in hair re-growth.

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Prep work, after care and safety all matter when it comes to Brazilian laser hair removal

Getting laser hair removal anywhere is serious enough that you’ll want to choose a medically-led, doctor-on-staff type of clinic for it.

Lasers emit heat energy, which kills hair follicles by burning them, essentially. The idea is to not affect the surrounding skin while doing this. For that to work, laser wavelengths of light are chosen specifically for the hair pigments that absorb them.

Certain skin types and hairs, not to mention other factors – can require great care and knowledge, to reduce your chances of hyperpigmentation from lasers.

You’ll also want to avoid irritation or temporary side effects, like acne in the pubic area. Though, minor issues like these are common, and usually clear up within a few days.

We’ve written about the side effects, precautions and steps you can take to make your hair removal sessions as beneficial as possible. Check out the articles below for more information on this point:

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Bikinis and Brazilians are popular self-investments when it comes to laser hair removal

Like the underarms or facial hair, it may come as no surprise that bikini line and Brazilian laser hair removal are popular choices for many people. Not only are the smaller areas more cost-effective to treat, the hairs in these spots often respond very well to treatments. That’s because they are thick and coarse. They can absorb more light energy than fine hairs can.

These areas of the body are also where most hair-based beauty concerns arise. While there’s nothing wrong with body hair if you don’t mind it, for many, having to constantly remove it is a hassle. Thick hairs especially can result in bumpy skin, itchy stubble, razor burns or folliculitis. So thankfully, technology provides us with an effective option for removal of pubic hairs, and all its related maintenance conditions too.

And, as we’ve seen above, the options for Brazilian laser hair removal are as plentiful as waxing; you can remove as much, or as little hair as you prefer in that area. Just be sure to pick a quality, safe provider, preferably in a doctor-led clinic.

If you are seeking Brazilian laser hair removal in Vancouver, we encourage you to visit our Surrey, physician-led clinic. We have a doctor on staff, and we use the latest technology available for this treatment!

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