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Vancouver lip filler procedure with doctor - cannula injection - in Surrey

What to expect before, during and after a Vancouver lip filler treatment

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Are you looking for Vancouver lip filler? We offer lip augmentation performed by a doctor using top-grade dermal fillers.

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If you’ve never had lip filler before, it can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking to decide to go for it. But, the more you know about the procedure, the more prepared you’ll be. Being prepared can lead to better outcomes, especially when it comes to communicating with your injector what you’re looking for. Not to mention: when it comes to caring for yourself properly!

In this article we’ll describe what you can expect before, during and after a Vancouver lip filler treatment.

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What to expect before a lip filler appointment

There are two main ways to prepare for a lip filler appointment.

1) Book a lip filler consultation

Vancouver non surgical facelift consultation - woman framing face

Before your actual treatment, you’ll need to undergo a consultation with a Vancouver lip filler provider. 

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Choose a medically-qualified Vancouver lip injector

Your provider should ALWAYS be a trained and qualified doctor or nurse, using name-brand, Health Canada or FDA-approved dermal fillers designed for the lips. 

This is important: never shop based on price alone. It can be detrimental to your health if something goes wrong during the procedure. For example, injecting into a vessel can lead to a blot clot (called a “vascular occlusion”).

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Describe what type of lips you’re looking for

Various lip shapes diagram for a lip filler technique - Surrey skin clinic logo and address

During your consultation, you’ll be asked what you’re looking for with lip augmentation. For example, do you want to define your vermillion border or cupid’s bow? Do you want “Russian lips”? Or “cherry lips”? Or, are you looking to add a subtle hint of volume and plump to your thin lips?

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Trust your injector’s advice

Now, if you have incredibly thin lips, and you suddenly want to have Russian lips or cherry lips, don’t be surprised if your practitioner advises you against it. Likewise if you have a thin upper lip with a full lower lip, don’t be surprised if the advice is not to simply add more volume to the upper lip.

Injectors who study dermal filler techniques are trained to look at the face as a whole. They can tell by your facial anatomy, and their experience, what will work best for you. If you are over-injected with lip filler, you may end up looking like a cartoon character with an inability to speak properly.

On the flip side, you may not see results if you don’t trust your provider’s recommendation to use more lip filler than you may have thought you needed.

Because of the common confusions around expectations versus outcomes, the consultation is a really important part of getting Vancouver lip filler.

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Reveal your entire medical history

During your consultation, you may also be asked for your medical history, including allergies, current medications or health conditions. It will be important to reveal as much information as possible, so your provider can rule out potential safety concerns that pertain to your case.

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2) Don’t take blood thinners – even the ones you didn’t know about

Since a needle will be going into your skin during a lip filler treatment, you may bleed a little. To avoid excessive bleeding, it will be important to avoid blood thinners. These can include things like:

  • Aspirin
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish oil
  • Alcohol

And so on.

For at least a week before your appointment, check all your medications and vitamins to see if they cause blood thinning. If they do, refrain from taking them. If it is a medication or prescribed treatment, get doctor permission before skipping doses.

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What to expect during a lip filler injection

During the lip filler treatment itself (which may be on the same day as the consultation), you’ll be asked to lay back on a reclining chair.

Your lips will be wiped with alcohol to get rid of as much bacteria as possible.

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Pain aversion

Now the lips are sensitive, so being injected in this area can be a little bit uncomfortable – though not too much.

applying topical numbing cream for Vancouver lip filler treatment

To alleviate pain, topical anaesthetic may be applied to help numb the lips before your first ‘poke.’ Some lip filler brands, such as Juvéderm®, include lidocaine in their injectable solution. This will also help to quickly numb the area once the injector gets going.

Vancouver lip filler with cannula method - trocar needle point injection

If using the cannula method (which is typically the best method for receiving dermal fillers), the injector will use a newly-opened trocar needle to first create a tiny hole where the cannula will enter beneath the skin. This will create less pain and a smoother dispersion of filler.

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The actual injection

Closeup of Surrey lip filler treatment with Juvederm

After the hole is created, a syringe of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler will be injected into the lip area using a cannula (again, if using the cannula method).

Vancouver lip filler treatment with cannula angled down and doctor feeling lips

The injector will slowly feel through the skin, being careful to avoid veins and arteries. You may be asked to open your mouth. The injector’s gloved hands may need to press against your lips in different areas to feel where the needle is.

Vancouver lip injection with hyaluronic acid Juvederm filler procedure - Surrey clinic

When the right position is found, the injector will very gradually release the lip filler into your lips, while also retracting the cannula out from under your skin.

This process may need to be repeated multiple times, depending on the lip shape you want to achieve.

It usually takes just 0.5 to 1 ml of lip filler to see modest, but satisfiable, results. If you want bigger lips, more filler may be required.

An assistant may be present to pass tools to the injector, and to dab any blood away with sterile cotton balls. They may also stroke your arm to help distract from any pain you may feel.

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Final adjustments

Vancouver lip filler procedure massaging lips - Surrey clinic

After the lip filler has been inserted into the lips, the injector will carefully massage and stretch the lips to shape the filler into place.

Vancouver non-surgical facelift - patient looking in mirror

You’ll be given a mirror to check the results.

If you really don’t like the look of your lip filler, it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Though, this may come with a fee. Hyaluronidase can only be used to dissolve hyaluronic acid based fillers.

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Do you want a ‘lip flip’ too?

Vancouver Botox lip flip on female patient - making pout

Aside from dermal fillers, lips can be enhanced by performing a Botox® ‘lip flip.’

A Botox® ‘lip flip’ can be done together with a Vancouver lip filler injection.

Vancouver Botox lip flip on female patient with numbing cream

With this method, Botox® is injected into the edges of the lips. This relaxes the muscle in that area. The result is that the lips curve slightly outward, creating the appearance of a fuller lip.

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What to expect after a lip filler treatment

When you leave your lip filler appointment, you’re almost ready to show off your new lips! 

Just hang on though; there are a few points to keep in mind, including basic care steps.

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Your lips will be swollen for a little while

Immediately after your Vancouver lip filler injection, your lips may feel and look swollen, and thus, bigger than they’ll eventually be. The true results of your treatment will be visible when the swelling goes down, which can take one to four days.

You may experience some bruising at the injection sites. This is due to the needle insertion, not the filler itself.

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Try to relax for a few days

Until your lips ‘calm down’ a bit from being poked around, you should avoid heavy exercise or sports. Definitely don’t let soccer balls fly towards your face!

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Don’t take blood thinners

Just like you had to avoid blood thinning medications or supplements before your lip filler appointment, you’ll need to do so after your appointment as well. This should help avoid bruising.

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Leave your lips alone!

If your lip filler seems like it’s moving around, DON’T TOUCH IT. Always let your injector put it back into place.

You should also avoid scratching, pressing, or sleeping on your lips for at least a few days after your injection.

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Love your lips for the long term, but keep them maintained

Lip filler should last between four to six months. However, this can depend on how quickly your body metabolizes the filler ingredient. Some people see their results last six to 10 months. 

To keep your new, luscious lips, plan to book a ‘refill’ of dermal filler at least a few times per year.

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Getting Vancouver lip fillers is easy as pie!

As we’ve seen above, the major ‘prepwork’ when getting Vancouver lip fillers is choosing the right practitioner, and attending a consultation. When you have a good injector who’s willing to listen and ask questions, you’re already half-way through the process.

The actual injection can hurt a little bit, but it’s nothing you’d want to run away from. Plus, there are numbing agents at play during the injection session. Not only that, a good lip filler provider will use the cannula method. These two factors can help with pain reduction.

After your lip filler appointment, your lips may look a little large. That’s just the expected swelling from receiving injections. It should go down in a few days.

During those few days, take good care of yourself. And, whatever you do: don’t touch your lips! 

When your lips are ready – show them off to the world!

Are you looking for Vancouver lip filler? We offer lip augmentation performed by a doctor using top-grade dermal fillers.

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

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