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Doctor injection for Vancouver miraDry - Ashley's miraDry sweating treatment in Surrey

Ashley’s Vancouver miraDry® story: from sweating a lot to not so much

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For those who have trouble with excessive sweating, a solution like miraDry® in Vancouver can seem like a miracle. People may think: “reduce armpit sweat without surgery or medication? How can it be?”


Well, miraDry® is not so much a miracle as it is based in hard science. It is an FDA-cleared, radio-frequency machine that kills underarm sweat and odour glands. It does this by essentially heating them up, beneath the surface layer of skin. That’s the gist of it.

We know, we know: you have more questions. And that’s normal!

What better way is there to learn about this sweating treatment than to ask a real patient about it?

In this article, we’ll delve into Ashley’s miraDry® story, including all the ups and downs (no holds barred!). Just note that Ashley works at our clinic. So while her statements may seem biased, we can say that we asked her to tell us everything! We want you to know it all!

This is going to be interview-style. We’ve professionally written out Ashley’s answers, to help her articulate her experience. She approved all of this though!

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What made you want to get miraDry®?

To be honest, before miraDry®, I did sweat, but it wasn’t so much that it was a huge nuisance to my life. I was living with it. It was ok because it was mostly wet under my arms. I didn’t get a bad odour when sweating.

The thing that did annoy me was that I couldn’t wear a t-shirt without getting sweat marks. I ended up throwing away all my t-shirts and just stopped wearing them because of that.

When the opportunity arose for me to get miraDry® at the clinic, I was ‘all in.’ I knew that Dr. Shah would only bring trustworthy treatments to the clinic. And, we had been offering it for a long time. By then, I had seen many patients get it. So I didn’t have any hesitations. It was just going to be helpful to my life, and that was enough for me!

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What were you afraid of before you got your treatment?

I am absolutely horrified by needles! When you get a miraDry® treatment, you have to get a bunch of needles poked into you to anesthetize the treatment area. So that was the big thing that scared me!

But, for me, the injection numbing sites were just a little tingly when they were first put in. Once the numbing came into effect, I felt NOTHING.

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What was the worst and best part of your treatment session?

The worst part was the swelling and numbness that lasted quite a while for me. However, I must say that it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t care to be honest.

The swelling and numbness was totally worth it because the best part was reducing my sweat!

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What were you not expecting from the treatment, or what surprised you before, during, or after?

Surrey miradry hyperhidrosis sweating procedure on armpit sweat glands for removal
Not Ashley’s armpit! This image is just here to show you what the treatment is like.

I thought the treatment would hurt. It did not AT ALL!

Overall it was a pretty cool experience.

However, the day of my treatment I was working a full day at the clinic. Afterwards, I went to bartend at a gala for a 6 hour shift. We tell our patients not to do anything after a miraDry® treatment. But I didn’t listen, and I should have!

By the 6th hour of bartending, I was very uncomfortable. I wasn’t in excruciating pain, though. I was just uncomfortable and felt swollen and sore (like someone had punched me in the armpits). I just wanted to go home and lay down.

But, I only had to take over-the-counter painkillers that first night. I didn’t need them after that.

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Did you experience side effects, if any, after treatment? What were they? How long did recovery take for you?

My only side effects were swelling and numbness, and being a bit uncomfortable for a few days.

The swelling did last a while, like about a year. It surprised me because I’m tough, so I thought I’d heal pretty fast. That said, it wasn’t bothersome, it was just unexpected. Dr. Shah assured me this is normal and it would go away on its own. I thought it never would! But eventually it did.

Even when I was swollen, I felt like it was totally worth it. I got so much of a reduction in sweat, which was really positive. That overpowered everything.

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What activities were you able to do or not do during recovery?

I wasn’t stopped from doing anything after the treatment! I was just uncomfortable for a few days. Then I did everything as normal, with no painkillers.

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When did you start to notice an improvement in your sweat?

About 5 months after the treatment I went hiking with my boyfriend. I realized that, normally, I’d be sweating through my long-sleeved shirt. But that day I wasn’t! That’s when I was like, oh wow, this really made a difference!

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How much has your sweat been reduced?

I’d say about 60% reduced. It could be more, but I’m bad with numbers!

I should admit though: I do still sweat a lot when I’m stressed. To me, ‘stress sweat’ is a whole other ballgame. But no one said miraDry® would get rid of all my sweat, so this was expected. I still got a lot out of it, nonetheless.

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What is ‘new and improved’ in your life now that you’ve had a miraDry® treatment?

I CAN WEAR T-SHIRTS AGAIN!!! Like, tight T-SHIRTS! I’m not worried anymore about the armpits being wet all the time!

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Would you say the treatment was worth it? If so, why?

I absolutely think the treatment is worth it! It’s true I wasn’t too bothered by my sweat before the treatment. But, after I got it, I realized how much I was sweating before. I just got used to always having sweat stains. But now I see that I don’t, and that’s so cool.

So I think someone who struggles with excessive hyperhidrosis would love this sweat treatment. They would notice a difference much more than I did.

I highly recommend this treatment. It was quick and easy and painless.

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Will you be getting a second treatment? If so, can you explain why you decided on this?

I would love a second treatment! I had such great results the first time, that I would love to go for my 2nd treatment, just to get even more sweat reduction. That would be awesome.

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Ashley’s story can be yours too! Visit us to learn more about miraDry® to reduce underarm sweat!

If you’re struggling with excess sweat, we can help. You don’t have to be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis to get this treatment. You can use it to improve your lifestyle with long-term sweat reduction, like Ashley did! miraDry® is an amazing sweat solution that has transformed many of our patients’ lives. Visit us to find out if it’s right for you!

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