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Premature aged skin on one side of face

This amazing story was presented in the New England Journal of Medicine. The story is of a 69 year old man who drove a truck for 28 years. After many years of exposure you can clearly see the effects on his facial skin of wrinkling and aging. His left face was exposed to the sun […]

Some comments about adult acne for people in their 30’s

Adults, and particularly women, tend to flare occasionally with adult acne. In women, fluctuation of hormones during the menstrual cycle play a significant role. Aside from this a few simple measures of prevention of acne include:1. Cleansing your face twice daily! with a great cleanser! This will remove excess sweat and fatty residue that traps […]

How to Remove Milia Under Eye Problem?

Can anyone tell me how to rid myself of under eye milia? I’ve heard that only a physician can lance them. Is there not a treatment or cream that you can buy? A combination of treaments works best for miliaMilia are tiny little cysts. They may form from use of thick creams, rubbing the skin […]

Thermage CPT works and works better than older Thermage

Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment that provides subtle skin tightening and contouring. It absolutely works, but it isn’t surgery so no one should expect the same results as with surgery. Anyone who expects dramatic skin tightening is going to be disappointed. People choose Thermage because they want skin tightening without the risks of […]

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

Nail fungus can severely damage your nails, leaving them discolored, jagged, and brittle. While nail fungus is often attributed to poor hygiene, the fungi capable of causing this condition are present in nearly every environment. In most cases, the immune system is able to fight and destroy these fungi. It is when a person’s immune […]

You can not keep your breast implants for life!

I have noticed a growing trend to use silicone breast implants. Recent review by the FDA shows that there may be complications that may be worth considering if you are thinking of getting breast implants. These are the latest comments as reported in the Globe and Mail. “Women who get silicone breast implants are likely […]

Pearly Penile Papules

We have recently had a rush of patients with this condition. Obviously it is a benign condition that affects the men. Clearly young men do not like these and usually with one treatment we are able to eradicate it. Obviouly can not guarantee that it will be permanent sometimes a few years down the road […]

Excessive Sweating Help

I found this excellent article on excessive sweating from What’s Your Sweat IQ? Quiz Yourself with our Myths vs. Facts With the first month of 2011 already under your belt, maybe you’re reflecting on your New Year’s resolutions. Any self-improvement achieved yet? Don’t worry, we’re not going to nag you to stick to your […]

Open Pores

Open Pores: Pores expand because they become clogged with dead cells and oil – which make them look larger. Sun damage, lack of exfoliating, and clogging blackheads are common culprits.Treatment To get pores back to their normal size, you need to get rid of the blockage that causes them to expand. The key elements are […]

Pedicures: Be careful

Pedicures can cause problems if you go to any unsanitary nail salon. 1. When you have a pedicure you can be put at risk for fungal infections and serious bacterial infections. 2. Ask the salon how the instruments are cleaned 3. One physician even advises patients to buy their own instruments and ask the salon […]

Lipodissolve or Injection Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis (breakdown of fat) may work best when two ingredients are used, according to an expert. Phosphatidylcholine, when it is combined with deoxycholate for injection lipolysis, “may lead to reduced swelling and fewer nodules,” says Adam Rotunda, M.D., a Newport Beach, Calif., dermatologist. When phosphatidylcholine is included with the other agent commonly used, sodium […]

Tips on getting a new Tattoo

Most people do not think about removal of a tattoo when they are having a tattoo applied. Nevertheless, the statistics show that 80% of people with tattoos eventually regret having them put on. That means it would be smart to at least give a little thought to the possibility that you might not be totally […]

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