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How to Remove Milia Under Eye Problem?

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Can anyone tell me how to rid myself of under eye milia? I’ve heard that only a physician can lance them. Is there not a treatment or cream that you can buy?

A combination of treaments works best for milia
Milia are tiny little cysts. They may form from use of thick creams, rubbing the skin (especially in people who have itchy allergy eyes), or they may form for no identifiable reason.
The best way to treat milia depends on how many you have and where they are located. In almost all patients, I start with a topical retinoid cream to help exfoliate the skin and “open up” the milia. Regular use of a retinoid also reduces the formation of new milia.
For larger milia, I sometimes use a chemical peel or “lance” them and extract the contents. Or I may use a light electric current or a very light laser to remove the top layer of skin over the milia and destroy it.

Your skin tone may also help determine the best method of treatment. Patients with darker skin tones have a higher risk of discoloration, so I am very conservative and very careful in their treatment.

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