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Vancouver cheek lift injection with dermal filler closeup

What are skin booster injections and why are they popular?

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Are you looking for skin booster injections in Vancouver? We’re a doctor-led, top-tier medical spa with years of experience in a variety of skin injectables, including the skin booster, VOLITE® (a.k.a. SkinVive).

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You may have heard of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler injections. Those are great for adding volume to your skin. But have you heard of HA skin booster injections? They’re also dubbed “skin conditioners,” “micro fillers” and “injectable moisturizers.” They’ve been around for a while, but they’re getting popular lately.

Keep reading to learn more about skin booster injections and why they’re getting attention in recent years.

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Hyaluronic acid skin booster injections: they’re not fillers!

First things first: know that hyaluronic acid skin booster injections are NOT dermal fillers. Yes, they’re made by the same companies that make HA dermal fillers. But they’re inherently different in their application and purpose.

Dermal fillers treat a lack of volume in the skin. They raise certain areas and contour other areas.

Skin booster injections treat the quality of the skin. Through “microinjections,” they add hydration and nourishment to the skin.

They’re the perfect complement to a non-surgical facelift!

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What effects can I get from skin booster injections?

Juvederm Volite before and after on the eye area - skin booster treatment available in Vancouver

Hyaluronic acid skin conditioner injections are designed to tackle:

Think of them this way: you know when you look in the mirror on a sunny day, and you see those fine, crepey lines in your skin? Skin booster injections help to solve those.

Hyaluronic acid (HA), is a sugar molecule in our bodies that binds to water. It can hold 1000 times its weight in water! It’s essential to our skin function. We need it just as much as we need collagen, elastin and ceramides to keep our skin healthy (not to mention, looking youthful).

But hyaluronic acid does more than quench our skin. It helps with collagen production, and even fights free radical damage as an antioxidant. Free radical damage, in case you didn’t know, leads to signs of aging like wrinkles and brown spots.

So, in essence, skin boosters plump the skin to give it that ‘dewy’ richness, thickness and natural-looking ‘glow’ we’re all after.

Amy Lawrenson on BYRDIE describes her VOLITE® (a.k.a. SkinVive) skin booster treatment like so:

Fine lines around my eyes are less apparent, and my skin feels smoother and plumper to the touch. Makeup goes on like a dream, and I don’t feel like my skin is so thirsty for that daily topical HA dose (although I still apply it).”

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Why inject hyaluronic acid into my skin when I can use topical HA serums?

Ah, you’ve asked the golden question! This is where skin boosters get their ‘wow’ factor.

Topical hyaluronic acid – while we love it so much – always has a short lifespan. 

That lifespan is shortened further if the formulation of HA we’re using doesn’t penetrate deeply into the dermis (which is often the case with lower-quality HA products).

HA5 hyaluronic acid serum by SkinMedica - held with sweater - product available in Canada

Check out our favourite HA serum:

HA5™ Rejuvenating Hydrator by SkinMedica®

When we’re exposed to UV rays, dry air, cleansers, exfoliants, towel wipes and other moisture-suckers, we lose hyaluronic acid.

As you can imagine, this happens daily (you are cleansing daily, right?).

But when specially-formulated hyaluronic acid is injected into the middle layers of the dermis, it stays there for months!

In fact, Juvéderm VOLITE® (a.k.a. SkinVive) can hydrate for up to 9 months at a time! It uses VYCROSS® technology to make it work and last so long.

Thus, skin booster injections are a highly convenient way to maintain the skin’s luminescence throughout the day. It also gives skin that ‘kick’ of moisture you may feel it’s always lacking.

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Will I still need to apply serums and moisturizer if I get skin booster injections?


Your skin needs all the tender, loving, care (TLC) it can get!

For example, when you get a deep hair conditioning treatment at the salon, you still need to manage your locks with high quality products every day. Otherwise, your investment won’t last as long.

Think of skin booster injections as an ‘extra.’ Then, help them along with a high quality, daily skin routine for best results.

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Are skin boosters worth it, or are they all hype?

Juvederm VOLITE before and after on cheek area - skin booster treatment available in Vancouver

If you’re thinking: how much can a few micro droplets of skin conditioner actually do?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

In a clinical study, 90.8% of patients were satisfied 1 month after their VOLITE® treatment. And, more than 80% said they would recommend the treatment to a friend, even after 9 months (when the results began to fade, as expected).

Moreover, a 2021 study showed that patients treated with VOLITE® had firmer skin, thanks to more collagen formation and hydration.

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Why are skin booster injectables becoming popular?

Skin Booster injectable with VOLITE diagram - available in Vancouver Surrey

Skin boosters, like Juvéderm VOLITE®, have been around in Canada and Europe for years

But now, they’re on the horizon to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA. Due to the expected approvals, their launches are being mentioned in major beauty magazines as the ‘latest craze’ in aesthetic injections.

Not only that, but aesthetics in general is a growing field. Since people want youthful, smooth complexions, skin boosters are presenting themselves as the perfect, minimally-invasive solution, according to this report.

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Skin boosters were here to stay, and now they’re here to wow

As noted above, skin boosters have been available to Canadians for years. Now that the USA is poised to release them to an even larger crowd, they’ve got beauty enthusiasts excited.

But, there’s no need for Canadians to wait – their benefits are clear. In order to treat skin quality – and not just skin volume – hyaluronic acid injections are a long-term answer. For up to 9 months, they help the skin stay supple, soft and looking fresh.

Are you looking for skin booster injections in Vancouver? We’re a doctor-led, top-tier medical spa with years of experience in a variety of skin injectables, including the skin booster, VOLITE® (a.k.a. SkinVive).

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

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