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Vancouver miraDry treatment session with happy patient in Surrey clinic

Hazel’s Vancouver miraDry® story: from sweating skeptic to life-improved advocate

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Are you looking for a Vancouver miraDry® sweating treatment? We’ve been performing this treatment for years, and have plenty of experience to do it well. Contact us for a consultation to get started!

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Back in June, 2021, we randomly selected one person to receive a Vancouver miraDry® treatment. Hazel was selected, and chose to receive this amazing treatment. 

Interestingly, Hazel’s story turned out to be inspiring. Reducing perspiration was important to her for lifestyle, convenience and confidence reasons (like all of us!). But, she had hesitations and doubts about miraDry® prior to being selected for the treatment. Those were all put to ease fairly quickly by our team at Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic. She decided to go for it!

And here’s the best part: post-treatment, Hazel noticed an amazing, 80% reduction in sweat! We’d say that was a success!

Hazel’s miraDry® experience is nothing new for us. We’ve been performing this sweating treatment since 2014. In fact, we were the first on B.C.’s Lower Mainland to offer it. And, in that time, we’ve perfected the treatment for various types of patients.

Nonetheless, we wanted to share Hazel’s Vancouver miraDry® story with you all. We asked her to be honest, and tell all!

If you’re curious to know what it’s like to get a miraDry® treatment, keep reading to hear from a real patient about it!

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What made you want to get miraDry® when you first saw the contest?

I like to live a healthy lifestyle, and that means working out often. But unfortunately, sweat accumulates on my armpits quite easily, which is a nuisance when I exercise. I had formerly researched the benefits of miraDry® and found it interesting. The contest was a great opportunity for me to take advantage of the promotion, while also addressing my need to sweat less while exercising.

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What were you afraid of before you got your treatment? 

I was worried about any potential downtime that I would have after the procedure. But the team at Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic were so helpful and patient in answering my questions. They really put my worries to ease.

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When you first ever heard of miraDry®, what was your initial reaction? Did you have any questions about it? If so, what were they?

When I first heard of miraDry®, I was skeptical of the cost and whether it would truly work. I questioned how many sessions I would need before seeing results.

Secondly, I was curious if it would be suitable for all skin types, since I do have a slightly dark skin tone (editor’s note: it is!).

Finally, as mentioned above, I was unsure if there would be any post-procedure downtime.

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What was the worst and best part of your treatment session?

The best part of the treatment was understanding that sweat glands in the treatment area would no longer have as much of an effect on me.

The worst part was the pain endured post procedure, which made it hard to hold items or lift hands effectively for prolonged periods of time. Thankfully, this didn’t last too long.

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Patient smiling during miraDry sweating treatment in Vancouver

What were you not expecting from the treatment, or what surprised you before, during, or after?

I was not expecting how fast the treatment would go. We were done within a few hours. I also didn’t realize downtime was not as long as I thought it would be.

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How long did recovery take for you?

Recovery took around 1 week, give or take. 

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Did you experience side effects, if any, after treatment? What were they?

I didn’t experience any side effects. Despite some pain after the procedure, the clinic team was very supportive; they were there to answer any questions I had to speed up recovery, both before and after the treatment. 

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What activities were you able to do or not do during recovery?

I was unable to swim, workout as much, hold items, or lift my hands above my head for prolonged periods of time.

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Overall, how long did the ‘bad’ part take before you felt like you were back to normal after the treatment?

It took around 3-4 days for the pain to subside, and another 3-4 days to fully regain the strength in the sore areas after treatment.

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When did you start to notice an improvement in your sweat?

It took around 2-3 weeks to notice a vast improvement in sweat reduction in the area. The clinic team followed up with me often to ensure that the procedure went well and that there was improvement in the treated area.

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How much has your sweat been reduced? 

My sweat has been reduced by around 80% or more. Even during fast-paced workouts or exercises, sweat buildup in the treated area is slim-to-none.

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What is ‘new and improved’ in your life now that you’ve had a miraDry® treatment?

I can continue to do physical, healthy activities that I am passionate about, without worrying about odour, or constantly changing outfits due to sweat, thanks to my miraDry® treatment.

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Side view close up of Vancouver miraDry sweating treatment - handpiece suction tip on armpit

Would you say the treatment was worth it? If so, why?

I now believe the treatment is worth the price. Despite the downtime, miraDry® has improved my quality of life. I am now an advocate to others who are weary about the benefits of miraDry®!

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miraDry® may be right for you, like it was for Hazel!

If Hazel’s story resonates with you, you may find a fit with your own miraDry® treatment. Many have testified that miraDry® was life-changing for them. Embarrassing, wet sweat stains can be greatly reduced, making it easier to be physical and well, live a normal, comfortable life!

Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll let you know if miraDry® is suitable for your case.

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Learn more about miraDry®, here.

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