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Vampire facial PRP therapy for under eye circles and skin rejuvenation or wrinkles

Why is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy getting popular?

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Are you looking for PRP skin and hair treatments in Surrey? We’re a doctor-led, top-tier medical spa with years of experience in a variety of skin injectables, including PRP.

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In recent years, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has gained significant attention as a cutting-edge treatment option for various medical and cosmetic conditions. PRP therapy involves utilizing the body’s own platelets to stimulate healing and regeneration in damaged tissues. This article aims to provide an overview of PRP therapy, its applications, and what studies are saying about its efficacy.

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Understanding PRP therapy

Illustration of PRP centrifugation and effect on blood platelet extraction

PRP therapy is a medical procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to extract and concentrate platelets. Platelets are a vital component of the blood responsible for blood clotting and healing processes. These platelets contain growth factors and proteins that are essential for tissue repair and regeneration.

During a PRP therapy session, a small sample of blood is drawn from a patient and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood at high speeds, separating the platelets from other blood components. The concentrated platelets are then injected back into the patient’s body at the site of injury or specific treatment area.

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Applications of PRP therapy

Female patient receiving hair loss platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy - available in Surrey

Skin conditions and aesthetics

PRP therapy has gained popularity in the field of aesthetics due to its potential to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate hair growth.

A study published in Acta Biomedica (ActaBiomed) in 2021 showed statistically significant improvements in wrinkles and dark under eye circles in patients who underwent PRP therapy.

A study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery in 2014 examined the efficacy of PRP therapy in treating androgenetic alopecia (patterned hair loss) and reported significant hair regrowth in the treated individuals.

The above are not the only studies on the cosmetic effects of PRP therapy out there; they’re just examples!

In general, PRP therapy is popping up in medical aesthetic clinics around the continent, because its effects are showing, and its concept makes sense from a scientific point of view.

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Orthopaedic injuries

PRP therapy has gained recognition as a potential treatment option for various orthopaedic conditions, including tendonitis, ligament sprains, muscle strains, and osteoarthritis. In clinical studies, PRP therapy showed promising results in reducing pain and restoring function in patients with knee pain, as well as tendon and ligament injuries.

The Mayo Clinic now officially states that they use PRP therapy as a regenerative medicine treatment for injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

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Dental and oral surgery

PRP therapy is being explored as an adjunctive treatment in dental and oral surgical procedures. It has shown potential benefits in accelerating wound healing, reducing post-operative complications, and promoting bone regeneration in cases of periodontal and dental implant surgeries.

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Other health issues

PRP therapy is being used across medical disciplines. It has been studied for conditions like diabetic foot ulcers, and even erectile dysfunction. So, its possibilities are still finding their limits. We can all stay tuned to find out what novel ways this healing technique will be used for in the future.

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There’s still more to learn about PRP therapy

The American Academy of Dermatology Association is still holding reservations about PRP therapy. They state that while PRP therapy holds promise for various conditions, more high-quality research is required to determine its overall effectiveness in skin regeneration.

That said, the organization also notes that PRP therapy is generally considered safe, as long as sterility is maintained during the procedure. This makes sense, since it uses a patient’s own blood, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.

Even with the promising research about PRP therapy for injury medicine, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) says it is still considered an emerging treatment modality. They also believe more research is needed to establish its effectiveness.

The takeaway is this: while some studies have shown positive results, others have been inconclusive. But there’s no harm in trying PRP therapy for your skin care, wound healing, injury repair, dentistry or otherwise.

Patients should consult with their healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding PRP therapy. Patient testimonials, as well as before and after pictures can be requested from clinics, or even searched for online, to aid in research.

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PRP therapy is becoming the next big ‘thing’ when it comes to regenerative medicine

PRP therapy has emerged as a potential treatment option for a range of medical and cosmetic conditions. It offers patients a non-surgical and chemical-free alternative to traditional healing options.

While the existing research indicates promising outcomes for several applications of PRP therapy, some organizations believe that extensive studies are still needed to establish its long-term effectiveness and optimal protocols.

Patients considering PRP therapy should consult with their healthcare providers to determine the suitability of this treatment option for their specific needs.

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Are you looking for PRP skin and hair treatments in Surrey? We’re a doctor-led, top-tier medical spa with years of experience in a variety of skin injectables, including PRP.

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

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