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Proper SkinCare should be a lifelong ritual

Skin changes over time, and how it’s take care of from the start will have a profound impact on how it will appear and function as we age.

Having and maintaining healthy skin care takes an early start and a thoughtfully devised life-long regimen of common sense that should take into account the many changes that our skin goes through as we age.

In childhood, we have the healthiest, smoothest skin that we’ll ever have. It’s well hydrated and it functions like a state of the art well-oiled machine. All components are balanced, and the skin is beautiful.

It’s important to protect children’s skin from the sun with a sunscreen. A sunscreen will protect the skin from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays and help to prevent skin cancer and other ill effects of sun-damaged skin that are prone to appear years from now.

This same practice holds true for the teen years and teens’ skin that begins to produce increased amounts of hormones that produce the excess oil that leads to acne. At this stage, it’s important to balance the cleansing and toning of the skin to remove the excess oil and to ensure that the skin retains moisture.

Young adults should maintain a preventative skin care routine since by middle age the skin begins to show the adverse effects from overexposure to the sun.

By the 30s, little laugh lines and crows feet begin to appear around our mouths and eyes due to a loss of collagen and a reduction in skin elasticity. Plus, the oil glands are now producing less oil, and the skin becomes drier. In some people some treatments should be considered.

At this point, skin care products that contain antioxidants should be added to our skin care arsenal. They contain Vitamins A, C, E, and beta carotene, which promote collagen production. Moisturizers and an occasional facial mask to hydrate, exfoliate, and increase circulation in the skin is also recommended.

By the 40s and 50s, brown spots and wrinkles start to show on the face, neck or back of hands, and overall skin functions have dropped significantly. At this time, more aggressive products should be added to your regimen that includes peptides and retinol that invigorate cell production. This is also a good time to consider chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments to treat these signs of aging.

For mature skin, it’s important to continue good skin care, to use products that are rich in emollients and provide healthful benefits to the skin. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion might be considered to expose new skin cells and to keep the healthy, beautiful skin that you’ve invested in through your lifelong practice of proper skin care.

For more information about proper skin care and remedies for all the stages of your life, contact us.

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