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CoolSculpting male fat removal consultation assessment

People are posting their #CoolSculpting #beforeandafter photos on Instagram and the results are amazing!

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  1. Get rid of the ‘mystery’ tummy bulge
  2. ‘Pregnant’ with a couch cushion no more!
  3. Feel like you’re walking around with a watermelon in your belly? CoolSculpting can lighten the load
  4. Don’t like your upper arm ‘bat wings’? There’s a solution for that
  5. Got a turkey neck? It’s probably not something you did! Chin fat can be removed
  6. Just because Leo can pull of the ‘dad bod,’ doesn’t mean we all have to
  7. There’s no need to tuck in bra bulges anymore
  8. Back fat and creases can be ‘ironed out’ with freezing technology
  9. Now anyone can have a thigh gap, thanks to CoolSculpting®
  10. Chase away saddlebags on the hips
  11. Lose the ‘kangaroo pouch’ with CoolSculpting®

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You know what’s cool about CoolSculpting®? It works! People on Instagram are using the hashtag #coolsculptingbeforeandafter to show off their ‘business,’ and we thank them! It shows us that CoolSculpting® results are amazing. It’s easy to see how this technology can give a great boost to one’s self-confidence.

Below are some of our favourite CoolSculpting® before and after photos, with a little commentary from us, too.

A note before we start:

We want you to know that while we use comedic language below to talk about the perils of weight gain, we do so because we know it’s how many of us joke about our own ‘problem areas.’ It may seem like we’re judging people by their weight. But, trust us – we can point fingers at ourselves, first. Many in our office have ‘been there,’ and we TOTALLY get it… maintaining an ideal body shape is hard.

We’ve done CoolSculpting® on our staff, and patients love us for our ‘no shame here’ office atmosphere. In our clinic, all bodies are loved. We are here to help. We hope you’ll take the comments below as being light-hearted and hear us saying, “we get you, and we’ve got you.”

And if CoolSculpting® is not for you, then that’s great too! “You do you,” as they say!

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1) Get rid of the ‘mystery’ tummy bulge

You know how sometimes, all of a sudden, right below the waistline, we get a mysterious tummy ‘bulge’ that doesn’t seem to care if we diet or do 100 sit ups? As this patient and this patient demonstrate, this type of bulge makes a perfect fit for CoolSculpting®. It’s an isolated pocket of fat, it’s less than 20 pounds, and it fits ‘like a glove’ into a CoolSculpting® handpiece. The change after treatment is clearly visible.

On a side note, this Australian account has plenty of CoolSculpting® before and afters to check out.

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2) ‘Pregnant’ with a couch cushion no more!

Here’s another stomach-area favourite. The soft, ‘couch cushion’ some of us carry around in our tummies can also be solved with CoolSculpting®. This wonderful woman’s lower stomach area was clearly made of pliable, soft fat. Like the above example, this also makes it perfect for cryolipolysis. Though, multiple cycles are needed to target its various spot sizes. But, check out the change in those love handles! Looks like she’s ready for beach season!

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3) Feel like you’re walking around with a watermelon in your belly? CoolSculpting can lighten the load

While tummy ‘pouches’ are ideal for CoolSculpting, that doesn’t mean we can’t treat the entire abdomen. For those rounder, ‘watermelon’ tummies, multiple rounds of CoolSculpting by a trained technician can give you a smoother, slimmer waistline, as seen on Instagram here, here, and here. Oh, and here!

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4) Don’t like your upper arm ‘bat wings’? There’s a solution for that

Upper arm fat plagues many of us as we get older. Before we know it, we’ve got ‘bat wings’ that we can’t get rid of, no matter how many groceries we haul every week! As seen by the Instagram photos below, CoolSculpting® can get you a little closer to ‘arms of steel.’ The rest is up to you and your dumbbells!

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5) Got a turkey neck? It’s probably not something you did! Chin fat can be removed

Did you know that a double chin, chin fat, or the ‘turkey neck’ is often genetic, and not a result of weight gain? In many cases, targeting it with a series of treatments can do the trick, leaving you chin-fat-reduced for a long period of time afterwards. While the injectable fat-dissolver called Belkyra™ is a popular choice, CoolSculpting® also has a chin-sized applicator that is designed for this small area of fat.

Check out before and after results from CoolSculpting® chin-fat removal procedures on Instagram:

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6) Just because Leo can pull of the ‘dad bod,’ doesn’t mean we all have to

Have you heard of the ‘dad bod’? Men are gaining weight when they have children! Or not… either way, it’s working for them. Yes, really! Some women love the chubby-abbed, middle-aged man look.

While Leonardo DiCaprio pulls it off well, not all males are celebrating their love handles and huggable bellies. If that’s you, CoolSculpting® can make you look like you’ve been working out a lot more than you have been…

See how this guy got results on his midsection from CoolSculpting® treatments (image below).

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7) There’s no need to tuck in bra bulges anymore

Now, check out how this patient got rid of bra bulges with CoolSculpting® before and after photos. We can just imagine how much easier tight shirts, tank tops and shaving have become! This is another ‘perfect’ use for CoolSculpting®, since the pocket of fat is specific, isolated and squeezable.

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8) Back fat and creases can be ‘ironed out’ with freezing technology

Alongside bra bulges, we sometimes see back fat rolling around the upper sides of the body. These are almost like love handles, but they are much higher, and they get a lot less ‘love’ (if you know what we mean). CoolSculpting® can target this area with smaller, special handpieces. As seen by this patient experience, back fat creases can be significantly reduced.

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9) Now anyone can have a thigh gap, thanks to CoolSculpting®

We’re not sure how the ‘thigh gap’ got so popular, but we can see why it did. As many without the thigh gap can testify, rubbing legs on pants over and over renders them useless after a while. That’s an annoying problem to have (or a good one, if you like pants shopping). 

If you’re craving a thigh gap, CoolSculpting® can pinch, suck and freeze off the fat in your upper legs, like it did for this patient.

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10) Chase away saddlebags on the hips 

A little extra fat on the hips, where the lower butt line is, can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your preference for body type. Some people love the curvy-ness. Others want a flatter contour. If your fat in that area is soft and pinchable, CoolSculpting® can take some of it off, as seen in this photo.

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11) Lose the ‘kangaroo pouch’ with CoolSculpting®

Back to the abdomen area, there’s another kind of fat it can work on: the ‘kangaroo pouch,’ also known as the ‘mom pouch.’ It’s common after having children. But, it certainly is not a requirement to be pregnant, in order to get it. This type of belly fat is not so much round and out, nor a ‘cushion,’ and also not a smaller bulge. It hangs and droops a little more.

Instagram shows us CoolSculpting® before and after photos of this area. They clearly show how this technology can greatly reduce excess, ‘hanging out’ belly fat.

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#CoolSculpting #beforeandafter photos are just the start!

When you come in for a CoolSculpting® consultation at our clinic, we’ll present you with several more before and after photos to show how this technology can freeze off fat. We’ll also advise whether or not we think it will work on you (not all fat and body types are eligible for this procedure).

While the results shown above are pretty amazing, they are also realistic. We don’t want anyone going into this procedure thinking it can transform their bodies overnight. It’s also not a weight loss procedure, and the photos above demonstrate this. CoolSculpting® is a body contouring and sculpting system. It can help you with ‘stubborn’ fat that won’t go away, even when you exercise or eat healthy.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, we encourage you to book a consultation at our Surrey clinic. We’ll answer any questions you have, and explain the procedure in more detail.

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

Not only that, if we think another fat-busting solution will work for you, you’ll be glad you came. That’s because we carry a heat-based fat ‘melter,’ and an injectable fat dissolver, to give more options to our patients. We can also combine these treatments to get you closer to the body shape you want. Learn more here.

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Note: CoolSculpting® results can not be guaranteed. Results can vary from person to person. Pricing is subject to change at any time.

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