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What is the price of CoolSculpting® in Vancouver?

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Are you looking for CoolSculpting® in Vancouver? We have a CoolSculpting® Scholar and multiple CoolSculpting® Masters at our clinic, as well as a full line of the newest CoolSculpting® applicators.

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These days, CoolSculpting® has proven itself to be a leading treatment for unwanted fat in various areas of the body. It has been clinically studied in 52 research papers. More than 7 million CoolSculpting® treatment cycles have been performed around the world. The internet abounds with before and afters. So, it’s no longer a question of whether or not it works. Most callers just want to know just one thing: what is the price of CoolSculpting® in Vancouver?

There is a short answer, and a long answer to this question.

The short answer is that real CoolSculpting® (and not a copycat), can cost as little as $800 CAD for one cycle on a small treatment area (depending on where you go, and the packages you’re offered). Larger areas can cost as little as $1200 CAD per cycle. However, most people spend more than this, in order to achieve the body contour they want.

We’ve seen patients spend around $2400 – $4000 CAD for one round of treatments, on different areas of the body.

Compared to liposuction, that’s a ‘steal of a deal.’ Liposuction can cost about $10,000 CAD. Not to mention, it comes with downtime and risks associated with surgery.

The long answer is this: the cost of CoolSculpting® in Vancouver depends a whole lot on you. It depends on:

  • The area you want to treat
  • The way you want it treated
  • The degree to which you want it treated
  • Who you want to treat it 

We need to explain what we mean by all that, which is exactly what we’ll do below!

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What area do you want to treat with CoolSculpting®? The handpiece matters!

Different people are shaped differently (of course). And, different people have different areas of concern that they want to sculpt, to different degrees.

CoolSculpting® is administered by handpieces that are designed to treat certain types of fat, on certain areas of the body.

The handpieces are key to all of this. The amount of fat you have, where you have it, and how much you want removed will determine which CoolSculpting® handpieces are needed.

Each handpiece can perform one cycle at a time. “Cycles” refer to the time when the machine is turned on, the handpiece is ‘sucking’ on your bulge and is freezing your fat away. Cycles can last 35 – 60 minutes each.

Typically, Vancouver CoolSculpting® is priced by “cycles” on a given handpiece. For example, a smaller-sized handpiece will cost less per cycle than a larger-sized handpiece also running a single cycle.

Sometimes, it can take more than one cycle with a single handpiece, to achieve a result that you’re looking for (i.e. to freeze more fat in a single area). A specialist needs to determine how many cycles you need, in how many treatment sessions, to get that result.

You can start to see how giving a generic number to every person seeking a CoolSculpting® price can get tricky. Without seeing you for a consultation, body sculpting specialists won’t know the true end-price of your CoolSculpting® treatments.

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Not all CoolSculpting® and fat removal treatments are the same!

Since we mentioned different body types and handpieces above, it’s important to note that these two factors can affect the way you are treated for unwanted fat.

The fat you want to remove must fit the handpiece

Firstly, not all body types can use any kind of CoolSculpting® handpiece. Some types of fat can’t use CoolSculpting® at all!

If your fat is hard and fibrous, it won’t fit into the typical CoolSculpting® handpieces that need to ‘vacuum’ or ‘pinch’ your fat together in order to work. Only ‘squishy’ fat can be treated that way.

The good news is that, at clinics like ours, there are ways around this. We can use the CoolSmooth PRO™ handpiece, which requires no suction. Or, we can use a fat-melting technology, like truSculpt® iD. Its paddles lay flat, which also avoids the need for squeezing.

But, when asking, “what is the price of CoolSculpting® in Vancouver?” one needs to expect that these alternate handpieces or technologies can come with different prices. They may be similarly or differently priced for your specific treatment needs. It’s nearly impossible to say over the phone.

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The newer CoolSculpting® handpieces are way better than the old ones!

Vancouver CoolSculpting scholar holding CoolAdvantage hand piece showing the back - for non-surgical fat removal pockets

The other major consideration to do with price is whether or not you’re getting the most up-to-date treatments available. CoolSculpting® has advanced quite a bit since it first came out. The machine’s newer applicators (i.e. handpieces) are a lot more comfortable, not to mention faster, than the old ones.

With the old handpieces, patients feel more of the tingling and numbing that comes with the freezing sensation during cycles. Plus, that feeling has to last longer to produce results, since the handpieces are not as advanced in their technology.

Moreover, older handpieces are not as versatile as newer handpieces. They can’t reach as many places, or do as much in the way of smoothly contouring areas of the body.

So, when you seek a CoolSculpting® provider, always, always ask if they have the newer handpieces. You can also ask which ones they have!

The newer CoolSculpting® applicators will have the word “Advantage™” on them. There is also the CoolMini™ and CoolSmooth PRO™ (mentioned above).

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CoolSculpting® providers have different levels of training

Now, if you don’t work in the industry, it’s easy to think that administering a CoolSculpting® cycle is about hitting a button on a machine and letting it ‘go.’ That’s not how it works at all.

When a clinic receives a CoolSculpting® machine, all technicians performing the treatment must do mandatory, virtual training sessions on it. Aren’t we glad for that!

However, clinics can also send their technicians to get live, in-person training at a place called CoolSculpting® University in California. Yes, there is a “university” to learn how to do CoolSculpting®!

Technicians who train at CoolSculpting® university can graduate at different levels. The highest levels are CoolSculpting® Master and CoolSculpting® Scholar.

Why does training matter? The training adds more value to your Vancouver CoolSculpting® treatment.

At this point, it may not be a question of price, but of what you get for that price.

When performing CoolSculpting® procedures, it’s important to place handpieces in a precise position, so as not to create bumps and dips on a person’s body. It takes skill to know:

  1. What handpieces should be used to achieve a smooth contour on different body types.
  2. What handpieces should be used to achieve the most fat removal possible in a given area.
  3. What handpieces should be mixed and matched together to achieve an ideal, effective treatment.

So, for example, on a male body, you probably wouldn’t want to produce an hourglass figure (unless they want that). And, if a woman already has love handles, you wouldn’t want to place the handpiece too close to the ‘dip’ in the waist, since it could further define those love handles she’s trying to get rid of.

It really takes training to know how to do CoolSculpting® right!

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The price of Vancouver CoolSculpting® is about more than dollars and cents

As we’ve seen above, giving anyone a generic price for Vancouver CoolSculpting® is not as easy as mentioning a number or list of numbers. We can say what prices start at. But knowing how much your CoolSculpting® journey will cost can depend a lot on your body and your goals.

Not only that, but CoolSculpting® patients can get more value for their dollar by choosing a clinic that has newer handpieces, highly trained technicians and multiple technologies to treat different types of body fat.

So, when shopping for a CoolSculpting® provider, be sure to evaluate what you’re getting for the price you’re quoted.

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Are you looking for CoolSculpting® in Vancouver? We have a CoolSculpting® Scholar and multiple CoolSculpting® Masters at our clinic, as well as a full line of the newest CoolSculpting® applicators.

Contact us today for a comprehensive, honest consultation. We’ll tell you what it will take to achieve your best look with CoolSculpting®!

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

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