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What is the price of Botox® in Vancouver?

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Long gone are the days when Botox® as a cosmetic procedure was a taboo subject. These days, it’s a widely popular option for both preventative and restorative wrinkle reduction. Global sales of Botox® are expected to reach USD $4.6 billion by 2024, up from 3.2 billion in 2017. It’s among the most popular of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. There’s even a “Brotox” trend, where men are finding value in the treatment.

But that begs the question: just how much is Botox® in Vancouver?

What are people spending on this minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure?

We’re a widely-known clinic in the Vancouver area, and have been administering Botox® Cosmetic for over 20 years. That is to say, we know a thing or two about this subject :) Below, we’ll do our best to explain how Botox® pricing works.

But, we’ll also cut to the chase: the true cost of YOUR Botox® will depend on you. The best way to get a price for Vancouver Botox® is to come into our Surrey clinic for a consultation.

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The cost of Botox® depends on multiple factors – not just “units”

When you seek a Botox® treatment, you’ll find that your needs may not be the same as another person’s. 

Traditionally, the way to ‘balance the scale’ for each person’s Botox® needs has been to charge by “units.” Units is the term used for the measurement of Botox® doses. It’s like saying “ounces” or “grams,” if you were to decide how much milk to drink, or how much cookie dough goes into one cookie.

Medical aesthetic injectors typically charge around $10 – $15 per unit for Botox® in Vancouver.

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But, how many units do you need?

The number of units you need really depends on the size and severity of the treatment area, as well as the look you’re going for.

For example, some people in their 20s choose to get ‘baby Botox®’ around the forehead and eyes to prevent future wrinkles. They don’t need that much. But, those in their 50s may want to smooth deep-set wrinkles, and treat the lower face too. Of course, the latter will require a higher dose of Botox®.

Still, some people only want their ‘11s’ fixed (you know, those frown lines between our eyebrows – the glabellar lines). Others want Botox® to reduce the effect of a gummy smile. But how deep are those 11s? How high does that gummy smile go? It can be different for everyone. Thus, the amount of Botox® required will also be different.

Since each person’s wants and needs will vary, practitioners who price by units can only give general guidelines before seeing you in person. For example:

  • Forehead lines require 10-40 units = $100 – $600
  • Frown lines require 20-50 units = $200 – $750
  • Crow’s feet require 15-30 units = $150 – $450
  • Bunny lines require 5-15 units = $50 – $225

And so on.

BUT – many Botox® clinics may have a minimum spend requirement. So it’s unlikely you could get a $50 treatment with a reputable provider. You’d be looking at at least $150 – $500 as a starting point. Some treatments go up to $1000 or more.

Then, there are those using Botox® to treat hyperhidrosis in the palms of hands or feet. Botox® can also be used to treat migraine headaches and other types of pain. Those take dozens or even hundreds of units. They may, or may not be covered by private insurance policies.

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The problem with pricing Botox® by units

There are actually a few problems with pricing Botox® by units. For example:

It’s hard to get an accurate estimate

You can start to see that, when measuring in units, it can be hard to give an easy, flat price for Botox®. And, at $10 – $15 per unit, there can be a big difference in price when quoting between 10 – 40 units in a given area.

Price-conscious patients aren’t satisfied with results

We’ve noticed that, when patients are concerned about price, they may try to request a low number of units in a specific area, thinking that something is better than nothing. 

Or, they may think that if they had a certain number units a few years ago, that that is still their correct dosage (wrong! People continue to age!).

As a result, unit-concerned patients often get disappointed after a ‘cheap’ Botox® treatment. 

This is because there won’t be much change when the dose is not correct (and patients aren’t great at determining dose!). 

Patients misunderstand how Botox® actually works

Moreover, Botox® for wrinkles can’t be thought of in ‘parts.’ Wrinkles in one spot of the face are often related to wrinkles in another spot. So, to see an effect, the treatment area needs to be thought of as a whole.

And, here’s a fun fact: did you know that an experienced injector can use less Botox® to get better effects than one who is not experienced?

Inexperienced providers may unnecessarily use more units of Botox®, and charge you for it!

Speaking of using more Botox® – that’s not necessarily a good thing. Too much Botox® can cause more side effects. But it can also create a ‘frozen’ look, which most patients don’t want these days. So, hoping for more units from a pricing model is not the goal either. 

This all brings us to our next point…

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There’s a better way to determine the price of Botox® in Vancouver

Vancouver Botox treatment areas diagram - Surrey Botox Clinic logo and Treat to Complete slogan

Since pricing Botox® by units brings up obvious problems with patient satisfaction, we do things differently at our clinic. We call it the Treat to Complete™ method.

With our Treat to Complete™ system, Botox® is priced at a flat rate per area. This means we’ll use as much, or as little Botox® required to achieve the result* that a patient wants. 

This takes units out of the equation altogether, so that no one is getting the wrong dose of Botox®. The doctor determines what is needed, after a patient consultation.

If more than one area is treated in one sitting, package rates can apply. This can make the price even more value-driven for patients.

For example, treating forehead lines may start at the flat rate of $250 (please contact us for the most up-to-date rates!). But treating forehead lines with crow’s feet and platysmal bands would not necessarily come to $750 (i.e. it may not be $250 x 3). A different rate would be applied which would reflect the rates for given ‘add-on’ areas.

With Treat to Complete™, patients get more value, not necessarily more units. 

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How long does Botox® last?

Another important question to ask, when determining the price of Botox® in Vancouver, is how often you’ll need to be treated with this solution.

For most people, Botox® can last between 3 – 4 months. However, it depends on the treatment area, as well as your own body’s response to the treatment. Your body may absorb the chemical more quickly or slowly than others. Some people get Botox® every 6 months.

Generally, you should expect to get ‘topped up’ about two to four times per year.

Not only that, but if you come in more regularly for Botox®, you may see longer-term results over time.

To learn more about Botox®, and how it works, refer to this page.

Also: remember that Botox® takes about a week to show its effects after being injected.

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What to avoid when seeking a good Botox® price in Vancouver

Now, there are some dangers when it comes to getting a so-called, ‘good price’ on Botox®.

Some injectors may dilute Botox®, just to sell it at a lower price (and not because the treatment requires it). This is highly inadvisable, since the results can be diluted as well. To us, there is no sense in doing this.

Not only that, but Botox® can have serious side effects when administered incorrectly. It can cause temporary paralysis or muscle relaxations in areas that were unintended for the treatment. Even physicians need proper training to use it.

So, you wouldn’t want anything less than a medically-run clinic to be injecting you with this substance.

You should never, ever try to inject Botox® at home! And never, ever get someone to help you inject Botox® if they are not an officially-trained doctor or nurse! Very dangerous things can happen if you attempt to do this.

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Regular Botox® treatments can be an investment!

To conclude, it’s important that, when looking at Botox® prices, you consider what you ‘get’ for your treatment, and if that is valuable to you. When done well, Botox® works much faster than any anti-aging cream you’ll find at a drugstore, or even in some cases, a high end boutique. It gives near-immediate results without surgery or downtime.

Botox® is also long-term, lasting 3 – 4 months or so at a time. And, some believe it can be preventative, too.

So, depending on what is important to you, Botox® may not be a ‘cost’ – it may be an investment.

If you think you’re ready to take the dive into Botox®, we’d love to be your provider. We have over 20 years’ experience injecting Botox® in Surrey, with plenty of rave reviews and happy customers to speak of.

CALL / TEXT 604 580 2464

*Please note that while we definitely see positive effects on many patients at our clinic, ultimately, each person’s Botox® results will depend on their own body’s response to the treatment. We can not guarantee Botox® results for this reason.

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